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Name the charaters on TamaTown you've logged in

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Name the charater you've logged in for Tama-Go! But not the code.


I've got:


Kinotchi, Ahrukitchi, Mattraitchi, Kilalatchi, Korokotchi, Monpatchi, Mametchi, KuroMametchi, Kikitchi, Kutchipatchi, Wooltchi, Tarakotchi, Nonopotchi, Gozarutchi, Necktietchi, Ojitchi, Nokotchi, Belltchi, Hoshitchi, Shelltchi, Mikazukitchi, Chuchutchi, Lovelitchi, Violetchi, Chamametchi, Memetchi, Makiko, Ringotchi, Marotchi, Pipotchi, Grippatchi, and Otokitchi.


I need: Shimashimatchi, Oyajitchi, Uwasatchi, and Kunoitchi.



Post yours! :huh:

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