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Multi-Tama-Go Log

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Hello, Serrafina_Pekkala here! I have been posting in the "Tama-Go General discussion" fairly often about things that have happened while raising my Tama-Go so I figured I should probably start a log of my own. :angry: The first Tama-Go I got was the Light Blue with Memetchi, it arrived from Toys 'R Us on July 30. I didn't start writing down a log then, but I did take a bunch of photos. (Please see those here.) On August 2nd I got the White with Kuchipatchi and started logging then.


Monday Aug 2nd (all times are represented in Gotchi-Time, which is 3 hours behind my real time zone, because I'm not waking up at 7 AM to take care of them...)

2:58 a boy hatches!

3:28 it does the wiggle dance on the screen and I take it to the training potty

3:32 he takes a nap

3:50 he evolves into Ahirukutchi

3:58 we have another potty-training session!

6:42 Ahikurutchi calls for attention with full hearts and gets disciplined. 2 training points gained.


At 4:14 my Lovelytchi on the Blue TMGO uses the bathroom on her own, though she is only at 13 training points. At 4:38 she calls for attention, but as soon as I press a button the attention icon is gone.


Tuesday Aug 3rd

10:55 Ahikurutchi uses the bathroom

2:11 he requires a time out

4:41:45 he evolves into Kilalatchi

5:17 he requires another time out

5:35 a potty training opportunity

6:30 BOTH Kilalatchi and Lovelytchi call for showers

7:30 Kilalatchi brushes his teeth

7:57 Lovelytchi does the same

8:15 they both ask to have their lights off


The only thing Lovelytchi did herself today was call for attention for no reason at 5:46


Wednesday August 4

8:12 AM I connect Kilalatchi and Lovelytchi. I just learned something new with my TMGOs. I have this habit of setting the birthday for 2 days after hatch, so today was the birthday on my White TMGO. I sent my Lovelytchi from the Blue TMGO over to visit my Kilalatchi on the White one and all of a sudden there was a birthday celebration. The "success" or "happy" sound played while a sign appeared on screen, and Happy Birthday! was being written across it. Then the trumpets blared and streamers shot like when you win games. A star floor appeared on-screen and a giant birthday cake dropped onto it, then Lovelytchi came in on the left side of the screen and Kilalatchi came from the right, and they danced in front of the cake while a classical song played. There is still a table with some sort of beverage and cups in the back left corner of Kilalatchi's room, just as I discovered on the Blue one. If you don't connect during the day of the birthday it seems to be celebrated at random intervals. I just checked, and it happened the second time I connected for visit but not the third. Also, this celebration does *not* occur when you send the Tamagotchi from the unit with the Birthday to visit the another Tamagotchi.

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A new TMGO, a new beginning!


Today I received my Lime Green with Mametchi TMGO in the mail. I started it up and this is the first hour of it's activity and evolution into toddler-hood.


12:15 Hatched a girl

12:33 Potty training!

12:40 Gets sick

12:44 missed a potty training opportunity, and again at 12:55

12:57-1:04 Naptime!

1:05 let's go to the park ... sad, no one showed up! So then we connected with Kilalatchi and had an eating contest and WON! Gained one happy heart.

1:09 potty training!

1:15 Evolution into Belltchi! YAY! One I haven't gotten before! :angry:


More updates later. :angry:

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soo... continued from the other day, Wednesday August 4. As soon as my little one evolved into Belltchi I logged onto TamaTown to get credit for the character and received the Belltchi doll.


1:31 Kilalatchi time out- Lovelytchi also called but the attention icon went away with pressing a button

2:15 missed a potty training opportunity with Kilalatchi

2:40 Connected white to blue TMGO (Kilalatchi to Lovelytchi) they shared a meal and there are now two large smiles of the four faces.

3:07 Friendship level of Kilalatchi and Lovelytchi goes to 3 large smiles and they share another meal.

3:09 missed a potty training opportunity with Belltchi

4:05 Kilalatchi and Lovelytchi visit each other, and share another meal. 4 large smiley faces in friend meter.

