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The virtual pet... or the anime?


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  1. 1. Do you prefer the tama anime or virtual pet?

    • Virtual pet
    • Anime
    • I haven't seen the show...

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Recently, something HAPPENED. I started liking watching the Tamagotchi show more than looking after the virtual pets. The show is just sooooo hilarious and I guess... I dunno... the virtual pets aren't exactly HILARIOUS AND SOOOOOOOOOO RANDOM! So yeah... vote if you wish.

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As much as I love the anime, I like the virtual pet better. Its hard to compare a toy to an anime, but when I think about it, the point if tamagotchi isn't the anime or tamatown, but it's the v-pets. :)

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I like rather the anime actually. It's like so funny and cute. ^_^ But I will never forget the little Tamagotchi v-pets!

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Both. :) (I have seen a few anime episodes on TamaTube). I love how the anime personalises the characters, making them seem more like real live friends. In turn, that livens up the toy and makes me think, "oh, cute, Chamametchi! She's Mametchi's little sister and although her voice is so squeaky she's very smart! I wish she could help me with my mental maths at school, lol...". Knowing the character personalities really brings out the best in the toy, and the toy brings out the best in the anime, so I guess they're kind of intertwined. :)


~ Dazzmina ~

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