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Tamagotchi Versions Comparison

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What is the difference between the latest available Tamagotchi releases?


I knew that Tama-Go and Music Star are the latest ones.

But as I understood from wikipedia, Tama-Go is the newest release, but it is not the best one.

As for my searches, I found that Tama-Go has "different" features than Music Star; but not more feature.

Also the price for these two releases is somehow close. For me; V6 is somehow better because it is smaller and without antenna!


However, I have also found that the Connection Version 3 has a lot of features; but wikipedia says that it simplifies the latest Japanese release:

The Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 (also Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3 in Europe) was released on February 18, 2006. Like the Version 2, it borrows some features from the latest version of the Japanese toy, but greatly simplifies them. This means that the V3 does not go to school, get a career, or receive a salary. It debuted with 7 new colors, adding many more designs later on.

Does this mean that the newest release of the Connection series (Music Star V6) does not go to school or work and receive a salary??


Also the price for a Connection V3 seems to be higher than V6 or Tama-Go! Why this??


The one thing I am sure about is that the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary is the newest Tamagotchi ever released, and it is in Japanese only.

No doubt I need one in English as I have read many of the topics here :)


I am a bit confused about the differences in Tamagotchi releases, maybe if there is a comparison chart or something like that it could help a lot.

I need to but one, but I do not know which one should I buy.


Thanks in advance for your help.

Stay Safe.

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Hello! I hope I can help you with this!


I'll start with the first one released to the newest.



P1- First tamagotchi ever! Great for collectors, and from what I've read, fun! Very limited characters, but the original ones. If you are really busy, I'm not sure if I would recommend this to you, as many say it is medium maintence with no pause feature, unless you were to stop the clock. There is one game, food (1 meal, 1 snack), but no shop, jobs, gotchi points, or any of that. It is a virtual pet at it's truest! 20-45$ new.


P2- Released shortly after the P1, in many more shells designs. This tamagotchi has completely different characters than the P1. A different game is included, but again, only one. Medium maintence as above. No pause feature, as above. Again there are no gotchi points, jobs, etc.. It is basically the same as a P1, but with different foods, a different game, and different characters. 20-45$ new.


Tamagotchi Angel- In this version, you get to raise a little angel of your own! Different angel themed characters, different game, no training bar (instead a Good Deeds meter), and pie and candy as food options. You feed your pet the candy to raise it's good deed power and praise it at the right time (when it goes for a stroll or when it is calling for attention). If a bat comes to steal your candy, you must tap of the shell to scare the bat away. That is the motion sensor. It is a very cute, fun, tama. One game, no shop, etc. A must for any collector! Medium to medium low maintence. 20-40$ new.


Osutchi Mesutchi- I recommend you buy these in pairs, as these are the first ever tamas with the ability to mate with eachother! They mate through an interlocking digimon-like device on the side. You raise them generation after generation. Fun tama, not too many designs, medium-low maintence. One game, no shop, etc. (Japanese only)


Morino/ Garden Tamagotchi- In this tamagotchi, you raise a little bug, who even goes through a cocoon stage! How cute! More characters, though not many, 1 game, motion sensor to scare away predators, and foods based on your character. 4 shells were released, and only in Japan. Medium maintence. 30-50$ new. (Japanese only)


Tamagotchi Ocean- Raise a little ocean creature! High High High Maintence!!! If you can not check on this guy at least every 5-15 minutes this is not the tamagotchi for you! But if you can, it has adorable characters, cute animations, and more. Like the angel and morino, this too has a otion sensor that you need to tap on to scare away predators. 1 game. For the japanese version: 40-60$ new. For the american version- 80-150$ new (I think).


Tamagotchi Devil- Like the angel, but you instead raise a devil. Expensive! (Japanese only)- 200-250$ new.


Yasashii Tamgotchi- Very rare, medium maintence. Really big, and super expensive (japanese only)- 400$ new. I'm sorry I can't give you much info on this one, I do not really know much about it...


Santaclautch- A pet santa! How fun! This oet does not really grow, but changes depending on the items you give it. (japanese only). Came in 3 shells I think. Pretty rare, and again, I can not give you much information. 200$ new.


Mothra- This tamagotchi was based off of the movies Rebirth of Mothra, which included a moth like creature named mothra. You raise him to become either a good natured pet, or with bad care, an ugly pet. 1 game, limited food, no shop, etc. Limited shell designs, medium maintence. I have read many logs on this one, and it looks quite cute! (japanese only) For one of these, expect to pay 30-50$ new.


Genjitchi- A tama based off of cavemen, so you can raise little cavemen. basic tama, just different characters, food, and game. (japanese only) 30-50$ new

This concludes the ancestors tamas I think.... I am sorry I couldn't give much information on some of them.


My next post is coming soon, the connections...

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The problem with comparisons is always a matter of opinion on what is "best" or "better". As you have figured out - some tamagotchis are similar in features and the way they are raised, others are quite different game play.


For example yes, some tamas have jobs to do and points to collect, whilst others just have a few games so that you can win points to spend in the shop.


