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Memetchi vs Makiko

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Ammie'e eyes slowly opened. She looked around, her head spinning. She looked into Joshua's eyes, who had finally woke. The other three looked down at poor Ammie. Ammie's eyes sparkled with tears. She tried to speak, but her beautiful voice was forever gone. She coughed heavily, blood spattering around her.

Then, all of a sudden, Ammie pointed her finger up toward the ceiling.

"What is it, Ammie?" Joshua said desperately. Ammie shook her hand violently, still up at the ceiling. The others looked up.

It was Star and Luna.

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Gemma stared coldly up at the two spirits. "Have you come to laugh at us? Come to laugh at Ammie's wounds and appearance and tell us we deserve the situation we're in?" she hissed.


It was Luna who spoke first. "You judge us too harshly, Makiko. You judge us on the fact we tried to teach you a lesson? We have been here this whole time, you have just been too ignorant to notice."


"Hey now, I think you're being too harsh on Gemma," Joshua said, frowning.


"You still care for her? Even though she is the reason your Destiny Star was destroyed?"


Joshua scowled at the Moon-being.


"Luna, you're being too mean. Stop it!" the little Hoshitchi begged. "I wanted to come. I pity you four and I want to help."


Gemma was angry. "You were the one who gave me the bottle and feather, knowing that I'd use them wrongly! Guys, don't believe anything they say!"


"We are good spirits, Makiko. You are simply too ugly in character and in appearance to deserve any help from us. However I'm more than happy to help the rest of you."


"We're not going anywhere without Gemma," said Ammie.


"Congrats! You passed the test! You care enough about Gemma to not let her starve to death in a cave, and you can look past your feud over your hair curls!" Star smiled.

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"Well that was easier than I thought." Ammie said. Luna shrugged.

"Not all the obstacles in the universe are as avoidable as others." Star said. "Though you may not know it, choosing to take Gemma was a harder step than you think."

"What do you mean?" Ammie said, puzzled.

"Think about it like this," Star continued. She picked up two stones, one yellow, one blue.

"You girls are like these stones. Diverse." she went on. "But after all of your fighting, you still chose to stick together. To become one." The stones floated above her hand, then merged, becoming green.

"Wow," Gemma said. "I never thought of it that way."

"We're not called 'The Beings of Wisdom' for nothing you know," Luna said, smiling slightly. "C'mon, Star, let's get them out of here."

"Right." Star replied. The sisters held hands, the house and junk around them slowly fading until the background was completely blank.

"Woah," Ammie whispered, blood still trickling down her face. Color slowly returned. They were back in Tamagotchi Town.

"And now," Star said seriously. "Let's go get the councelor."

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"I...don't mean to be a bother, but could you maybe fix me so I look normal again?" She gestured to her bloodred body, covered in cuts and bruises. She spoke mostly to Star, as she really didn't like Luna's cold unfriendliness.


"We can try," Luna said, turning to her.


"Erm...that's okay," Ammie stuttered, uncomfortable with the spirit's gaze.


The sisters ignored her, and clasped hands. They hummed a chant too low to hear and their hands glowed. They grew brighter and brighter until everyone shielded their eyes and looked away.


Sandra cracked one eye open. The glowing thing was the size of a beach ball, suspended in mid-air between the spirits' hands. They moved their hands and the ball moved with, always facing their palms. Carefully they lowered it onto Ammie.


The light was blinding now, and Sandra squeaked from the pain of the brightness. It dimmed immediately however, and everyone uncovered their eyes.


The cuts and bruises weren't as bad now, the enormous red X gone from Ammie's forehead. She was no longer blood red, but she was far from being orange. Somewhere in between. Her eyes, however were completely back to normal, twinkling and happy the way a Memetchi's eyes should be.

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"Thanks!" Ammie cheered.

"Now, let's find the dreaded councelor." Joshua said. "And bring her down."

