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☺ EMF's Tama-riffic Log! ☻

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Well, Canada evolved into Kikitchi and went in a band called Hetalia. His skills are all at about 850.


My purple Tama-Go has dead batteries. X(


Chomp evolved into the good care teen.


I found my version 4...Zach left his son and I named it Obama. :mellow: It is now the panda thingamabob.


Wutsie didn't evolve.


I am bored and my tum-tum is disagreeing with me for eating too much Easter chocolate.


~ EMF -_-

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Another vote! Still 4 stars... sad. :(


Wutsie evolved into... Happabouyatchi. The white guy with a red cap. The other two times I got that teen, he evolved into Mametchi. This really, really, does not bode well. And MY ANGEL IS ON ITS WAY! I hope. O_O


Canada evolved into a grown-up already, even though he's only two! :o He is now... another Kuromametchi! YAAAAAAAY! The other band members of Hetalia became Makiko and Togetchi. Their genre is now rock and roll. :rolleyes: His music skills are all 999... but did he pass the audition? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Obama turned into another Gourmetchi. I think his skills are 20, 30, and 8, respectively. I think he has 5 training points but I am too lazy to go and see.


Teri left her son. I wanted to name it somethin' like Obama... so I called him Osama!!! :D Seriously, I did. :mellow: He later evolved into... a blob. :babytchi:


Chomp's training bar is almost full. I hope it doesn't reset again. Think... I've had a P2 for a while now but I have never gotten past the teen stage. <_<


Now I must finish my Perotchi Dreams 3 fan fiction... sigh... Pero is in love with Kuromametchi now... -_-


~ EMF :puroperatchi:

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Well, sorry for not posting yesterday but Obama is ANOTHER Tosakatchi! Blargh, I had him a few seconds ago! :angry:

Now he has the following skill levels

Pencil - 42

Sparkle - 35

Flower - 9

...And has 8 training points.


Osama evolved into Nikatchi, the yellow teen with a scary grin. He has 7 training points and should evolve into an adult tomorrow. :)

He had a bath before going to sleep.



WHY won't Canada pass the audition? Why... WHY...???


And my Kuromametchi on my black Tama-Go (too lazy to go back and see his name) married Lovelitchi. :D


As for my P2, Chomp EVOLVED into a... a... what IS that thing? Some kind of octopus with antenna floating around? I looked at a growth chart, and it looks as if it evolves into a special character. If anyone has information on this guy, PM me. :)


My iD L... when Wutsie evolved into an adult, I screamed. But I was not screaming in horror; I was screaming in JOY because I got KUROMAMETCHI! He adopted the ninja mouse Tama Pet. 8D Now I have Kuro on my Music Star, Tama-Go, and iD L. One for each Eco-Usatchi Triplet. AHEM.

I made Wutsie go to the Henshin Jo and transform into... METAL KUROMAMETCHI! Is that like Metal Sonic? He doesn't seem to be made out of metal... oh, he must be called that because of the music he plays on his guitar, which sounds like a song from a game called DOOM. Heard of Doom? Someone who plays Doom is called a Doomer. Sounds familiar... :huh:


Zat eez all for now.

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Just a quick update...

My v2 has dead batteries.


Wutsie married Memetchi and had a baby girl, Paletchi, generation 9...


That's about it... oh, Canada PASSED THE AUDTITION and WON A ROCK AWARD!


~ EMF -_-

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WOOT! Two more votes.


Well, I named the Paletchi Violet but she is a cactus teen now. I must have given her 10,000 care misses. B)


BUDABING! Chomp is 8 years old and his training bar is one step away from being full.


Ah, the Kuromametchi on my Tama Go was called Macaroni... I had forgotten. Well, he and Lovelitchi had a little baby girl. AWWWWWWW!


Obama has not been doing anything fascinating.


