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Spacy became Kuchipatchi! I didn't expect that! I don't really like fat characters (like Mimitchi, Kuishinbotchi, and old Mametchi :mametchi: ) but Kuchipatchi is adorable. :wub: He has three happy symbols and should get the last one tomorrow. :)


Well, Soren and Yuka got married. I have two boys: Akbar on the v3 and Adolf on the v2. Akbar is the mohawk toddler with one training point, and Adolf is Kinakomotchi with two training points.


Todd should evolve into an adult later today.


Edward married Violetchi.


Ringotchi left her son, who used to be Ahikurutchi but is now Korokotchi with 9 training points. I'll call him Saddam. :)


Eh... too lazy to type a conversation....


~ EMF :lol:

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Todd became KUSATCHI! :kusatchi: How did I get a bad care adult from the good care teen?


Spacy got his fourth happy symbol and married Meloditchi. He had a girl who is now the fishbowl toddler called Harmony.


Akbar became the teen that looks like a rocket or something.




Too lazy for a conversation....

~ EMF -_-

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Well I'll just get into more detail... Akbar has three training points. Adolf has 3 as well, but he is not yet a teenager. Oh, and Saddam has 11. :)

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Sorry for being so boring lately. I'll try to make my posts more interesting...




Harmony evolved into Painaputchi, just what I needed! I think I gave her 2 or 3 care misses, so I'm hoping to get Melodytchi. I might get Moriritchi instead, though. We will have to wait and see. I should post about my plants, shouldn't I? Today I planted a pink heart seed. My seed from yesterday died. >8( Oh, and by the way, Kuchipatchi was my 8th TamaTomo character so the Patchi Falls was unlocked! I also changed the icons to the apple theme. Yay!


Akbar now has 5 training points, and is still the teen that looks like a Kuchipatchi head on three rockets. Adolf has 6 training points, and evolved into Ringotchi. A boy Ringotchi! The should evolve into adults tomorrow or the day after.


Todd left already, age 7... :( I heard a loud, strange beep and watched him until he left. But something odd happened... just before it showed the UFO screen, Todd smiled... and... AN EGG POPPED OUTTA HIM! That means that after all this time he was a GIRL! :o Does that mean all P2 characters are girls because they all lay eggs just before they leave?! My new character will be called Oranda.


Edward and Violetchi had a baby girl. Cute! I used the teddy bear item from my Chamametchi Gotchi figure... a funny thing happened. While Edward, Violetchi, and the baby were playing with the bear Edward and Violetchi stopped and stared at each other with their eyes closed. O___O The baby stared at them like this: 0_0 and then turned away just before they kissed. Very entertaining! XD


I can't wait for Saddam to grow old enough to marry. I don't like being stuck with Tarakotchi for so long. >8(


~ EMF :tarakotchi:

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God, the new avvie I made looks kreepy...


Anyway, Harmony evolved into a SUPER CUTE MORIRITCHI! =D I took her to the Henshin Jo and made her transform into a princess, which made her even more adorable! The seed we planted yesterday became... a CATEPILLAR?! Darn. >8( I got her first three Happy Symbols. :)


Akbar has 8 training points, and Adolf has 9. Neither of them evolved.


Edward left his daughter, which I shall call Pixie. She is now a Belltchi at generation 27 with not many training points.



I am an AWSMly cute Moriritchi! Lalala...

You aren't cute. You murder Perotchi's face in.


In Perotchi Dreams 2, EMF's fan fiction.


Sorry. You will marry Kuromametchi in...

EMF, that's supposed to be a secret!

Oh yeah, you're right Pixie... TOP SECRET!



~ EMF :hanatchi:

Edited by Eternal Mametchi Fan

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The plant Harmony planted yesterday grew into... a tasty tomato! She had it for breakfast. Yum yum! Then I let her adopt a Tama Pet...Hapihapitchi! ♥ When we we went to the park the Eco-Usatchi Triplets were there. Harmony helped them clean up the park, and they gave her a...bag? I already have the Eco bag!


Akbar got 9 training points and evolved into a super-cute Bunbuntchi!


I looked at a list of version 3 characters but it didn't mention him! Creepy... O.o


Gosh darn Adolf refuses to evolve... That makes me mad!



Oranda is the good care teen! =D


Pixie has 7 training points and is Shelltchi. ♥ I BETTER get Makiko...


