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Tamagotchi Music Star City hack

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I Did it and My LV. is 0!?!? my gotchi id is gone too!

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Instructions once AGAIN!


here's a PM memetchi221 sent me about how to do the ''hack'''or like some how to call it ''points generator'' =.=


please read here:

hey about the music city hack how do u get the items im confused on the top and bottom password wat do u put there?

Thanks for PMing me!

Well, the hack is quite simple.

Firstly, go and click on Account ID Finder.

Then type in your MUSIC CITY username and password. Then click submit.

Now, it will pop up with your music city username, the below it will have your music city password in a bundle of letters and numbers. :mellow: Don't worry, that's completely normal.

Now click submit again.

It will now show up as a LONG string of words and numbers. This is your Music city account information.

Now, look from the start where it says ResultCode=OKetc.

Look form there until you find UID=**********etc.

That is your user id code for this website.

Remember it or save it in a word document.

Now, go back to the original website by clicking back button.

If you want items for your Music star, click Item Code Generator.

Now, once you have clicked ion Item Code Generator, type in your tamagotchis username, not the music city one. Now go to your music star tamagotchi and click the door icon the click PC. It should show up with your Login code.

There are two rows on your tamagotchi with numbers and letters.

Type the first/top row into the box that says

Your login code (TOP).

Then type the second/bottom code into the box that says

Your login code (BOTTOM).

Once you've done that, at the top of the same page should be a blue word(s) that says Item List.

Right click on it and click Open link in new tab.

Once the page is open, you can choose which item you want.

You may notice that they are in categories with instruments being 0 etc.

Well (off topic :mellow: once you have chosen what item you want for your tama, write what category its in (eg. I want a keyboard so I would write on a piece of paper category 0, item 1 or in short form 0-1).

Ok, once you have done that, go back to the previous page and in the next box that says Item Categories; instruments = 0, toys = 1, items = 2, food = 3. Enter one of those numbers into the box.

type in the category (eg. because I wanted the keyboard I would type 0 in the box)

Now, in the box that says Item code, get a number from the item list link above

type in the number of the item (eg. because I wanted a keyboard, I would type in 1 in the box).

Now click SUBMIT.

Now it should say ResultCode=Ok etc blah blah blah .

At the very end, well near the end, should say ItemPassword=********.

That is the password for that item.

On your tamagotchi, click the A button, the first one, and a new screen should pop up, saying Item password or something like that.

Well then, now put the password that is in the screen into your tama and press the B button, the middle one.

The item come up on your screen.

Now, go to the original page and click Music City Points Gainer if you want points for you MUSIC CITY account, not the tamagotchi.

Now, it says you can only get a maximum of 1000 points for each. That is true. You cannot put more than 1000 points in the boxes.

It should be automatically done for you, nut if it hasn't type in 1000 in each of the boxes.

Now type in you account ID I told you to save it in a word document or write it down etc in the Your ACCOUNT ID - You can find yours: here box.

click SUBMIT.

It should say a whole heap of junk like ResultCode=OK etc blah blah blah.

So now you have just ''upgraded'' your music city account ID by 1000 points for Gotchi points, CD experience and Producer experience/Level.

Hint: You can keep clicking refresh to keep on getting more points without having the hassle of going back and putting in your information etc. If you do this, something might show up saying we must resend the information. Just click OK or yes etc.

Keep doing this to get more points. To get 1st Gotchi Gold, you must have 300,000 CD experience points.

Don't worry if the change of points doesn't show up on your screen. Just exit tamatown, then go back in and all your points will be there again.

Hope this helps!

PM me if you have any questions!


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Actually If half of the people that try it Don't Understand, then that means the Instruction Are not clear! :D


My post Should Help :angry:


"Okay here is what you do to make it work.

there will be a place that says "Find your Music City account here" Click that and then it will need your Username to your account Account Password once doing so you will see a long list of Numbers and letters then Click Submit Again and you will see Another long list that says your account Info. Then, you will see a Spot on there that says "UID=123456" or something like that Copy the Numbers and go back the Beginning where it says how many points you want and Type in your "UID" For Example "123456" (yours will be Different) and then you will Get 1000 points. Do it however many times you would like



PM me For Further more Questions





Thank I'm Doing it now!

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Nice to see this has been posted on here. I didn't really get round to doing it.


I did write the instructions in both the item code gen and the points gen, so read that if your having trouble.


I've not been on tamatalk in ages :angry:

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You actually can't. You cannot get the Special trophy. Or the 1st, Second, and Third place trophies. I wouldn't think it would be all fun to have anything in Music City. You don't really work for it than. What is the point of playing than? :D

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I'm still having problems logging into music city, but thanks anyways! ;)

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It never works for me! Yes, I read the instructions three times, yes, I used the username generator thingy three times, yes I tried it three times but it doesn't work! Help please! What am I doing wrong??

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Well, I dont want to get in trouble with anybody but okay its maybe fun when you get those items all at the same time but it would be much cooler when you had got them hard work :D

Is there anything fun in MC when u had get all the items. I have get all my items myself or and i have got all my trophies by exchanging or myself.It has been very fun and interesting. I have never needed to use that generator. It makes me confused when i see someone who i have never ever seen before and search them info and wow... they have gotchi gold and when i check their room there are only special items nothing else. When i came on MC ,gotchi gold was very rare i remember only one who had got them. I dont want to hurt anyone with my words, i think that JamesChaplin1's generator is cool and a good way to use it when you got hacked but someone who has just came to MC and is level 1, i would say its cheating. And some users like TS9520 or UP0987 are sooooo popular that those guys who uses that generator have no way to get more popular than them :D I wouldnt been on music city anymore if they could get the trophies same way... but its good that they cant :P :D



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Hi, its me tamatalk4444 and this is my first time repling so I used the hack and it worked so all of you people who think the cheat doesnt work it does! :D :wacko: :wub: Tnx alot



:rolleyes: tamatalk4444





Please vote for me my user id is lk4444 see ya!

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thanx alot!



I used the money link and donated all the money I got and got a cool little present from prince tamahiko.





AND I used the items to decorate my room!!!!!!!!!

That's what I did lol i hacked 100,000 gotchi points and donated all of them

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