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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kickthekan. She had a v4, a v4.5, a Music Star with no battery, and a soon-to-come V5. She decided to create a new, better and much more improved log on TamaTalk and hopes you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed writing it.


V4: Blaze

If you have not read my previous log, I have a Gozarutchi on my V4 named Blaze. He is on the second generation and his Mametchi father's name was Aiden. He wished for his son to be a healthy and well-mannered Tama but alas, he became a neglected little guy. I still love all 88 pounds of him.


V4.5: Sushi

She is a Hitodetchi and is 38 pounds. I plan to play some games with her after I post this topic. Her and Blaze have became fast friends and I am planning to let Blaze grow into an 'Oldie' and pause him because he's the eldest Tama. I then will let Su (my adorable nickname for Sushi) become an oldie and then they'll marry and I'll have my first set of Oldies ever!


Music Star

This has no battery in it so I won't log about it.


V5: ??? Family

I ordered it on Amazon on the third and it's still not here! I'm so impatient- I can't wait! If you have any suggestions on what the V5's family name should be, PM me please because I'm clueless!

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On Tama-Zone I have a log you can visit here and it has pixels and I would post them here but I cannot because you can't post a picture in TT logs. I hope you like it!


V4: Blaze

It's 9:55 and Blaze is still sleeping! What a lazy bum, but he'll be up in five minutes! He better remember to brush those teeth too! :)


V4.5: Sushi

Last night she evolved... into URA YOUNG VIOLETCHI! I'm having an Addie flashback!!


Long ago (like, last month actually) there was a V4 named Aiden and a V4.5 named Addie. She started out as a baby and became Kuribotchi, then her teen stage was Ura Young Violetchi. She grew into Ura Violetchi and Aiden became Mametchi. Aiden one day proposed to Addie and then it happened so fast. "I do!" "I love you!" "We're parents!" Addie had two baby boys, and hers was going to be Benji but sadly she passed away before the second generation V4.5 could come. Aiden sadly named his baby Blaze and told him that his mother loved him and cared for him.


V4.5: Sushi

I'm trying to get a different character than what Addie used to be.


V5: ??? Family

Last night I stayed at my aunt's house and she let me use her kiwi-lime shampoo. I thought, The Kiwi family would be adorable! and there you go, the Kiwi family it is. It turns out my cousin stole my old V5 and she lives two hours away or something, and my aunt's moving to that town so she will get it and either hold it for me until we come to visit (whenever that will be) or she will mail it to me. They'll be the Berry family after I buy a new battery. I can't believe I'll be running four Tamagotchis- I'll probably take a battery out and put it in the V5 to save money.



I've added a new 'segment' to this log for fanmail. Just like Music Star, if I don't have it I won't put this in the log. Basically, if I have mail I'll post it. This mail is from Tamagotchi~Dutchess, who read my old log and the log before that and is a 'follower', I suppose you could say.

Just giving support for your new log... hope it goes well. I'll be reading it. Btw, you know I started a new log too? Today!  It's about a v4.5... if you care...


With the best of wishes



Yes, I do know about your new log with Doon and Marie and it's very cute. I like how everything in bold looks so I'm kinda copying you if you don't mind. I like your log a lot and thank you for the kind comment! If you haven't read T~D's new log, you definitely should because it's so good!

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V4: Blaze

He just graduated and tried to get hired at the preschool... XXX. Aww. Then at a scissor place (the hair job right?) and got XXX too. As a scientist? XXX. He said, "No thanks, I'll try later." And is sulking in his room. Er... shell.


V5: Kiwi Family

The V5 came in! It's transparent on some spots and the back is clear! So cool! I'm untabbing it... "Wait!" I'm setting the date and the beeps sound different. I set my birthday and... no username? Oh-kay... Three eggs with hearts are jiggling excitedly.

The first egg hatches and is black and has antennae.

The second is white with legs.

The third is a really cute black one.

The "Kiwi" family! They need attention.

The first hatched is a daughter named Mary. The second is a son named Marcus. The third hatched is a girl named Mimi. M, M, and M!


