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TMGC+C guide

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Character & Growth Chart


Which character you get depends on three factors: gender (male vs female), generation number (odd vs even), and the quality of care you provide (good, average, or bad.)


Definition of a care miss: When the hungry or happy meter completely empties, the attention icon will light, and a speech bubble will appear as the character calls for you. After 15 minutes the attention icon will go out and the speech bubble will disappear. At this time the character may become ill, requiring first aid. Once the attention icon has gone out, you can bring the hungry or happy meter up above empty.


Care, in regards to toddler to teen growth: A toddler with three or fewer care misses becomes a good teen. A toddler with four or more care misses becomes a bad teen.


Care, in regards to teen to adult growth: A teen with no care misses becomes a good adult. A teen with one, two or three care misses becomes an average adult. A teen with four or more care misses becomes a bad adult. Either teen can become a good, average, or bad adult.


Click here to see the TMGC+C Character & Growth Chart.


Note: when you click the link, the image may appear scaled down to fit your screen. If you move your mouse over the image, the mouse pointer should change into a magnifying glass with a plus (+) in it. (If it does not, click the image first, or press F5.) When it's as such, click the image to see it full size.

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