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This is an Index (list) of links to TamaTalk topics/replies about Growth and /or Character charts for various Tamagotchi versions:

Tamagotchi versions - Life cycles / Evolution times

V1 Growth & Character Chart

V1 Character Chart

V1 Growth Chart

V2 Character Chart

V3 Character Chart

V3 Growth Chart

Tamagotchi Keitai Growth chart

V4 Character Chart

V4 Growth Chart: The Family Groups & Genders

V4 Special Characters: How to get Special Adults

V4.5 Character Chart

V4.5 Character Chart and Growth Charts

V5 Character & Growth Charts

V5.5 Character & Growth Chart

V6 Music Star Character Chart

V6 Music Star Growth Charts

Tamagotchi ID - Character and Growth chart

Tamagotchi ID L - Character and Growth chart

ID L Princess Spacy - Character & Growth chart

Tamagotchi+Color (TMGC+C) Character and Growth chart

Tamagotchi Ps Growth chart

Angelgotchi Growth chart
Angelgotchi info from TamaTalk's sister site (Pixelmood) - scroll down for growth chart

Morino Character and Growth chart

Oceangotch Character and Growth chart

Devilgotchi Character and Growth chart

Mothra Character and Growth chart

Yasashii Growth Chart

TMGO Character chart

Tamagotchi Friends Growth charts

Tamagotchi 4U Growth & Character chart

Tamagotchi 4U+ Growth & Character chart

Tamagotchi 4U & 4U+ Post Adult/Personality Stage Chart

Tamagotchi M!X Growth / Character Charts (Melody / Spacy)



If you find a better, accurate Growth or Character chart on TamaTalk that you think should be added to this list please send me a PM with a link to the topic / post.

Thanks to kbabe ( for suggesting a list of links to Growth charts!

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    • By BejewledTama
      I thought that every evolution phase after the baby phase was 24 hours for tamagotchi on, however, unless I’m remembering the time it evolved into the child stage incorrectly, that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’d appreciate any info about this.
    • By Kaz_Stone
      Mr.Blinky released the upload tab in the 4U app for anyone to upload their characters, clothes, etc. and I'm wondering if there is any way to extract character sprites from the Tamagotchi P's VDP or Pierce pieces? 
    • By Kitkat_Tama
      Hello guys! I am new on tamatalk. 
      So my friend just had a strange evolution on her 4u. She wanted to get melodytchi and she had all of the 10 sports skill points. But instead it evolved into memetchi which you need 20 fashion skill points for and based off of the items she has, she had NO fashion points. I would love to know why this happened.
      thx for reading bye!
    • By Muffinator3000
      I know, I know, I post on here so often, but it’s the only place I can get answers so I hope y’all don’t mind. So I’m on my second generation, and I have a tamagotchi On. For backstory, in my first generation, the baby hatched at bedtime, so obviously it was awake for one hour and then as soon as it evolved, BAM it was bedtime. For the next couple days, as soon as it woke up, it evolved which was cool, but I didn’t want that happening with the new baby because I wanted to be awake to witness it evolving. So, the day comes and generation 2 arrives at about 8:30 in the morning, and evolves at 9:30. That all happened yesterday. In my time today, as of writing this, it’s 11:10 AM. Shouldn’t it have evolved again by now?? It says it’s only a day old and I don’t know if that’s right or not. Also I should note that I have never paused it. Any answers would be really appreciated.
    • By Lesbian Tama mom
      Hi, this is my first post here 
      TL;DR: I reset my tama I got a few months back
      After the reset and actually put effort into taking care of him I've kept him for five days now and I'm excited to say that he's gonna be evolving real soon! If I'm correct he's in his teen phase, I can't wait to see who I get when he's grown! :3