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I need a Shiny Jigglypuff for Pokémon White. I would prefer it to be French. You can tell if a Jigglypuff is French if they're names are "Rondoudou".


Pokémon to give:


Shiny Jigglypuff (Non-French): Level 100 Feraligatr


French Shiny Jigglypuff: Level 100 Shiny Bonsly

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Just asking, why do u need a french shiny jigglypuff? Surely not just for cuteness? :huh:

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Awe, I want a French shiny Jigglypuff too. D: XD

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      Oh boy, do I have a strange story for TamaTalk for once. It centers on this:

      While I was connecting Sotilde, my Hanerutchi, to my Akai using the same-version connection, suddenly this weird flashing image pops up before the usual connection seeking animation. It flashed between black and white or negative colours and positive colours. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a positive coloured image but I can tell you it looked like a weird Kusatchi creature leaning out of its pot and crying, or possibly just being super anxious. After the flashing was over, it then transitioned to a screen displaying an empty meter at the top with a timer counting down from 9 seconds. It turned out I had to mash the A button in order to fill up the meter before the time ran out. The B button would make a noise but wouldn't fill up the meter and I didn't get to try the C button. Of course, button mashing is hard enough and I failed the first time and was then abruptly transitioned to the usual connection seeking screen. I exited out of the connection but was still in the connection menu so I selected same version connection again. The game reappeared! I tried my best to fill up the meter now that I had effectively unlimited retries unless I exited the menu altogether, as I did later. My button mashing skills were not good enough and at best I was two blocks away from completion. I was also getting nervous about harming Sotilde's device, considering she is a long-living oldie being 3 human years old. That's why I wouldn't have given her to my brother who's got excellent button mashing skills 'cause he'd probably total her.
      Now this isn't the first time this event has happened. I know for certain it happened twice on my Akai while I was unfortunately completely flabbergasted and unable to get any pictures because it ended so fast. The first time it happened, I thought I was hallucinating because such a weird, unexplained things started happening to my Tamagotchi for a few, brief confusing seconds and then it was just gone. And of course, the whole line of Japanese at the top made me even more confused. I tried rendering it in romaji using my Japanese connection chart but it looks like some of the characters are either truncated or completely unique. It would have helped if I got the normal picture of it but I can't so I'll have to wait for my next opportunity. I have a feeling this minigame might not be as uncommon as it appeared since I don't do that many connections to begin with, and most people probably don't.
      I wonder if this minigame actually requires prior connections or if it might be some special Easter egg intended to be stumbled upon by a bored kid messing around with the connection feature even though they didn't have another tama. Does anybody have any info on this?
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      We’re going to play a game; how many tamas on Tamagotchi Planet are there?
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      Hello community!
      I'm a fan of tamatalk game, now i have been playing tamatalk game for 3 months now. Does anyone like me?
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      This is a forum game that's on another fansite that I absolutely adore. You basically say the alphabet, but.. it doesn't start over. Like counting, it goes on!
      For example...
      User1: A
      User2: B
      Several posts later...
      User3: Z
      User4: AA
      User5: AB
      Get it? The user below me begins! Let's all make it to ZZZ,ZZZ!
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      I've noticed lately that a number of TamaTalk regulars are fans of the Kirby series, myself included (heck, my favourite nostalgic Tamagotchi moment is directly linked to the Kirby series!), so I figured that I'd make a thread for us to chat about this wonderful series from HAL Laboratory and Nintendo.
      It's been almost 18 months since the last mainline game, which was Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch (one of my favourite entries in the series, and also one of my favourite 2D platformers of all time from any series - and I've played rather a lot of those, so that's high praise), so it feels to me like we're due for a new side-game sometime soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we'll get next, since the Kirby side-games are usually interesting.
      Personally, I'd love to see a new Kirby pinball game, as there hasn't been one in years, and I'm quite fond of pinball.
    • By Penguin-keeper
      As fellow TamaTalkers might have heard, Nintendo will be releasing a minor revision of the Switch at the end of September, known as the Switch Lite.
      The Switch Lite is not dockable and will be handheld-mode only, and has been created in response to just how many people play in handheld-mode on the existing model, though it can also be paired with external wireless controllers as well if need be.
      It'll be launching in grey, turquoise, and yellow, and there'll also be a limited-edition design based around the Pokemon Sword & Shield legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta.
      I pretty much exclusively play my Switch in handheld-mode, so moving over to a Switch Lite makes good sense for me, and I plan on picking up a yellow one. Will anybody else be doing the same? If so, which colour will you be picking up, or are you hoping to see a particular look offered before you go for it?