Suddenly, an eerie laugh echoed through the town, and a bright flash appeared out of nowhere.

"Why would you need to find me," the voice said. "When I'm already here?" The light settled, revealing the councelor, wearing a pink suit, and a bowler hat that covered one of the lenses of her glasses. The six gasped.

"I couldn't help but overhear you're conversation, you silly-willies." she said in her strangely high-pitched vioce. "I have a proposition for you girls." She pointed two of her hot pink painted fingers at Ammie and Gemma.

"You're in no position to make propositions." Star said firmly.

"Shut up, twinkle toes." the councelor hissed. "You and your sister have already ruined most of my plans."

"And we intend to keep ruining them." Luna shot back. The councelor looked at the two sisters, her eyes glaring in rage, then shot out her hand. Like magic, a strong gust of wind blew out of her hand, blowing away Star and Luna, who were only blown a few yards away.

"Whatever she wants you to do, don't do it!" Star called.

"I said SHUT UP!" the councelor shrieked. She pulled two blobs of goo out of her pocket, and threw them at the sisters, sticking to thier mouths like glue, making them unable to speak.

"What do you want?" Ammie yelled.

"I want to play a game." the councelor said with a smile. Ammie and Gemma looked at each other.

"Of course, you have a choice." she added. "You can play my game, or I'll slay the lot of you. Of course, if you lose my game, that's exactly what I'll do as well. So what's your choice?"

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"No." Luna said firmly, tearing off the goo on her mouth. "They won't play your 'game'."

"It's not your choice." the councelor hissed. "It's up to Ammie and Gemma."

"We will not play your game." Ammie shouted.

"Yeah," Gemma added. "No matter what you do." The councelor gave a wicked smile.

"Then I guess you lose, silly willies!" she shrieked triumphantly. She held a large ball of energy in her hand, ready to send it off. Luna slid in front of Ammie, Gemma, Joshua, and Sandra, stretching out her arms.

"I won't let you hurt them." she said.

"Buzz off," the councelor snarled. "Before I kill you instead of them."

"Try me."

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The ball of pure energy crackled and fizzled and made everyone's hair stand on end. Sparks of white-hot electricity snapped and popped, burning anything the tendrils of light touched. The councelor launched the ball of energy like a baseball, hitting Luna directly in the chest. She was launched backwards into the dirty water of the underground lake.


Choking and spitting on filthy water, Luna resurfaced, eyes blazing with rage. "You have defeated me for the last time, councelor!" she screamed, running across the surface of the water and slamming the councelor against the wall.


Luna had her pinned against the wall now. She sent a wave of power into the wall of garbage, and the garbage melted itself together around the councelor's limbs, binding her in place. She struggled, but unable to move her hands could do nothing but scream and breathe real fire.


"This is the end, councelor. The last end. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Luna flicked her wrist and a knife appeared in her hand. She leveled it at the neck of the Chantotchi.


"Luna stop it!"


The spirit whirled around. "Who said that?" she demanded, rage in her eyes.


"Me!" Star cried. "This isn't how we do things! We're not killers! If we kill her, then we're just as bad as her, now stop it!"


The force of the scream that followed was strong enough to shake loose the ceiling of the entire cavern.


Moments later, everyone was buried a quarter of a mile under garbage.

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Ammie was the first to pop her head out of the garbage.

"Hello?" she called. "Gemma? Josh? Sandra? Hello?" For a moment nothing happened, but then a spot in the garbage began to stir, then Gemma's head popped out, then Sandra, then Joshua, and finally the two sisters, Luna rapidly spitting out blood from the councelor's attack.

"Let's- let's get out of here-" she stammered. "Before the councelor gets free."

"Did you scream, Luna?" Joshua asked, helping Star hold up her sister.

"I did!" Star said happily. "Trapped the councelor in her own garbage."

"Isn't that just as good as killing her?" Luna choked out. Star smiled.