In order to decide which tamagotchi to get you probably need to think about how much time you have to care for it within your normal daily schedule. For example, it is not practical for me to take a tama to work and run it because I just don't have the time, so I usually run the low maintenance versions - the V1, V2, V3, or Chibi tama (and even then I have to pause them sometimes). If I have a few days clear or I know there is not much work I can usually manage to run a Mothra or Angelgotchi - but later versions like the v4.5 and V5 / V5.5 needed too much attention to raise bonding or get high skill points and when you have to play a game over and over to increase points it does get a little boring and more like a chore than fun (just my opinion).


As for prices, the V3 was released several years ago, so nowadays they are not easily available in the shops (unless it is a Thrift store or a toy shop with some very old stock!) and the more difficult it is to buy in shops, the more expensive it becomes through online sites like ebay, etc. That's why something like the V3 is more expensive than the V6 or Tama-Go - because the latter two are still available to buy in stores (in some countries) and the V3 is not - even though the V3 is a much simpler tamagotchi game.


The post above by i


In the meantime - our "sister" site Pixelmood has some useful quick summaries of the tamagotchi versions released until the V2 (with IR connection):


Good luck with the decision making process.


(Personally, I would start with two tamas - such as the V1 or V2 - both are easy, low maintenance - and mix it with a higher maintenance one like the V4.5 or V6 - they should give you a good contrast). The V1/V2 are quite easily purchased second hand on ebay for a reasonable amount of money, the V6 is still around in toy shops.

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I'm back! Since TamaMum covered up to v3 ^_^ , l will continue onto v4 and up!


V4- Similar to the v3, but introduced a dramatic, new feature, school and jobs! You can also access tamatown, like the v3, except this tamatown has more features (more games, etc.). Im actually running one right now, and I would say it is medium maintence. Plus, In my opinion, they characters are adorable! You have the connection features of a shop, gotchi points, and more than 1 game. The v4 has 5 games plus 1 job minigame. The games are unlocked over time. The v4 also uses skill points, which determine what your character will evolve into and what job they will get. (English and Japanese) Includes a matchmaker so you can continue on the generations if you want. Pretty cheap on ebay- 15-25 new.


V4.5- Very similar to the V4, with different characters, games, school, and jobs. Also has a version of tamatown. Some do not like the characters on the V4.5, but many think theyre adorable! Many games, has a shop, many characters, and cool features. About the same maintence as the V4. Also pretty cheap on ebay- 15-25 new.


V5- This version is a very different concept than previous versions. In this version, you raise hyour own little family! Many games, cute characters, complexity, and a version of tamatown. many people like this tama. I do not know much about, but to read more go here: http://www.tamatalk....otchi-v5-guide/ Medium-High maintence because of bonding times. Fairly cheap on ebay- 15-30 new.


V6- You either love it or hate it. Your tama is a music star! raise your own little musician! Many cute characters, and a version of tamatown. Going on to tamatown is not required, but it is much easier if you do. I do not know much about this tama either, so visit here : http://www.tamatalk....sic-star-guide/ High maintence. Very cheap- 10-15 new.


Tamago- Another you either love it or hate it. Comes with a greyscale screen, and new features, however the also took away many features. You can go to the park, tamatown, and even remodel your house! What many people didn't like about was in order to use items or get more games (only comes with 2 built in games), you have to buy extra figures. Items are actually not in the built in shop, and some say playing 2 games over and over again is too repetitive. There are also a lot of positives to this tama. Being able to extend the game play with figures, going to the park (a feature that wasn't available on previous versions), and remodeling the background (it's house). It's growth pattern is quite short. Many people like this, others don't. I have one, and some figures, and I like it, but I can only seem to run it for 1 generation at a timw, as I get bored after that. Oh, and the size is gignatic! I't s very wide! It is ergonomic, but wouldn't fit into a pocket or anything. May be available in store, but if not, 10-15 new online.


Since you are not interested in buying the japanese ones, I will not include those.


And I think that's it!


My personal recommendation would be either the v3 or the v4. V3 if you're pretty busy, or v4 if you have more time.


Hope we helped! ;)

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Vintage Times 1996 - 1998



P1 - First Tamagotchi to be released in 1996, different shell. Checkered background, has boy characters like Mametchi. Available in EN, EU, HK, CH and JP.


P2 - Updated version of P1. Wavy background, has girl characters like Mimitchi, but Memetchi and Furawatchi were not released yet. Available in EN, EU, HK, CH and JP.


Angelgotch - Angel Version of Tamagotchi. Was created because people were sad their Tamagotchi died. Available in EU, EN and JP.


Devilgotch - Devil Version of Tamagotchi. Extremely rare to find. Only available in JP.


Umino - Ocean Version of Tamagotchi. Very hard to take care of. Availible in EU, JP.


Morino - Forest Version of Tamagotchi. Almost made to US. Only available in JP.


Osutchi and Mesutchi - Mating Version of Tamagotchi. Tamagotchis were able to attach to each other to connect. First ever marrying Tamagotchi. Only available in JP. Each sold separately.


Yasashii - Simple Version of Tamagotchi. Extremely rare. Very big. Normal like a little pet. Only available in JP.

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I dont know anything about what is posted above me, but the reason v3 is more is because its older and harder to come by

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Well, thank you guys for all these replies. Really helpful.

I am sorry if my thanks comes a bit late, but I have been busy a lot the past few days :)


I have purchased the Tama-Go, it is very good and I have a lot of questions for you :D

Will post them soon.


Appreciate your help!

Stay Safe.

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