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Tamagotchi Mini

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I know many of you on here have questions about the Mini and how it works, so I figured I'd post what I've discovered so far. It's only been a couple hours though, so I can't be too sure of anything.


First things first, DO NOT BUY A MINI ON EBAY! They're selling for $15-30, when you can buy one for $7.99 at Target! I had to go to two just to find mine, but it was worth it to save $30 + shipping + waiting.


Now on to the Mini. It's very strange...not like any other Tamagotchi.


It has three buttons, as usual. If the Tamagotchi needs anything (it beeps), you just press the A button and it'll bring up whatever you need to do (food, light on/off, etc.) The A button also changes what you select, like a regular Tamagotchi. The B button selects your choice. The C button cancels and is also your status.


If you just look at a Mini, you only see your Tamagotchi on screen. If you're not sure if it needs anything, press the C button. If nothing happens, it's just fine. If it appears with a swirl near its head, it needs food. If it has that ninja starry thing (like it does when it needs praise on V1/V2s) then it's not happy. There are no games to play with it, just snacks for happiness. It seems that sometimes you can hit A and feed it, for example, even though it does nothing when you first press C.


It also poops, and you just press the A button to clear it when that happens. Same with illness. Pressing B button will just bring up the clock.


It has a pause feature, like V1s and V2, activated by holding A and then pressing B. A ! appears over the Tamagotchi's head.


It seems to not need much of anything at all...I've had mine going for a few hours now and it's yet to beep at all.


If anyone has questions about it, I can try to answer them, just post.


If you guys REALLY want, I can type up the instructions, they're not very long or complicated. It probably won't be until tomorrow though.

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i have one, but i got it off ebay for 20 bucks... but it is really cool. i never did know what the c button did... thanx for all the info!

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Thanks. And does anyone know if its the same size as an angel?

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I don't have an angel, so I can't be sure, but I don't believe it is. I don't see how it could be, actually. It's incredibly small. There's no menu or icons or anything, it's such a compact device that I don't see how something as advanced as an angel could fit in there.


I just measured's about 1¾ inches high and 1¼ inches wide. It's also thicker than all other Tamagotchis, about ½ inch.

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Okay, I got bored, so here are the instructions:


Tamagotchi Mini


A - Select

B - Execute

C - Status


1. You can take care of your Tamagotchi by clicking just one button! Tamagotchi Mini has some special functions!




1 - Pull out the tab from the side of the casing and Tamagotchi will appear after a long "beep."

2 - To reset, press the "Reset" button on the back of the casing with a pointed object such as a pen.

NOTE: do not apply too much pressure, especially with a sharp object

3 - Set up Time: Press button (B) to display time screen. Hours and minutes may be set by using button (A) to scroll, and button (B) to choose/set the correct number. Press button (B) again to return to normal mode.

4 - Once in normal mode, your Tamagotchi will appear after 1 minute.


2. When your Tamagotchi needs something, it calls you with a "beep." Check the screen to see what it needs.





Press button (A) then press button (B) to choose "Meal" or "Snack."



When your Tamagotchi makes a mess, press button (A) to clean it up.



When the "Skull Icon" appears, your Tamagotchi is sick. Use button (A) to nurse your Tamagotchi back to health.



When your Tamagotchi goes to sleep, use button (A) to select "OFF."



If you do not take good care of it, your Tamagotchi will return to Tamagotchi Planet. To start again, press button (A) and © until a new egg appears. It will hatch after a few minutes.





When to reset?

- If it is the first time you activate your Tamagotchi.

- If the screen is not clear or freezes for a long time.

- When you have to change the battery.



Press and hold buttons (A) and © together. Selecr sound ON or OFF.



To place Tamagotchi in PAUSE mode:

- Press and hold button (A), then press button (B). "!" will appear above your Tamagotchi character. The character will remain "frozen" until taken out of PAUSE mode. (While in PAUSE mode, the clock will continue to run, but the Tamagotchi character will not grow.)


To take Tamagotchi out of PAUSE mode:

- Press and hold button (A), then press button (B). "!" will disappear from the screen and your Tamagotchi character will begin to move again.



I won't get into this, as well all know how to do it. It does use a CR-2032 3V battery.

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I myself i have a Tamagotchi Mini.

I think that the Tamagotchi mini is really fun!

I an planning to get more.

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