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Everyone does their hair differently and uses different products.

This topic is meant for discussing everything about your hair,

from the products you use, to how much time you take to make it the way you like it.


My hair routine goes something like this:


* In the night time *


- wash my hair

- condition it

- in the summer I let my hair air dry if I'm not in a rush, and I always blow dry it in the winter

- straighten my hair right before I go to bed


* In the morning *


- quickly straighten my hair again


Products I use:


Pantene Pro-V 2-in-1 shampoo

Garnier Fructise Sleek&Shine conditioner

A Conair blow dryer I've had for a long time and can't remember the name of

Vidal Sasson Hair Straightener (It was my first ever hair straightener and I got it because it was cheap)



Enough of me writing about my hair. xP

I want to know what your hair routine is and what products you use.


Also, I need a new hair straightener badly,

so if you guys are currently using or have used before a fabulous hair straightener let me know the name of it or a picture would be better. ;D

I'm currently considering this hair straightener. Let me know what you think of it and/or if you use it.

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shouldnt wash your hair everday.

i love my hair..

obsessed with

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OT: Hair straightener ads! O: Thats something for a change!


I wash my hair 2-4 times a week.


-Shampoo- well do I know what it is? XD

-Conditioner- Pantiene. The brown colour onee. O:


-If i feel like it, straightener.

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I wash my hair often, it gets all greasy and yuck.

So yeaaaaah. I have no hair straightener or flat iron or any proper hair products like that, haha. I'm not in love with it or anything --- and I don't need to spend forever on it either.


I use shampoo. Then I dry my hair with a towel.

Then I brush it. Then I leave it to dry completely.


And in the mornings of every day, I brush it of course (: Occasionally add a headband or clip or whatever and then I'm ready for the day. xD

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* In the night time *

I wash my hair every other day. I use Shampoo and Conditioner.

I put in leave in conditioning cream

My hair usually air dries

Straighten it before bed, flip my head over and hairspray it, and puff it up with a little wax.


* In the morning *

Restraighten it, add more hairspray, and puff it with a little wax.

Sometimes I randomly tease so it's not as sleek and straight.


Products I use:

SunGlitz Colored Shampoo (Makes my hair darker), but I ran out so I'm using Head & Sholders xD

Aussie Moist Conditioner

Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner

A Got 2 B heat protector

Aussie Volumizing hairspray

Pantene Sculpting Wax

Sometimes If I need it: Chi Silk Infusion


By the way, I Use a Sedu 1 1/2" straightener c:

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I wash and condition my hair every other day.

I don't usually keep to the same products, once one runs out I usually change to another one xD

I leave my hair to dry naturally because I'm usually way too lazy to blow dry it. I usually only blow dry it in the morning because I'm always in a rush in the morning. But I try to wash my hair at night so I don't have to mess around in the morning and waste time.

In the morning I straighten it. I still straighten it if I put it up so my pony tail looks nice =D I add a clip or headband or something and whallaaa! Done.

I've never died my hair, never will until I go grey! xD I like my hair as it is; Long, blonde & straight! =]=]

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I want my hair black and white. Like that'll happen. ._.


Anyway, I:


-at night-

Wash it - Some colour lock shampoo

Condition it - same, except conditioner

Dry it with a towel - 100% Cotton. ;D

Brush and comb it. Paddle brush and fine-toothed comb.

Let it dry on it's own.

Straighten it. With some Vidal Sassoon thingy.


-in the morning-

Brush it.

Straighten it.

Maybe tie it up.

Then back-comb it a little.

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In teh PM-

-Wash hair

-Condition hair

-Let it air dry, or if I feel like it,




In teh AM-

-Restraighten hair

-Make sure it looks perfeeect.


Teh products-

-V05 strawberry champagne shampoo and conditioner

-Dunno what the blowdryer is xD

-Straightener >.<


I'll curl it sometimes. I'm getting layers and angles soon, and thinking whether I should get a side bang again or not. Hmm.

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Every two/three days, I:

- Wash with Pantene 2-in-1, or that new Herbal Essences shampoo. (pink one, although I prefer the green. :P)

- Condition with some sort of Pantene conditioner. xP Or any other conditioner that's there.

- In summer, let it dry naturally most of the time, and

- In winter, blow-dry with my hair drier.

- Straighten. I haven't been straightening so much in summer - it's too hot or I just can't be bothered.


I hate my hair - well, I like the colour, but that's about it. I don't like the style, I don't like the fact that it's so thick. It dries wavy, which is cool I guess - but it's so poofy so I have to straighten it. ):

I have layers.