Canada almost DIED but luckily I pressed the reset button and saved his life! :o




See, logs are boring when one only runs five Tamagotchis. I would have bought more batteries but no, I just HAD to mail my TamaTalk donation the day I need batteries. >8(




#$%$!?&%$ WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT BATTERIES IN THE BIN??? On the packet it has a picture of a crossed-out wheelie bin, and that means you are not allowed to put batteries in the bin but I HAVE BEEN THROWING DEAD TAMAGOTCHI BATTERIES IN THE BEEN EVER SINCE I WAS 8!




~ EMF :angry:

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%$#?!@ STUPID HACKERS %&$#@!


** ahem **


It's your friend EMF here, but some idiot mushimized my email and TT accounts. >8(



My P2 reset agaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn. I have a new character. I'll call it Schnitzel, because that is what I just ate. Yum...


So... I was writing the tenth page of Perotchi Dreams 3 and Pero is eating her wedding cake and when I wrote


Violet evolved into... Perotchi. Perotchi! PEROTCHI?! Again?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! I'll NEVER unlock another location at this rate! :( She adopted a Tama Pet, Doremitchi.


My black Tama-Go ran out of batteries.


Obama married a Masktchi and had a son.


I took the battery out of my v6 and put it in my v2. The one with Osama the Nikatchi.


See ya!


~ EMF :masktchi:

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...Obama died. :( So I started a new generation! I forgot to see if it was a boy or a girl... I named it Irina (a character from Twilight who gets mushimized) but it was a BOY! :angry: Let's just call him Seth, the brother of Bella's werewolf friend. As soon as he evolved into the Mametchi thingamabob, he went to sleep.


Frizzle Frazzle, I made Violet marry Gozarutchi :gozarutchi: I now have a Rorutchi named Tangy. I got it from Animal Crossing...


Osama evolved into... KIWITCHI! Yay, the Kuchipatchi in a space suit! :D


I taped the back of my P2 so now it will never reset! BWAHAHAHAAAAA!


~ EMF :kusatchi:

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Do you want to know what my favorite log is?

THAT. :D So follow it and rate it 5 stars. A friend of mine is a friend of your, right? Right.


Well, Seth didn't evolve into a teen yet but anyways...

Training: 4

Pencil: 6

Sparkle: 20

Flower: 15


Hooray! Tangy evolved into a teen I never had before--HIMEONETCHI (I think that's what she's called). Please, oh PLEASE evolve into Uwasatchi tomorrow!


Osama is now 4 years old and not doing anything fascinating.


Schnitzel evolved into the bad-care teen. AAH! It looks like Kusatchi got beheaded! I hope he evolves into Kusatchi. :kusatchi:


...Lots of people make their Tamas talk in logs. I might try it just this once, and you can PM me telling me what you think. You don't have to read it if you don't wanna.

I will be Gray because I am boring.

Tangy can be purple because my iD L is purple.

Schnitzel can be orange because my P2 is orange.

Osama can be blue because my version 2 is blue.

Seth can be pink because my version 4 kinda has pink on it.


Wha...? Where am I? Generation one? What could that mean?

That means EMF killed her previous Tama.


Don't worry, it was an accident. I care about you.

Well, you certainly don't care about me. If you did, you would clean up the mountain of doo that reaches the ceiling.

Heeeyy... That is STAYING there. You have to become Uwasatchi, remember?

Uwasatchi is ugly! I wanna be a pretty Lovelitchi!

I've already HAD Lovelitchi twice before.


YOU! Yeah, YOU EMF! You let me become this ugly bad-care character! WHY?

Because I already had the good care teen 3 times before.


Bwahaha, I least I am an AWSM Kiwitchi! :D

Shut up, I'm trying to write Perotchi Dreams 3.

** Types on keyboard: 'And then Pero killed Anpan. The end!' **

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ** Erases sentence **


After I finish playing Animal Crossing.

8( Hey... WHY am I called Irina? That's a GIRL'S name!

It was a mistake. So I call you Seth instead.

Irina? Seth? They're from Twilight! DON'T NAME US AFTER TWILIGHT CHARACTERS!

** Goes to the shop and buys earplugs **


That's all for now.