They won 50P from Tea Time and they don't beep, they trill. So cute! When I press C they jump and look at each other, alarmed. Mary will talk in light pink, Marcus in deep sky blue, and Mimi in orchid.


Mary: Hello! I'm a Futabatchi!

Marcus: What's up? I'm Marcus the Omutchi.

Mimi: *giggles* And I'm Mimi the Mimifuwatchi! Nice to meet you!


I love my V5! I'll reply after they evolve- I need to play with them more and update the Tama-Zone log. Bye!

Edited by Kickthekan123

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V5: Kiwi Family

They just evolved! I'll let Mary and her siblings tell you what they evolved into then I will tell you the statistics.


Mary: Hello again everyone! I evolved into Tororotchi!

Marcus: I became an Ahirukutchi!

Mimi: And I'm a Sakuramotchi!


So cute!

Hungry: Full (5/5)

Happy: 2/5


Tea Time is fun and so is TV Surfing but only 100 points isn't a lot. At the store just a bottle of bubbles is 550P! :) I do like the V5 though. I'm going to go check ot Tama Expo!

Edited by Kickthekan123

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V5: Kiwi Family

Time for a little dialogue!


Mimi: *is busy reading a book* *looks up* Hey Marc, where's Mary?

Marcus: *switches the television off* Dunno... hey! Do you think that pig is raiding the fridge again?! She better not eat my chocolate bar!! *takes off running, Mimi following*

Mary: I demand for you to give me a snack!

Fridge: No, Mary, I told you already! Your mother said that you didn't need another snack!

Mary: *mumbles a bad word and turns around* ;) Um... um... hey Marcus, Mimi... what's up? ;)

Marcus: I heard you! Mimi, go tell Mom! I'll hold her off!

Mimi: Got it! *sprints away*

Mary: Marcus!!! *tries to run but Marcus is blocking the doorway* Let me go!! I'm your SISTER!

Marcus: So?! I'm your brother and you're not nice to me!

Mary: *slumps onto ground and cries* I'm sorry, Marcus. You win.

Marcus: :D Really? Are you... crying? *kneels beside his sister* I'm sorry, Mary-

Mary: *pushes Marcus* I was fake crying! This is why I don't like you Marcus!

Marcus: *pushes Mary back* It's on, princess.

Mary, what are you doing?!

Mimi: Busted!

Mary: *stands up* Um, mom! Marcus pushed me and Mimi tattled on me!

Marcus: Mom, I barely touched her!

Mary, that's it. No Tama Expo for you and your siblings now because you apparently can't handle being the oldest sibling. Next time I leave, I'm leaving Mimi in charge.

Mary: *whines* Mom, she's a baby! She doesn't know anything! I can't believe you're leaving a baby in charge, Mom!!

Well the 'baby' is more mature than you. She is a couple seconds younger than you Mary. Now go to your bedroom until you can come tell me, Marcus and Mimi you're sorry. Now go.

Mimi: I... I'm gonna go and... um, and watch some TV... *heads to the living room*

Marcus: Uh, me too. *follows Mimi*

Mary: :P Fine. *runs up to room*


I have to stop before I get carried away. Which I already have.

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V4: Carol

Yesterday before bed I saw that Blaze was... dead. I reset him this morning and I started off at the letter C where Blaze had left off. A baby girl named Carol was born and she is on pause currently.


V4.5: --

I took Sushi's battery out. Farewell, Su.


V5: Kiwi Family

I went to Tama Expo with them this morning. We now have a credit card, some juice, a boom box (2000P) and 10% bonding! The Kiwis have only 980P left- NO! :D I need to play some TV Surfing! The Kiwis should become teens this afternoon.


Now, for a new segment of my log. You are probably thinking, Another one?! but this one will be good. A diary entry for the V4 (Carol can't write yet so none for her at the time) and for my V5 family's oldest sibling. They do not know that their diary is published on TamaTalk so let's keep that a secret.


