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hello heveryone im morgan and ill be logging my v6 sally and my tamago-its messed up.

okay my v6 is a girl and shes a hitodetchi my tamago just hatched into a boy - 11:00 because its messed up

Me:i think my tamas want to say somthing ps when i get battries im going to start my v4 and my other v6!ok here they are

Sally:hello everyone i pleased to meet you and i hope i get a lot of friends and family as in a lot of gens!

Me:isnt she very kind and now heres mat - tamago

Mat:feed me play games with me

Me:ill post back when mat evolves

heres Sallys stats:







popmusic is liked



ok there are her stats im going to play with mat and sally and ill update when mat evolves.

ps:sally is in preschool.

pss:ill update when sally evolves to!

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hello every one this is a mini update well mat just evolved into a :puroperatchi: or somthing like that or like i said my tamago is busted so i cant see the top of it if you guys know ho to fix it please pm me ill post when sally evolves!

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:D :D :D i think SALLY has somthing to say

Sally:hello everyone i evolved into a chamametchi ya and i get accepted to school and my band mates are a penguin named daniel and a kitchi named toby i hope daniel becomes a kuchipatchi and toby becomes a mametchi and i become its a surprie unless you know!!

well thats it ill post tommorow!!

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hello everyone today i started up my v1 if you dont like it pm me telling me you dont want it on this log and ill switch to a v4 okay heres whats happen today


nothing realy happened today but later or during this update sally will evolve


great news MAT EVOLVED INTO A drum roll please what about he tells you

Mat:hello everyone today i evolved into a kilalatchi !!!!!! okay back to Morgan

thats all for the tamago


just got hatch got sick and so on

Okay at the end im going to show my v6's stat and let them talk

Sally:hello im very mad because morgan put me incharge of the babie

Me:well do you want a baby when you grow up

Sally:yes and no


Sally:because it hurts

Me:no it doesnt the thing that hurts is the sock that you have to leave the babie with me

Mat:Sally youll be okay trust me plus when you leave ill watch your babie

Sally:okay Mat

Me:yea mats right and ill be there all the time and plus you have a lot of time to think or maby like 2 days but thats okay and remeber you send mail ill send mail and vist you with the baby so dont worry


Mat:oh we forgot tama sould talk

Tama:googooo gaagaa


Sally:very cute

Mat:okay cute

Me:time to end it here and ill post when tama and sally evolve



age:2 :(

wheight:26 :D






chamametchi plays headphones




band name:cast b

band people:daniel plays headphones and toby plays mic

oh yea here how the band got together

Sally goes down to school all happy then...

...bullies came out of nowhere and started bragging how there band will be #1 then they start picking on her then out of nowhere some boy pop out and made them go away by protecting sally then she ran and hid so the bullies left because there target was gone so then the 2 boys asked sally to join there band she said yes a hundred times so then they made there ban cast b then right when the formed somthing happened when i get 50 views ill tell you what happened

Ps:flash backs will be light blue sally will be purple mat will be brown ill be black and tama will be red

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hello everyone tama evolved into a marutchi and Sally has to watch him but not now because hes sleeping thats good because we can have a brake and sally got fain mail from mochatchi saying she likes this log and i think Mat and Sally want to here they are!

Sally:hello tama talk i think i remeber that tommorow Morgan said we could take over and i also have to say that i hope i become a mimetchi or memetchi or maidtchi okay heres mat

Mat:yea morgan said we could take over tommorow and so on

Me:well nothings happened so far so ill get back when SALLY EVOLVES!!!!!

Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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DAY 3hello everyone its me sally and mat sorry morgan didnt update he went out to eat with his parents at cinderellas or what ever and on the way there i evolved into a "drumroll" a mimitchi i want to be so yea and at the restraunt me and mat had a great dinner!!Morgan didnt bring tama because he thought he was asleep like me and Mat next thing you know hes awake but he had the wrong time and drumroll please when i evolved i got pro debut with low stats so we were luck very luck okay now tama wants to say somthing!Tama: hewwo everyowne i howpe i evolve into a young mametchiMat:hello everyone im hoping to evolve into a mametchi today or might during this log

Sally:1 and a 2 and a 3

Mat:sally i thought we were doing the log

Sally:we are but im only in 8th place i want to practice so i can get 3rd place

Tama:googoogaga i love it "moves side to side and sings"

Me:Sally please stop and come do the log you want to do it so come do it youll be able to practice all day


Tama:thats it

Sally:it over for today nothing else to post well update when Mat and Tama evolve so bye

okay so everyone if i was going to get 2 battries witch tamagotchi should i start up





pm me what you think when i get 5 pms ill start the most recent when you pm me chose 1 only becaule ill start 1 up then 1 more later

















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hello every one Mat evolved into a 'drumroll" a mametchi just like he wanted so hell be able to mate in 2 days and same thing with sally maby 3 for Mat

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hello everyone today as been very eventfull so heres what happened

Tamagotchi v1

evolved into a ichigotchi and thats it for the v1


Sally is doing well she got 1st place for her band im hoping thats she and mat get married later today or tommorow

















mat got fat so i gave him medicine and he and sally have all happy faces


you all might have been wondering witch tama i started up i started up my tamagotchi v6 red piano like sally i fed her and gave her snkes it took like 3 seconds right after that i paused her now im unpausing her she has a stuffed panda and drums and named her alice and alice will be pink.okay i think they all want to say hi

Alice:"rolls around everywhere"googoo?