Saddam shall get married tomorrow. YAY! Then he will LEAVE soon. But... Moriritchi (Harmony) will marry tomorrow as well... I will miss her... :'<



Zat eez all for now! I'll write a conversation someday later...




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Pixie got 8 training points and evolved into Lovelitchi, one of my least favorite characters. God. Saddam married a Marotchi. They are both ugly blobs without arms. XD


Bye bye, Harmony... She got her fourth happy symbol and went to the date place... but Kuromametchi wasn't there. :angry: So I went there again and again until Kuro showed up. Hooray! =D It showed the usual daft animations, playing the same dorky music it played when Harmony cleaned up the park with the Triplets.... It showed Harmony and Kuro looking at dancing flowers... Harmony giving Kuro a ring even though I thought boys gave girls rings, not vice versa... and the freakiest thing yet. ** shudder ** I mean, at least it doesn't show the egg popping out but showing the Tamas... uh... mating...? Horrific! I could barely look at the screen.


Anyway... Adolf became a Kuchipatchi! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


Zat eez all. :) I'll write a conversation later today.


~ EMF :wacko:

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Here's a conversation, as promised... =D



** Stares in envy ** I wanna be a cute Lovelitchi when I grow up!

Too bad, I don't think Lovelitchi is cute. You're gonna be Melodytchi!

OOh, there are so many cute Tamas on new versions... I wish I didn't live on a boring P2...

I'm a cute Bunbuntchi. EMF SAID I was cute!

Guys, here are some REALLY cute pictures:



EEEEEEEEEEEEK! THAT IS SO CUTE I AM GOING TO DIE! I wish I wasn't such a boring Kuchipatchi.

At least you're all cuter than me... :'<

I think you are all cute. ♥


~ EMF :wub:

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Foo, foo, foo. Mitzi evolved into Sabosabotchi instead of Painaputchi, so she shan't become Melodytchi. I'll have to give her four care misses... But I only gave her one! I better neglect her big time, otherwise she'll become Perotchi or Shigurehimetchi again. ** Shudder ** The seed we planted yesterday became a hammer thingamabob we already have, so we planted a red flower seed. Then we sold all the duplicate items at the Tama Market.


As for the others... nothing. :mellow: Oh well...



Oh no, could that be true?! I wanted you to be Melodytchi... Mitzi the Melodytchi. Now I'm heartbroken.

Pixie, just because you are Lovelitchi it doesn't mean you have to be so sad about Mitzi not evolving into Melodytchi.

I like Melodytchi.



When am I gonna get married?

When am I gonna get married?

When am I gonna have a baby? :babytchi:

Saddam, you are a boy. Boys don't have babies. Anyway... all that will happen TOMORROW!

Including ME evolving!

Stay tuned...!


~ EMF :ph34r:

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Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuunnn! Mitzi evolved into... VIOLETCHI! One of my favorites! :D I would have preferrred an iD L-exclusive character like Agetchi or somethin' but oh well... I managed to find her first three TamaTomo stamps. The seed we planted yesterday became a carrot. Tasty! I know Violetchi is a bad care character, but at least she's someone new!


Oranda evolved into... Pochitchi! The second-best care adult after Mimitchi! :pochitchi: I could have done better but oh well, it's good that I didn't get Mimitchi because I don't like her. Then again I don't like dogs either...


Saddam had a girl! For some reason Adolf and Akbar didn't marry yet... :'<

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Yay! Akbar married a Kuchipatchi (that's what Adolf is... what a coincidence) and Adolf married a chipmunk creature. They both had baby boys. >8| I want more girls! That's all that really happened today. Mitzi's plant grew into another tomato. The end.


I am gonna run away! Bwahahhaaa! I'M OFF TO SEE DA WORLD!

You cannot escape the plastic, electronic eggshell the holds you prisoner!

WOOF WOOF! I want walkies! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

No "walkies" for you. You can't escape either. You might chase my cats to Kingdom Come.

Oh no, I'm late for my concert! SET ME FREE!

And I need to assassinate Julia Gillard!

O_O All right. So THAT's what would happen if I set you guys free...

WAIT! I was only joking... I will put my cannon in the bin... Uh, not that I have one!

Tamas are creepy. o.0


~ EMF :pochitchi:

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My iD L ran out of batteries. So I took my batteries from the black Tama-Go. Mitzi married the acorn guy and had a boy, who is now the fruit salad. I will call him.. uh... Dunno. Maybe... CAESAR! Because I read a joke book and there were lots of Julius Caesar jokes.