4:12 they share another meal, no change in meter. So my guess is that 4 large smiles is the best you can get.

4:53 Kilalatchi evolves into Kikitchi

6:32 all three call for a bath

7:09 Time out for Belltchi

7:30 Bedtime for Belltchi

8:04 Kikitchi calls for attention and needs none.

8:40 Kikitchi and Lovelytchi call for their light to be turned out.


Throughout the night I continued to connect Kikitchi and Lovelytchi to see if they would marry. Instead, they started kissing each other goodbye after meals/playing at the park/going to the beach. I have photos and will upload them tomorrow when I get a chance. They would not marry, though. I'm guessing that in this version of Tamagotchi you may have to wait until both characters can access the Date Place in order for two connecting TMGO to marry. :)


Thursday August 5th


Not much activity today...

1:15 Belltchi evolved into Shelltchi (I am going to try to get one care miss to get something other than Lovelytchi)

3:50 Kikitchi falls ill for apparently no reason, I had just taken care of him, all hearts full.

6:30 Bathtime for everyone!


I'm wondering if Kikitchi fell ill because I played a game with him and brought him down to what might be below his minimum weight... Something FUN but not completely gameplay related happened today. I visited the Toys 'R Us on Alpine in Grand Rapids, MI and they had the TMGO, carrying case and figurines in stock. I bought Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi. So now I have all but Ringotchi. I compiled a list of the features I have learned about them all so far, and will update this list as I access more items. :wacko:


Figurine Lowdown

Kuchipatchi Figurine, Games:

Flag Game: Follow the flag by going up and down

Vegetables (like on Music Star): Match the falling vegetables by scrolling the panel.

Chinese Restaurant: Fried Rice- 800p; Fried Dumpling- 500p; Shark Fin- 6,000p; Shell Soup- 1,000p; Crab Omelet- 900p; Egg Soup- 400p; Shumai- 600p; Grilled Fish- 1,400p; Chinese Salad- 700p; Chili Shrimp- 2,200;

TamaTown Shop item: Beijing Duck- 3,500 points from Marjorite


Violetchi Figurine, Games:

Bounce Back (Ping Pong), Hit the ball with your racket.

Man Hole: Open the hole to get the items. Do not get a snake.

Flower Shop: Bonsai Tree- 4,500p; Mistery Flower- 400p; Money Tree- 200p;

Daisy- 1,600p; Wildflower- 3,800p; Rose- 1,400p; Apple- 200p; Cherry Blossom- 200p; Flower Dress- 7,00p;

TamaTown Shop item: Watering Can- 3,500 points from Imotchi

The wildflower item is not consumable activates an animation with your character and Violetchi in a wildflower patch. Sometimes they just chat, other times they play hide and seek in it. Using the consumable apple/cherry item plants a fruit tree that grows instantaneously, and it gives your character the fruit and he/she can eat it. Using the consumable money tree seed grows a tree yielding a random amount of points. The non-consumable daisy, rose and bonsai items activate an animation with your character taking care of and/or pruning the plant. The mistery flower is a consumable item and your character places it in it’s living room, and the plant grows instantaneously into something random that either makes your character happy or sad. Yes, I know mystery is mis-spelled, but it is spelled that way on the figurine.


Ringotchi Figurine, Games:

Monster Beater: Move the target to attack the monster

Shape sorter: Select and hoot the item that is falling down

Sweets Restaurant,

TamaTown Shop item: Strawberry Cheesecake- 3,500 points from Marjorite


Memetchi Figurine, Games:

Hit a Note, shoot the music notes!

Panel Match, Match the object falling down.

Clothes Shop: Parka- 3,000p; Coat- 6,000p; Shirt- 2,000p; Skirt- 1,500p;

TamaTown Shop item: Scarf- 3,500 points from Imotchi


Chamametchi Figurine, Games:

Panel Construction, Drop the claw and collect a piece of a panel to complete.

Shuffle Shuffle: Find the hidden item by selecting one of the boxes.