~ EMF :chohimetchi:

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Freaky! On my Eternal Mametchi Fan profile it says... "Last Active: TODAY."


Phooey, my email says "Your account has been blocked!" =O



Good news... Tangy became... UWASATCHI! I am so happy I could scream! She's one of my favorite characters! I guess I like characters that look like they're wearing big hats... Perotchi, Uwasatchi... I think I like Uwasatchi more than Perotchi now! ** Writes a story called Uwasatchi Dreams ** She adopted the final Tama Pet, Hapihapitchi!



Well, Seth now has 6 training points and evolved into Young Androtchi. His teacher is Miss Flower.



I got BATTERIES! I am now running my blue Tama-Go with a 4-year-old Chamametchi at generation 25. I forgot her name... I'll just call her Chama. I also started running my black Tama-Go with Macaroni the Kuromametchi and his wife, Lovelitchi. I made them leave their daughter, and she is now a Hoshitchi at generation 5. Training points: Zero. :mellow:


Nothing is going on with Osama but the matchmaker might come for him tomorrow. Sheesh, I just found out Kiwitchi is gained by horrible care! Fooey.



Time for another conversation! And thanks to Ayan300 for her fan mail! I'll now use black for my black Tama-Go, and green for my blue tama-Go even though it isn't green.


Hooray! You evolved into Uwasatchi! Congratulations, Tangy!

Now I'm UGLY! ** cries **

At least you're adorable compared to me. >8(

Aww... Seth, you're really adorable.

Sure... >8(

Hey EMF, why didn't you mention ME in your log?

Because you didn't do anything today.


Lalala... hey EMF, who's the matchmaker?

She will bring you a Tama to MARRY!


Hey EMF, did you know I was the one who hacked your account?

That's what you get for not running us for so long!



I'm scared! ** Hides under the bed **


The end. Remember to tell me what you think. If you don't like Tamas talking in logs, tell me. Or you could just not read the convos.


~ EMF :wacko:

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Anyway... Osama married... Wooltchi. :mellow: Uh... Wooltchi is a BOY on the Tama-Go! :o Naaasty.


Speaking of Tama-Go, the Hoshitchi on my black Tama-Go now has three training points and became Shelltchi. What a surprise! I hope I get a Makiko...

Chama turned 5... but I used a time trick to make her turn 6! She married a Necktietchi.


Seth now has 8 training points. Woot! I hope he becomes Zukyutchi. I like Zukyutchi. :)


Schnitzel evolved into an ADORABLE... blob with a beak and a tail. What is his name? Not sure... but he is SO cute!


Tangy has been having fun, using the microphone to sing "Lovely Day". Sigh... tomorrow she will get her final happy symbol and leave. I will miss her. :'<



You will get married, leave your baby with me, and go to Tamagotchi World.

I'm not going to leave my baby with you, not how YOU treated me! Not cleaning up 2-day-old doo! SHEESH.

And I'm an UGLY blob with a beak and a tail!

You're cute. ♥

I'm cuter. I am the almighty SHELLTCHI!

I am cuter! Everyone knows Chamametchi is cute... but WHY did EMF force me to marry such an ugly Necktietchi?

Necktietchi is ADORABLE.

But I am the cutest. >8D What could be cuter than a kuchipatchi in a space suit?


But you have a hideous husband, so I'M the cutest!

That's enough everyone. You're all cute! ... except Schnitzel. XD



~ EMF :ph34r:

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Awesome! Another follower: Mametchiandchamametchi! :D


....Lalalllaaaaaaaaaaaa...Well, Tangy got married yesterday. Bokutchi. I know he's creepy, but he kinda looks like her... Anyway, the egg hatched into a boy--generation 10! He evolved into the cowboy. I hoped to give him the yuckiest care possible to get Gozarutchi or somone. But... unfortunately... today... he... died... :mellow:


:( Tangy was right... she shouldn't have left her baby with a sucky caretaker like me. :(


So... I started a new generation and it hatched into a girl, who is now a Paletchi called Alice. Not because of Alice in Wonderland. There's a Twilight character called Alice, that's why.


