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Pepper's tamagotchis

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I have always loved tamagotchis. I had heaps when i was little and in primary. In the last year or so (before the bandai release) i always keept an eye out for them. I was so exited when i heard that they had been re-made with new feautres. I screamed when i saw them advertised in k-mart's catolouge. Unfortunently the nearest one was hours away from where i lived. When my parents went to sydney i bugged them to find me one but after many hours of searching my mum never found one, thy were all sold out. So instead my parents said they would buy me the remaning angelic layer dvds i needed, on the condition that i would forget about tamagotchis. So i did, but luckily my town finally got some in and i went straight down there to buy my first tamagotchi connexion!


I wanted the hot pink one but they didnt have it so i bought the light blue one. My sister got the white version. We hatched them as soon as we got home. Mine was a girl and i named her "Chi". My sister hatched a boy and named him "Lee". She stuffed up the clock on him by forgetting to change it to PM. Later she changed it back so her tamagotchi is a year older then mine. I didnt think you could cheat the system like that.


I was glad hers was a guy. The thought of breeding them was great. We got our tamagotchis on the 16/9. Today (20/9) my friend bianca got a black one and named it "Raven". She stole that name of me! I hope i can coninue to tell the stories of my tamagotchis and provide helpful guides and so on. If your reading this still you deserve a gold star! You can always contact me at

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Its me again! Im going to give a history of my tamagotchis evolutions if you dont mind of course:


When they were born, Chi and Lee looked exactly the same. Which was confusing cause i thought the boys were meant to be black. Honeslty i found my tama a little boring as the hunger and fun meter was always 100% Lee on the other hand was a diffrent story. My sister never paied too much attention to it.


One day i was playing with Chi when the screen started flashing. I was scared and my sis said it was evolving. The result was what looked liek a strawberry. I was upset because i thought the baby was much cuter. Then next day Lee evolved into the same species. I thought that was strange that my one evolved first, seeming my sisters was older.


I looked after Chi almost constantly. Even in class when it could of gotten me in trouble. One day Michelle (my sisters) tamagotchi was beeping. I told her and she said she didnt care. Well! I was pretty annoyed at that. Seeming i had to buy Chi with my own money but my dad bought Lee for her.


Finally they evolved into adults. Mine came first and evolved into a space cadet type of tama. This made me miss the older versions even more lol. A couple of hours later my sisters evolved into a duck-looking creature. Today i found out it evolves into that if you dont take care of it. After this i adopted Lee. My sis said it was okay if i took him to school. So now i look after him as my own (sounds like im talking about real people).


Lee is good now. It always used to be upset but now it take good care of it. At this moment Chi is being a bit down. Ever since i started looking after Lee, Chi has started loosing the connexion games :lol:


They are in their final stages now. They have 4 hearts for each other and i hope that they make babies. Hopefully i can get the ninja tama. The 2nd best thing about these new versions is the fact that they can change depending on how you look after them. The 1st of couse being the fact that they can breed. Though i belive it would of been better if you could actually verse the oppenent, rather then have it set out for you.

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Tama Statistics:


Name: Chi

M/F: Female

Generation: 1

Stage: Adult

Age: 6yr

Weight: 24

Training: 5


Game: Dance

Person: Lee

Food (Meal or snack): Snack

Bedtime: 9-10

Wake up: 8-9

Poop Schedule: Unknown

Items: Ball, batwings and cape


Name: Lee

M/F: Male

Generation: 1

Weight: 30

Age: 7yr

Training: 4

Stage: Adult


Game: Dance

Person: Chi

Food (Meal or snack): Snack

Bedtime: 8-9ish

Wake up: 8-9ish

Poop Schedule: Unknown

Items: Ball, skateboard and boots


My tamagotchis are weird. Like for example when ever i go to play a game (normlly jump) they always refuse unless i feed them a snack first. Chi is very stubborn sometimes. And i know she is evil. When we first connected with Lee, she gave him feces and scared him with ghosts. She also gave him a disease whilst he gave her cake and flowers. She looks so cute in her bat wings though!


Chi's sleeping habits are weird. Lee seems to have a pattern but im clueless when it comes to Chi. The first couple of days she went to bed at 8 and awoke at 8. But before she went to bed at 8 and didnt wake up until past 9 am. Then last night she wasnt going to bed at all. It was 10:30ish pm and she was still awake. I went in to the light and turned it off then the Z appeared. I turned it back on and she was alseep. I didnt think id have to make her go to bed manually. I cant remember what time she woke the next day but it took her forever, like 11:30-12ish.

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