Akbar... died. Read his memorial for more information. I hatched a girl called Leela. She is now the mohawk toddler with 4 training points.


Pixie married Kuromametchi. ;)


All done! Gotta reply to an RP now...

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Ignore all that.



Anyway, Caesar evolved into Happabouyatchi, the cutest teen on the iD L! I can't wait for him to evolve tomorrow. :D


Adolf left his son, and I named it Zeke. He used to be the toddler with a bump on his head, but now he is the bird teen. I better not get Debatchi. He has 5 training points.


Leela has 9 training points, and is the blob with an elvis presley hairstyle. 0.o


Yay! Oranda is 10 years old today!


Pixie and Kuromametchi had a baby boy.

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Pixie's baby is now a Mattaritchi called Ash with...3 training points, I think, at generation 28.


Caesar is... A SUPER CUTE SPACYTCHI! YAAAAAAAAAY! Our plant grew into a parsnip. It was Agetchi's birthday today!


Not much else happened... I am so boring. XP


~ EMF -_-

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Whut... Leela evolved into... um... Well, go to my "ugliest and creepiest tamas" thread under What's On Your Mind, and see Runner's post. But I think it's adorable! ♥ Zeke has 9 training points.


Ash has 6 training points and is Kilalatchi.


Now for my iD L... Spacytchi got his fourth happy symbol already. I didn't want him to go so soon. I like Spacytchi. 8'< He married Agetchi and had a girl, generation 6. She was Choribottotchi... is that her name...? And is now the fishbowl headed child. I want her to become Melodytchi. I will simply call her Tomo. I forgot to plant a tree yesterday. Anyway, I was looking at the screen and noticed the house model. It was a submarine... with fish. No. Not fish. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ANYTHING BUT FISH! NOT AFTER SEEING TAMAGOTCHI EPISODE 127!


I mean, SHEESH! She's daydreaming of kissing Mametchi and in real life she's just... a FISH! I mean, it's bad enough that she's going "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and making smooching noises but she LOOKS LIKE A FISH! SEE? ^3^ And going "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? NO FISH, PLEASE! But I can't change the house design just yet, so I have to put up with being reminded of Himespetchi the Fish going "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!". ^3^


~ EMF :angry:

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Wut...? Yay, MametchiBub follows my log! :wub:


Well, Ash evolved into my millionth Kuromametchi. Wut? I thought I gave him bad care. Kuro is a perfect care character. Tama-Go never fails to baffle me. 0.o


Oranda left at age 13. She went while I was pulling all of my hairs out one by one as I tried to come up with what should happen next in Perotchi Dreams 4. Bye bye.


Tomo did not evolve yet. I gave her a care miss while I was typing the most hilarious part in Perotchi Dreams 4 EVER! XD Pero just keeps...aHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! SHE JUST KEEPS SPILLING WATER ON HIM AND HE GETS MAD AND SO SHE CRIES AND GETS HIM EVEN MORE WET and... uh...that's not so funny after all. -_- Does that mean she won't become a pineapple? I'm talking about Tomo, not Pero. :rolleyes:


Um...Uh...Not much else. And I'm bored of writing conversations. ;)


~ EMF :wacko:

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Sooo... Tomo evolved into a pineapple! I gave her two care misses, so tomorrow I shall get MELODYTCHI! I forgot to plant a seed yesterday... -_- I changed the room to the music theme. :D


Zeke evolved into Dorotchi last night. Yay! I think I will make him marry Leela.


I decided to hatch a new egg on my P2. I'm not sure what character I will get. I'm too lazy to think of a name, so I will just call it Blob.


Here's a conversation.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! ** Runs and jumps out the window **

Don't worry Leela, I will save you from the scary Zeke! ** Sucks Zeke up with the vacuum cleaner **

HEY! That was my vacuum cleaner, I need it to vacuum my bedroom! >8(

0.o Where is Zeke? He was gonna play Chess with me.

** Opens up the vacuum cleaner **



Oh hey Zeke! While everyone is fainted, let's go TERRORISE THE CITY! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Good idea, Blob! Let's go on the ultimate SCARE RAID! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


~ EMF :masktchi:

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      Pictured: Playing Get♪ for the first time!
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