Edit: I use these striaghteners.

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I don't do anything with my hair, except wash it. And brush it occasionally.

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I wash it whenever I shower. I wash it with whatever shampoo and conditioner we happen to have XD I'm lazy when it comes to hair.

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I wash my hair every other day.


I wash with I think: V05 tea thearapy blackberry sage

•V05 tea thearapy blackberry sage conditioner


In the summer I:

Don't use the hairdryer unless I'm going to the mall or if it's nightime.


I mostly:

Straighten my hair. It's straight naturally, but at the ends, it's a big annoying curve which makes my hair wavy looking.

My straightner is Conair, but it's a little annoying to use since it's one of those clunky kinds.


I have highlights, but they make it look like my hair was died. My hair used to be black, but now it's reddish brown. I used Sun-In to get that.


That's pretty much it.


Temari Nara

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Well, my hair routine varies, and I'm really lazy on the days of summer that I just stay home.

But during school and the days that I go out, here's generally what I do:


* In the night time *

I usually wash my hair every other day, but when I feel the need, I'll wash my hair on the inbetween days as well.

I shampoo and condition in the shower, then dry my hair with a towel.

Then I spray a gentle hair detangler all through my hair (my hair gets suuuper knotty) and brush my hair out.

I then have this leave-in anti-frizz cream that I run through my hair.


Then I usually let my hair air dry, if I'm going for straight hair.


Sometimes I'll pull my hair up into a messy bun; it makes my hair wavy in the morning.


If it's an "inbetween" day and I didn't wash my hair (I put my hair up in a shower cap when I shower so it stays dry), I usually just restraighten my hair.


* In the morning *

My hair is dry in the morning, and usually pretty straight. I whip out my hair straightener and touch up the top few layers, and run some shine serum through my hair.


If I pulled my hair into a messy bun, I take it out and run my fingers through my hair. Then I use my hair mousse (Garnier Fructis) and scrunch my hair, then use a loooot of hair spray, and finsih with a clip/bow.


* Products I use *

Garnier Fructis Sleek N Shine shampoo and conditioner, or Suave Blonde shampoo and conditioner, that supposedly enhances my blonde hair.

Johnson & Johnson kid's detangler. (It's super gentle and easy on my hair :])

Garnier Fructis leave-in anti-frizz conditioner.

Garnier Fructis leave-in shine serum.

Garnier Fructis volumizing mousse.

Remington Wet2Straight 2" hair straightener.


... I think that's it?

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I'd suggest GHDs, for straighteners, they're really good, in my opinion (says she, who doesn't use straighteners because her hair is so darn straight anyway xDD)


I wash my hair pretty much every other day, though I get lazy during summer.

Shampoo: Toni & Guy Daily Shampoo

Conditioner: Toni & Guy Daily Conditioner


When blowdrying, I sometimes use a heat defense spray.


I curl my hair sometimes, but I can't recommend any kinds of hairspray, becsause none have ever kept my hair curly for more than two hours. Not the product's fault, it's just my hair.

Mousse works okay, though. I use Paul Mitchell or KMS.


Because my hair is so straight, if it's not too wet I simply sleep with it that way, and it serms to turn out rather well :3

I've never had bed hair in my life. Envy me xDDD

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I don't take of my hair very well. I hate its waviness that's too hard to control.


Shampoo- Garnier Fructis

Conditioner- Garnier Fructis

Then in the morning, I'll either-

A- Put it up.

B- Curl it.

or C- Straighten it.


That's pretty much during school, but during the summer or weekends, I just leave it how it is.

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Wash hair with Herbal Essences pink shampoo/conditioner. Just now I got Garnier stuff though, because my mom went to the grocery store without me xD

Put Garnier Sleek&Shine into it.

If it's during the school year, I straighten it. Otherwise, I just throw it into a twisty clip and sleep.



Straighten again.


Use 24hour body mouse.

Hairspray for extra volume if necessary.


I use L'Oréal for the black streak in my hair, I think.

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Scrunch hair except for bangs


Straighten side bangs

Add necessary touch up's



Night (not every night) :

Shampoo w/ warm water

Conditioner w/ freezing cold water

Comb through damp hair with a thin comb

Let hair air dry


Hair products:

VO5 Pomegranate and Grape seed shampoo and conditioner

Tresme (sp?) heat protection spray

Osis+ mousse

Aussie freezing spray

Conair Ceramic straightner

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