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Oh! I know and have a book like that. It's called "A Wolf Called Wander" and it's about a wolf whose pack got killed by an enemy pack, and so he has to travel thousands of miles to find another wolf to make a pack. DO NOT READ!!!!!!! It is super sad in some places and in some parts, I've even cried. But hi Kurb, I am always reading new books and am aalllwwaayyss open to new book suggestions.

On 5/15/2018 at 7:59 PM, Tamago_luckycat02 said:

Nothing at the moment but I’m hoping for the book “ hamilton, the revolution” by lin-Manuel Miranda ( I’m a hamilfan)

I like how you said "Hamilfan" HAHAHAHAHA!



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The Infinite Loops.

Basically, something screwed up a tree-computer, and all the fictional universes start Looping (which means that they get to a certain point and then reset) as a fail-safe while the Admins try and fix Yggdrasil (the aforementioned tree-computer.) It is all kinds of fun reading the different Loops. I might have to see if I can join SpaceBattles and get a Tamagotchi anime loop started up!

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