Toy Shop: Fairy Costume- 6,400p; Doll House- 2,500p; Baby Ducks- 1,000p;

Teddy Bear- 4,500p; Bubbles- 200p; rocking horse- 1,800p; slide- ?p; play house- 3,800p; Roller Skates- 2,500p;

TamaTown Shop item: Jump Rope- 3,500 points from Imotchi


Mametchi Figurine, Games:

Hip Hop, Jump left/up/right to catch music notes. Do not fall or catch a skull.

Speed Runner, Dodge the obstacles to reach your goal.

Toy Shop: Fun Box- 200p; Unicycle- 4,000p; Space Ship- 8,000p; Robot Arm- 3,500p; Robot- 2,800p; Car- 450p; Rabbit Costume- 5,800p;

TamaTown Shop item: UFO- 3,500 points from Imotchi

The fun box appears to be a consumable item similar to a die, the tamagotchi rolls it and depending on what symbol shows up it makes it either happy or sad. The robot arm reaches up through the top of the screen and grabs random objects, it can be a bag of money or a robber from what I’ve seen so far.

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Friday August 6th

12:19pm Lovelytchi(white) made a happy sound

1:15pm Shelltchi(green) evolved into a Lovelytchi... Perfect care.

5:18pm Reset the second Lovelytchi on the green TMGO for a boy. Hatched Kinotchi.

5:39 Kinotchi(green) got sick.

5:41 Mess mysteriously appeared just after a game, before which the floor was clean.

5:56 Naptime

6:07 Potty train

6:15 evolved into Mattaritchi

7:30 Mattaritchi's bedtime

8:30 Lovelytchi(blue) bedtime

8:35 Kikitchi(white) bedtime


Saturday August 7th

12:28PM- Kikitchi and Lovelytchi got married! Instead of Kikitchi walking out his door, Lovelytchi walked out her door too. On her screen it showed the fireworks animation, then it sowed the wedding chapel, where they met up. They said their vows in front of an audience. They then returned to Lovelytchi's house and an egg appeared between them instantly. It took about 30 seconds to hatch. Twin boys. Lovelytchi kept hers with her and Kikitchi immediately left to go back to his house with his.


You can see the photos of the whole wedding process here:Tama-Go Connection Wedding. I'm not so great at re-organizing things on Photobucket, so start at the last photo and go backwards! :)


2:08- Someone took their baby to the potty with them. Heard the happy sound but did not see which parent.

6:29 Mattaritchi(green) evolved into Kilalatchi!

6:30 Kilalatchi showers

6:31 Everyone else showers

8:45 Kilalatchi goes to bed

8:46 Everyone else goes to bed


Sunday August 8th

10:09 Lovelytchi(blue) makes a happy sound.

10:22 and 1:22 Kikitchi(white) makes a happy sound.

6:30pm Everyone takes a bath

6:38pm Kilalatchi(green) evolves into Kuchipatchi!

8:09 Lovelytchi takes her baby to the bathroom.

8:45 Bedtime for all


Monday August 9th

Both boys woke up without their parents. Luckily they don't wake up and expect you to take care of them right away... They stay on the hatched screen crying with the banner "boy" above their heads until you press a button. Then you are expected to care for them. Not wanting to deal with two babies at exactly the same time I filled one's hearts, then the other.

7:47 Baby boy 1 white

7:52 Baby boy 2 blue

7:57 Potty time white

8:02 Potty time blue

8:05 White gets sick

8:07 Potty time white

8:10 Blue gets sick

8:12 Potty time blue

8:17 Potty time white

8:22 Potty time blue

8:22:23 Nap time white

8:27 Nap time blue

8:29 White wakes up from nap

8:34 Potty time white

8:34:40 Blue wakes up from nap

8:39 Potty time blue

8:40 White evolves into Ahirukutchi

8:44 Potty train White Ahi- +3 training points

8:49 Potty train blue

8:55 Blue evolves into Ahirukutchi

8:59 Potty train Blue Ahi- +3 training points

10:29- Potty train white- +3 bars for a total of 6

10:50 cleaned up a mess on blue

11:08 Kuchipatchi (green) calls for attention and the icon disappears when I press a button. I discipline and get one training bar.