Me:yea where did everyone go

Me:i think mat and sally are on a date and tama well tama is gone somewhere

sally:back and wow


Me:what happen

M&S:hello the date

Me:you left me alone with the babie so im mad and where is tamaAlice:gagogoga "smells and sick now all better"

Me:alice whats wrong no wait nothing she said she missed you guys

Sally:fine ill watch her after me and mat "beep"

okay im going to end it here ill reply later

and i have a question can a tamago marrie a v6 please pm me please and thanks for 75 views

Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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hey guys what do you think do you think if i toke out my battrie out of my v1 and put it in my v4 please pm me what you think


got sick and got 10,000,000 or somthing like that had to puase and why wont you marrie mat


nothing just marrie sally and got paused to


tama got sick got hungry got sad


go sick became ringotchi got sick has a band


sorry for lame post but i was very bored and tired.

Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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100+ views

hello everyone this is sally im trying my best on this heres the events for today


turned 5 today hopefully will get married to mat


nothing really


nothing just waiting 2 evolve


waiting to evolve got sick unhappy and hungry same as v1

ill post later hopefully with more energy sorry for bad postes.D:

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hello everyone i just took the battrie out of tama D: but then i put it in my v4 its a girl i named her piper right after naming her i put her on puase now i going to unpause her now and ps im going for greek and roman names som pm me names


Piper:feed me give me snacks and play games

ok there she is and what age does a tamago and v6 marry because i just got my v6 almost marryed but the matchmaker came and i said no if anyone knows what age a tamago has to be to marry a v6 please pm me.

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hello everyone


sally is 6 now shes in 2nd place :D still working on marrage


working on marrage


evolved into a sebiretchi and failed on test D: :(


PIPER is a putchitchi i think thats how its sayed now were just waiting for her to wake up and get school mail ok everyone wants say something

Sally:hi tamafans thanks for 132+ veiws we love it

Mat:if i have a son im going to him zud or zeus if daughter i dont know pm girl names please


Me:well thats everyone thats awake

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hello everyone its me sally and mat today me and mat got married yes married its been a while but finaly ps you have to wait till the tamago is 6 years old for marriage so heres what happened and also if a boy is on the tamago the v6 has a girl here how we got married



Sally:dont we know each other very well


Mat:will you marry me

Sally:YES 100 times

Mat:lets get married now


then after marrage the music teacher came and gave a wedding gift . :D

ok were going to chat now and piper is now a ringotchi i think thats how its spelled

Sally:i like having a baby and true it wasnt painfull

Mat+me:told you so

Sally:i thought you were my husban

Mat:i am lets end it here and lets have fun with our babies and connect so we can play and so our babies can to so bye tama fans

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:( hello everyone little update im going to stop running alice on this log but she will be named a few more times and same thing with piper if you guys think im crazy or dont want this pm me and tell me if you want 1 of those in or both.ill update later. :( :( :( :( Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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hello eveyone im very sad because my sally and mat are leaving and i remeber when they were just needy babies lets let them talk for the last timeand there babies witch will be boy or girl so here they are please pm me good girl and boy names. :( :( :( :( :(

Sally:mat i realy dont want to go

Mat:i know but its for the best well be together forever we could send stuff and letters to our babies so they will remeber us and they could vist


Mat&Sally:well goodbye tamatalk well see you later or never bye

Me:i can keep your babies with you if you want to age more

Mat&Sally:no its ok

so tamatalk thats it please send girl and boy names by pm and you will be named in this log and more so bye Sally and Mat


everything maxed out but whieght and money


ps i just learned that i might get my tamago back tommorow so ill add that to this log say yea :D


Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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hello everyone so happy i got 6 batries and my little zues is a mimitchi and a band with every type of boy:( and jade is that bad care girl thats looks like an octopus and ok everyone during the next 10 min tell me witch tama you want me to add to the log ok heres my tamas

Zeus:can i see mom and dad since i got a letter

Me:yes so bye

walks out door

Jade:me too


walk out door and slams it

i geuss ill get back in 10 min if longer 1st post if its over 10 mins so bye everyone.

the tamas are a v1 v5.5 and a v6 and choose 1 or you can choose v6 or v4

Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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DAY 10

200 view+ thank you everyone! :D :D :D :D :D

hello everyone this is me annabeth, oh you might say who i am im the tamagotchi v5.5 and im the only girl and in the middle and my 2 bros kro and doc arent what you call well just talk and the others to will talk or wait never mind yawn good night

yep thats right i got aa vote for v5.5 there bonding is 20% and there family name is plain annabeth is a shelltchi and koru is a kikitchi and doc is a nonopotchi there on 5th gen and there dad is a papapatchi mom is a crystaltchi and thats it for them so good night everyone! :D

Edited by Momo8890tamagotchi

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