"Well, you were hurt, so I didn't want you to use up all of your energy, so I just- well, you could say, distracted you, so I could finish her off. I also didn't want you to beat the councelor all by yourself, we're a team!"

"I see you still have a little of your inner child, Star." Luna said with a laugh. But then her eyes popped wide open.

"Hurry!" she yelled. "The councelor's reaching the top of the garbage!" With a flick of her hand, Luna shot out a long ladder to the top of the garbage where the ceiling caved in. Joshua, Ammie, Gemma, and Sandra began climbing the long ladder, while Luna and Star flew, Star holding Luna up as she staggered.

"We just might make it." Star whispered. But then garbage flew out at everyone as the councelor resurfaced.

"Oh no you don't!"

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She attacked star from behind in a flash, and luna fainted.Gemma managed to stay clam, but in a flash, she was stabbed by the councelor.

The councelor was filled with rage,as she ran to Ammie.

The councelor now was covered in garbage, she had cuts all over her, and her eyes had bloodshot veins.

As she jumped to kill Ammie, Joshua put himself in front of Ammie.

Tĥe councelor took him in one shot.

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Ammie went pale.

"J-Joshua?" she choked. But she knew nothing could be done. He gasped for breath, then his arms went limp.

"Good-goodbye, Ammie." he whispered, then fell over onto the surface of the garbage. Luna had awoken, to find Star and Joshua lying next to her.

"Oh, no!" she cried. The councilor smiled, and shot a blast down in Luna's direction.

"Goodbye, you pest!" she shrieked triumphantly. But the blast never hit her; she had deflected it with only one hand.

"You- you monster!" she bellowed, shooting out a gigantic blast. The councilor just smiled, and reflected the blast right back down.

"I killed your sister, and I can kill you." she said menacingly, watching the blast of light streak down at Luna.

"I'm not dead!" a voice shrieked. It was Star. She dived in front of Luna, and shot out a purple blast, much larger than the blast headed for her. The councilor was engulfed in the light, and disappeared.

"It's over." Ammie said. "It's finally over."

"No." Star said. "It's nowhere near over."

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"We have to run while there's still time!" Star hollered. She grabbed Ammie's arm, and started flying upwards. Luna followed behind, staggering.

"Wait." Ammie said. "What about Joshua and Gemma?" Star gave a sad look.

"Joshua is dead." she said. "And Gemma deserves to die. Leave them behind." Ammie swung her arm around, releasing herself from Star's grip. She landed neatly on the trash, and gave an angry look up at Star.

"I will not leave them here." she declared, and pulled them both up. To her surprise, Star gave a cheerful smile.

"You continue to amaze me, Ammie." she said. "You passed the test."

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*Found time to get on, so here's my reply.*



"Quit wasting time!" Ammie cried, gripping Joshua's limp, lifeless arm. "Grab Gemma and Sandra. We have to get out of here!" Star dashed off, taking Gemma and Sandra by the arm. Luna, who was limping on one leg, staggered over to the wall the counselor was stuck in, blasting more garbage over the counselor.

"Hurry!" Luna shouted. "It won't be long till she breaks free!" She grabbed Ammie by the arm, and began to fly up towards the exit. Star, holding Gemma and Sandra, hurried behind her. Ammie looked down towards Star; Gemma and Sandra were alright.

In the blink of an eye, a green flash zipped by Star, and she stopped in her tracks, and fell to the ground, Gemma and Sandra falling with her.

"Star?" Luna called. "Star!" There was no reply. Luna quickly turned around, flying at top speed towards the trash again. As she touched the ground, there was a high pitched laugh. All too familiar; it was the counselor.

Luna ran to Star's side, letting go of Ammie's hand.

"Star!" she cried. "Star!"

"You can't save her this time," an eerily high-pitched voice said. "She's finally dead; and you're next." Luna turned around, and gave out a shriek.

The counselor was free!

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