11:35 White Ahi calls and needs discipline +1 training point

12:10 cleaned up mess on white

I've decided to neglect the happy hearts on the white one on occasion and attempt to take perfect care of the blue one, so I can see what happens and get different characters.

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Monday August 9 (cont)

2:08pm Potty train blue, white one's hearts are down so low it's calling my name with a sad face.

2:11 Filled in one of white Ahikurutchi's happy hearts, filled all hearts on blue Ahikurutchi

2:35 White Ahikurutchi calls for attention- gets a time out. Rewarded with two training points for a total of 8.

2:43 Blue Ahikurutchi calls for attention- gets a time out. Rewarded with two training points for a total of 8.

3:30 White Ahikurutchi's hearts are so low it's calling my name again. Filled one happy heart.

8:15 Bedtime for everyone but Kuchipatchi (green) who went to bed at 8:45


Tuesday August 10

Kept only 1 or 2 happy hearts filled on white Ahikurutchi's stats.

8:53 AM he evolves into Korokotchi

8:57 potty train blue. Now I have a total of 12 training points.

9:11 blue Ahikurutchi evolves into yet another Kilalatchi. (Gosh I'm so sick of getting him...)

unrelated: 9:59 am my little Poitchi, the p1, evolves into Tamatchi

10:45 Korokotchi's happy hearts are empty and he's calling out to me... Poor Koro.

10:48 I fill in two happy hearts, and he still wants attention. Oh! So it's time for a time out! Gain 1 training point for a total of 13

Between 1:31 and 1:41 I missed a potty training opportunity with Kilalatchi while out walking my REAL pets.... (two Yorkshire Terriers)

1:48pm Another time out for Koro. Man, he's mischievous today. Training +1 for a total of 14

1:50 Not entirely sure when he started calling, but Kilalatchi was asking for attention and needed a time out also. Young boys, I tell you...

7:50 Kilalatchi calls for yet another time out. He must have fun with his nose in the corner... Training +2 for a total of 15

8:15 Kilalatchi(blue) goes to bed.

8:45 Korokotchi(white) goes to bed.

8:56 Kuchipatchi(green) goes to bed.


Wednesday August 11

9:21am Korokotchi evolves into Tarakotchi.

9:35 Kilalatchi evolves into Kuromametchi.

nothing of note really happens during the day....

8:15 Kuromametchi goes to bed

8:34 Tarakotchi has just gone potty and made a happy sound

8:35 I find out that Teriyaki Chicken is Tarakotchi's favourite food!

8:45 Kuchipatchi goes to bed.

9:00 Tarakotchi goes to bed.


Thursday August 12

I wasn't feeling well and slept in until 10:30 Gotchi time. How dare I! Today is Kuchipatchi's wedding day!!!

10:45am Discovered Kuchipatchi's favorite meal is Hamburger, which fills two hungry hearts and at least one happy. Only one happy heart was

empty when he was fed.

After a few hours of being left to their own devices while I couldn't care for them, here were their stats:

Tarakotchi, four happy hearts, four hungry hearts full.

Kuchipatchi, four happy hearts, three hungry hearts full.

Kuromametchi, two happy hearts, three hungry hearts full.

I think Tarakotchi, being a bad care character, is used to the neglect, Kuchipatchi's priority is hunger, and Kuromametchi, being a perfect care character, gets lonely if you do not play with him. I've noticed that Kuromametchi also does the random calls for attention more often than the others, wheras when they were the same toddler it was exactly at the same time between all three Tama-Gos.

11:45am dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun.... Duh duh dun duh duhhh dun duh duunnn duh duh duh... Kuchipatchi gets married! I think his wife is Pipotchi but it's difficult to tell with such large pixels. Pictures tomorrow, I promise! She's really cute... :D

-Nothing of real note happens throughout the day-

8:15 Kuromametchi-bed

8:45 Kuchipatchi-bed

9:00 Tarakotchi-bed


So, in summation, we have found that Pipotchi is kinda cute, and Kuchipatchi's favorite food is a Hamburger, and Tarakotchi's is Teriyaki Chicken!

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