V5 Diary

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I got in trouble for calling Mimi a baby, raiding the fridge and saying a word I wasn't supposed to. Oh- sorry! My name is Mary the Tororotchi. I'm the oldest of my brother and sister which I like a lot.


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V4: Iris

I'm doing a "Greek Gods/Goddesses" theme. My V4.5 will be reset on the 12th for a TZ Group Hatch.

Iris is real cute- a Puchitchi!


V4.5: Pan

Named after god of the wild, he loves being outside. He'll be reset on Saturday. I'm just gonna take the battery out until the hatch is ready.


V5: Kiwi Family

They still haven't evolved!


I apologize for this entry being so short.

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V4: Iris

Iris just evolved into Itchigotchi, a Meme teen. Her skill points are 17-13-10 and... okay, I looked at a growth chart! If I play Flag and choose Mr. Canvas I'll gget Violetchi! She's so cute- I WANT HER!



V4.5: --

I had to reset him for the group hatch remember? It's tomorrow- so excited!


V5: Kiwi Family

They evolved already! Their bonding is at 20% now too, and Mary comes up to the screen, giggles and then returns beside her brother and sister.

Mary: I'm a Chamametchi!

Marcus: I'm Mamekatchi, the robot Androtchi/Mametchi! So awesome!

Mimi: And I'm an Itchigotchi, just like Iris on the V4 is!


And also, 59 views? So awesome, thank you guys so much!

Edited by Kickthekan123

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As you know, I'm in the TZ V4.5 hatch. I couldn't get on the computer earlier so I wrote my 'log' on a spiral. Here it is:


Sep 12th

I reset my V4.5 at 12:01 PM. A girl came out of the egg and on my V4 I am going with a Greek God theme. For my V4.5 I will have a cartoon character theme. I named the girl ‘Boo’ after the human child in Monsters Inc.

Iris visits Boo, then returns home. Little Boo plays a game of Climb. I love the V4.5 games so much better than the V4 ones! We play some more Climb.

To Boo, Iris is a Nazotchi but Iris sees Boo as a cute, helpless and drooly little baby.

Boo poops and needed two doses of Tamanol (lol, like Tylonol but for Tamagotchis). I gave her some cereal.

Meanwhile, the Kiwis are being needy. I fed them two sandwiches and played some Tea Time with them. Boo poops again and eats some bread. Iris and Boo connect to play Flag. Iris wins and Boo cries. Boo takes a nap.

She wakes up angry, hungry and covered in poop. She eats some California Roll sushi and plays Climb. She wins! She lost some weight and her happy and hungry hearts are full!

The, being the emotional child she is, Boo cries and I praise her.

In her happiness, she poops. Lovely.

I log into TZ and hear bleep-bleep! Boo evolved into Hitodetchi!

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V5: Kiwi Family

Yesterday I got the bonding up to 100% while they were still teens. They became adults just a second ago! Mary is Chantotchi, Marcus is Mametchi (Mame family for 2nd Gen.!) and Mimi is Hotteatchi! Awww, they are all so cute! Except Marcus. I've had Mametchi before.

Marcus: Hey!

Kidding, kidding!


V4: Iris

She evolved into Violetchi! :furawatchi: She is my first Violetchi ever, and she's... well, 75lb. Someone needs to get off their rump and play a game! ;)


V4.5: Boo

She evolved into Ura Young Marotchi! She is actually a really cute character. I'm aiming for the Horoyotchi, the drunken-looking Tama. Time to play some more Apples! :D

Edited by Kickthekan123

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V5: Kiwi Family

I still can't use the dating show. :ichigotchi:


V4: Iris

She should be getting a job today. I'm getting bored with the school game.


V4.5: Boo

Nothing has changed with Boo.


Oldie time! I am going to let Iris get old and let her live until she dies. I am attempting to beat Kyliesmum's record which she logged about here. I am going to start another log, "The Longest Living Tamagotchi, A Quest To See Just How Long My V4 Can Live". I will still post here though. I'm very excited!

Edited by Kickthekan123

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