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Dealing with the pain that shows.. ~

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Going through old songs/poems,

found this.



Being broken hearted is just like having broken ribs if you think about it;

on the outside it looks like nothing’s wrong,

but every breath hurts you more,

and each move you make gets you sore.

And what doesn’t kill you,

only makes the pain harder to bare,

so hold your head up high and pretend not to care.


Because deep down you know that the two of you will never happen,

so don’t bother planning “what if’s” and “if only’s”,

because in the end you’ll just be lonely.

Missing him is pointless now,

it won’t bring him back.

He is in your past,

so get him out of your head;

it wasn’t meant to last.


Sometimes you get tired of waiting,

because your heart knows you’ve waited long enough.

But even when the storm begins to churn and the going get’s tough,

you can pull through until the sun comes out again,

and you can cover yourself from the rain.


So now you’ve got to wonder;

which path if more dangerous for your heart?

Is it loving someone that doesn’t love you back,

and will tear your life apart?

Or if it loving someone that loves you one minute,

doesn’t the next,

and never really knowing if they do?

The choice is up to you.


You told yourself when you were together,

that he was too good to be true,

and now that he’s gone,

you realize you were right.

So you’ll cry yourself to sleep,

and not want to ever wake up from your dreams,

but get it together, don’t break from the seams.

Your deserve so much more, to be whole;

to find a boy who understands your soul.


The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do is turn around and walk away,

pretending that you don’t love him and that everything is okay.

But if you can do that,

you’d be the strongest girl I know,

because it takes true strength to deal with the pain that shows.

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