I got my version 3 from MametchiBub today! :D I called him Soren and he evolved into Tamatchi, and now has 3 training points.


Osama left his daughter. I forgot what I named her... she is now Hitodetchi. :hitodetchi:


Well... I forgot to name Shelltchi. She evolved into Ringotchi, so I'll call her Ringo.



I'm tired... I'll write more tomorrow... oh, Seth is Mametchi... Chama and Necktietchi had a baby boy... I'll write a conversation tomorrow... Lazy...


~ EMF :hitodetchi:

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Only 13 views since last time I updated? Sad... :( If people stop reading my log, I'll stop writing it. >8(


Ah, so Osama's daughter was called Yuka... I am so forgetful. She is now this: :puroperatchi: And she has 4 training points.


Soren evolved into Nikatchi with 3 training points. Wah...? Why not Young Mimitchi? :angry: Oh well, I don't care for Young Mimitchi anyway. Or the normal Mimitchi, for that matter. :mimitchi:


Chama left her son. He is now Ahikurutchi with 3 training points. I don't know who I will get... I kinda neglected him. :mellow: He can be called EDWARD! :D


By ze way... I forgot to mention I'm not running my version 4 anymore because I'm using the battery for version 3.


Alice is now a Sabosabotchi. With any luck, she should become Shigurehimetchi tomorrow. :) Hooray, a new character! I hope. -_-


Zat eez all... but if one likes talking Tamas, one must read this:


Hey EMF, did Admin add the Ahikurutchi emoticon to TamaTalk???

Nope. Too bad, you can't have an emoticon of yourself. But at least MametchiandChamametchi used it as an avvie!

Yay! But I wanna be an EMOTICON!! >8(

I least I am an emoticon! WOOT!

Edward, when you grow up maybe you'll be Tarakotchi and THEN you will be an emoticon.

I wanna be an emoticon too! Make one of me, EMF!

Don't forget zee might Ringotchi! >8D

Sigh... I've got a lot of work to do, I guess... -_-

Now, I'll finish watching the Detective Anpan Tamagotchi episode and finish writing Perotchi Dreams 3...



~ EMF :puroperatchi:

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Bleh... Did I say "Zee Might Ringotchi" instead of "Zee Mighty Ringotchi" yesterday? Shoot me now. >8(


Back to the point, Alice evolved into Shigurehimetchi, as expected. Yay! A new character! Eh, but I like lots of other characters on the iD L more... like Nachuratchi and Agetchi. I got her first three happy symbols, but I didn't adopt a Tama Pet because I already adopted them all. We went to Kuromametchi's house and he gave us a snack... but Alice threw a fit at him! :o I'll never forgive her for being so mean about Kuro's cooking! Sheesh, Shigurehimetchi is freaky when she's sad...


Well, Schnitzel (who was about 9 or 10 years old) returned to Tama Planet today. Goodbye, Schnitzel. :'< I hatched a new egg. It is now the toddler with a bump on its head, which is the only toddler. I'm calling him Todd. >8D


Yuka now has 6 training points. I am connecting her to Soren a lot. Maybe they will marry one day... Soren has 6 points, too. They shall both grow up tomorrow.


Edward has 6 training points (lame-o) and, to my surprise, evolved into Kilalatchi. Ringo is still a Ringotchi, doing nothing interesting.


Now for a conversation. Soren (version 3) shall be pink for now.


Did you say you wanted me to marry Yuka? Perish the thought!

I wanna marry Soren. ♥ Ooooooooooooooooooooh...


** Gazes at Soren like this: (♥.♥) **

You will marry each other because I HAVE ZEE POWER TO CONTROL YOU ALL!

Goo goo ga ga... Todd-Woddy hungwy.

Aww, Todd is so cute! I'll marry him too!

You can only marry ONE Tama.

I'll marry you too, Edward! ♥

No, Edward is MINE!

