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Music City Special Codes

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hi i would like 2 know the uwasatchi code ...



TM Edit: Please note that the Tamagotchi Codes forum is for sharing codes you have found and tested yourself. It is not for rumours or cheats you've "found" on other sites - nor is it for asking questions! (Use Help for New Tama Owners!)

Please read the guidelines pinned at the top of this forum page :


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does this work with tama gos 2?...


It doesn't matter whether you have a MusicStar or a Tama-Go; these codes are for use on the MusicStar / Tama-Go TamaTown web site.

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Yes, you shouldn't share character codes. Otherwise Tamatown won't be fun

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    • By chaochy56
      The 2 passwords from this topic are;
      40690 89391 (gives a play house)
      52815 99088 (gives a Slide)
      Thanks to everyone that found these!
      *this topic post edited by Kyliesmum above*
      Original Post;
      i got tamagotchi corner shop 2 for xmas, and as i was browsing in the booklet, i found a password and it told me to enter it into a v4, i dont have one yet, so i thought i would post it up on here, considering some of you have them ( i know spiffy has, definately and by the way spiffy, nice videos!) the password is:
      post back if it works!
      *Edit: there's another password a bit further down in this topic. Click here to jump to it.* (it is also posted above at the top)
    • By dhcyrus101
      Cell phone numbers v4.5 (same as v4):
      AABA CCBB = Parent
      CCAC BCBA = Grandparent
      AACC CABA = Preschool Teacher
      ACCB CAAB = Turtle Teacher
      CBBC BABB = Flower Teacher
      BBAC CAAB = Canvas Teacher
      BABC AAAB = Tama King
      *Thanks to cotton and pinefir or i would have never figured it out*
    • By Kyliesmum
      All of the V4.5 shop codes: (found by Tama-Love and Kyliesmum)
      (please note, codes are in the following order; Code=what it gives you=points needed to buy after first time entering in gp (gp=gotchi points))
      1. BCAA CBAB= Pen= 15,000gp
      2. BABC BAAA= Steak= 1,400gp
      3. CAAC BBCB= !! (clone)= 14,000gp
      4. BBAA ABCB= Honey (love potion)= 7,000gp
      5. CCCA CBBC= CD3= 0gp
      ~If you enter all five shop codes, the last code you enter will not give you what the code is for! Instead, it will give you a RARE CELL PHONE. If you would still like to get the last item from the last code, you will have to re-enter the code and buy it. I recommend entering the code for "CD3" last because it is free!
      How to enter shop codes? Quoting from the V4.5 instruction sheet:
      Did you find a secret code?
      At the shop counter screen, press (A).
      Then, press (A) quickly three times. When
      the shop owner's face appears surprised, punch in
      the secret code to reveal a new item.
      [Note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]
      ~THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tama-Love for helping with the code cracking! It would have taken much longer without you!
    • By binary
      *Note: The "Oden-kun" Tamagotchi is a Bandai Japanese model based on a Japanese television show centered around the character called Oden-kun. It was first sold on March 31, 2007 and were available in Japan only. There is some information about it here (in Japanese, naturally): These codes work only on that model. *
      passwords are followed by description, then price
      Seasonal Meals and Snacks
      90148 64912 Kobumaki (January) 600
      34726 74369 Chocolate (February) 750
      98641 66429 Cookie (March) 760
      46697 36357 Umeboshi (June) 560
      62844 31488 Shaved Ice (August) 530
      28418 99327 Yakiimo (October) 600
      71248 88641 Christmas Cake (December) 880
      Regular & Meals, Snacks, and Items
      32472 11818 Mochi Elephant 700
      34228 75477 Cooking Chopsticks 300
      24128 97419 Plate 400
      88435 19983 Jagah Fart 800
      55277 89852 Tokyo Tower 900
      06628 12104 Oden TV 300
      84627 60987 Kamaboko Dog (for Oden-kun) 1200
      43219 41208 Mochi Mochi Radar (for Oden-kun) 1500
      27801 96954 Puff (for Tamago-chan) 1000
      44650 60613 Flower (for Tamago-chan) 500
      59641 27741 Radio / Cassette Tape Player (for Susie, Tsumire-chan, Itokon-kun) 1300
      28836 47264 Pompoms (for Susie, Tsumire-chan) 600
      38788 58974 Tennis Racket (for Wiener-kun) 600
      45836 62232 Ganguro-Tamago-chan Doll (for Jagah) 900
      19426 68416 Love Letter (for Ganguro-Tamago-chan) 500
      26645 49872 Fishing Rod (for Nise-Oden-kun) 1200
      81758 41655 Tree (for Koro, Itokon-kun) 400
      55972 84217 Kabigyaraga Doll (for Meka-oden-kun number 1) 1500
      71428 54928 Love Potion 1700
      38419 26323 Mustard Medicine 2300
      17617 24628 Mochi Cement 2100
      95326 69854 Super Pero 3000
      11218 51928 Big Drum 9999
      Illustrations of these items can be found on this site:
    • By Cotton
      I found the cell phone number to the Turtle teacher -the one who arrives usually at the teen stage, gives you three presents, one has 3 Int. Skill Points in it, the other two poop -it is pretty cool!
      Number: (press these buttons carefully)
      A C C B C A A B
      Your character needs to be an adult to do this and needs to have the cell phone in its Item Inventory. Hope it works!
      PS, I entered more than 20 numbers to get the correct code for the guy, but I saw him more than once during my tries, so please don't accuse me!
      *rubs sore fingers*
      binary: just a little note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button
      EDIT: Cotton wishes to give credit to Pinefir for finding the code.
      The list of Cell Phone numbers we've found so far:
      AABA CCBB = Parent *
      CCAC BCBA = Grandparent *
      AACC CABA = Preschool Teacher
      ACCB CAAB = Turtle Teacher
      CBBC BABB = Flower Teacher
      BBAC CAAB = Canvas Teacher
      BABC AAAB = Tama King
      * Notes:
      (1) Your tama character must be on generation 2 or above in order for the parent phone number to work.
      (2) Your tama character must be on generation 3 or above in order for the grandparent phone number to work.
      How to use the Cell Phone
      (1) you have to do this on a V4.
      (2) you have to have a cell phone. If you don't already have the cell phone, read this topic and get the cell phone: V4 Codes, All 5 Shop Codes for V4
      (3) your character must be an adult (or older).
      (4) find the cell phone in your items list and select it. The cell phone will appear on the screen next to your Tamagotchi character with three circles in a row above it. These circles correspond to the A (left), B (middle) and C (right) buttons on your Tamagotchi.
      (5) Enter the cell phone number by pressing the A, B, or C buttons in the order shown for the cell phone number you want to dial. After the last digit has been entered, the call will go through, and you will see the person you are dialing appear on your screen. She (or he) will then have a brief conversation with your Tamagotchi character.
    • By binary
      After your V4 tama character wears the Royal Costume*, you'll see a notice appear on your screen:
      FOR ??
      This password is for the Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop 2 video game for Nintendo DS.
      Enter the password into Corner Shop 2 to be able to get a Nintendo Wii
      Thank you spudilike for verifying the code on the Nintento DS.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      * To get the Royal Costume item you have to donate 200000 Points to the King, and then visit him three times to get all three Royal Souvenirs (Scepter, Sword, and Shield). After you've obtained the third Royal Souvenir, you'll find the Royal Costume in your items list.