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tamagotchi v2

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i have tamagotchi v2 does anyone have a complete list of items pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need them now :wub: :unsure: :furawatchi: :D :D :furawatchi: B)

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Bananas - 130P
Bread - 110P
Cherries - 90P
Corn Dog - 100P
Crab - 130P
Cracker - 60P
Creamy Cake - 150P
Cup Cake - 120P
Diet Soda - 1000P
Donut - 110P
Fish - 130P
Flower Drink, French Fries - 80P
Fried Chicken - 150P
Fruit Juice - 60P
Grapes - 160P
Hot Dog - 150P
Ice Cream - 120P
Lollipop - 50P
Milk - 80P
Omelete, Peanut - 90P
Pear - 70P
Sandwich - 150P
Shrimp - 90P
Taco - 150P
Tea - 80P

Ball - 200P
Barbells - 600P
Baseball Cap - 700P
Boots,Bow - 500P
Bowtie - 700P
Bubbles - 50P
Cape - 1000P
Computer, Darts, Wings - 1000P
Drums, Maracas - 400P
Music - 1500P
Pencil - 110P
Pot Plant - 80P
Rollerskate - 1800P
Shovel - 80P
Skateboard -1500P
Sunglasses - 1000P
Teddy Bear - 1400P

I'm pretty sure thats all the items..... :chohimetchi: :ichigotchi: :rolleyes: :lol:

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