No, Ringo, you shall marry someone at the Date Place.


I have nobody to love... I am the only color tama so I have no friends to connect to... :'<

Awwww... don't worry, I'll buy another iD L... NOT! >8D



~ EMF :marumimitchi:

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Yay, I changed my avvie again but it gets stuck sometimes... :(


Edward evolved intoooooooooo... MAMETCHIII! Speaking of which, didn't I already have a Mametchi named Edward before...? :newmametchi: Perhaps not.


I made Ringotchi marry a hideous Tarakotchi! :tarakotchi:


Yuka has 8 training points. Soren has 9... neither of them have evolved yet! :angry:


Alice shall get her fourth happy symbol and get married tomorrow.




8( I know. I didn't mean to...

You give us yucky care!

We will NEVER evolve! >8D

Let's form the EMF hate club!

Yeah! She made me marry an ugly Tarakotchi!

Awww.... Everyone, don't be mean to EMF.

Thanks, Mametchi. ♥

Uh... Why are you staring at me like that?

I ♥ you... :D

Um, thanks... :mellow:


Now... I finished Perotchi Dreams 3. Now all I have to do is not be too lazy to post it.

~ EMF :newmametchi:

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Dundun dun duuuuuuuuun!

Yuka evolved into... BUTTERFLYTCHI! I've already had her on version 2 before but I ♥ her because she's sooooo cute!


Here she is with Kuromametchi. Yup, Kuromametchi was a character from an ooollllld Tamagotchi video game but he looked a LOT different!


Soren evolved into Memetchi. Wait---WHAT? He evolved into MEMETCHI? Memetchi's a GIRL! But not on version 3. Oh well. Anyway, Soren and Yuka's friendship meter reached for hearts! ♥♥♥♥ They will marry the day after tomorrow, even though they are both girls as far as I'm aware.


WHAT WAS THAT? Todd just evolved THIS INSTANT! He is...The good care teen. Yay!


Alice got her final happy symbol and married Meistertchi. She had a boy (generation 2), who is now my favorite toddler--LEAF GUY! I'll name him... uh... Spacy because he shall evolve into Spacytchi. Tomorrow he shall evolve into my favorite teen--HAPPABOUYATCHI! He is so cute but I haven't gotten him before... although I think I once accidentally called Hanikamitchi Happabouyatchi. XP


Nothing is going on with the Tama-Gos.



Bleh... I'm not in love with you anymore now that you're Memetchi. XP

Awww... Yuka, you NEED to marry Soren. ♥

He looks like a girl. >8(

Oh well. Who knows, maybe I'm a girl. You can never know because I'm a P2... sigh...


The Date Place isn't unlocked yet.

I wanna marry Ringotchi!

Sorry, I'm already married to Tarakotchi. :P

Edward, you will marry ME. >8D


I wanna be a Mametchi too!

Nope, you'll be Spacytchi.



~ EMF Butterflytchi.png

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Sorry for updating again but I took some PHOTOS! =D


Todd before he evolved!



Soren before he evolved!


Oops... You can see the arm of my Kuchipatchi figurine...


~ EMF :wub:

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Wha...? Spacy evolved into Bokuhoshitchi instead of Happabouyatchi? Phooey! >8( I guess you can only get Happabouyatchi from a certain toddler...Now he won't be Spacytchi after all! I gave him 5 care misses, and I will check a growth chart to see who he will become.


Soren and Yuka are both 5 years old.


Ringotchi had a son.


That's all for now... There should be more interesting things tomorrow. :D



Maybe you'll be someone even uglier...


Lalalaaaaa... I'm the cutest Tama around...

No. I am. EMF's called Eternal Mametchi Fan, not Eternal Butterflytchi fan. Besides, EBF doesn't sound as fun as EMF.


Shut up or I will make a new account just to have a different name.

Call yourself Eternal Butterflytchi Fan!

No, Eternal Ringotchi Fan... ERF!

Nobody ever talks about me... ** cries **



~ EMF :tarakotchi:

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