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My blog on FR4239 on tamatown?!?

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this is me on tamatown click on it to really see it!



I have a lot of fun on tamatown and if you have a tamatown account plz show me a pic of ur room and profile! sooo we can have fun together XDD

and awards if u have them!




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      Hi! This is a first for me, doing any type of game log. My name is Dame, and I played Tamagotchis when they originally came out, but never that much. I now am busying myself with my Magic Blue Tamagotchi On.
      Hoshipontchi ♂ (First in run)
      Other things to note:
      I am nocturnal, so I have set my Tamagotchi time to be 13 hours ahead of my time. I am using the Tamagotchi On app everyday. I am looking up some information, but not much. I am not planning on getting any certain Tama or anything off the bat. I am fine with being offered tips or advice! I am looking for people to friend on the app who are active.  
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      Ok so I just got a LPS (Littlest Pet Shop as some of you may know) Tamagotchi last night, and as soon as I googled LPS Tamagotchi, a bunch of stuff came up like LPS tamas are stupid or like LPS fake tamas suck.
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      so the last time i playd with a tamagotchi was around 8 or 9 years ago, after that my tamagotchi broke I think and then I kinda didnt see it around nomore, it kinda got lost through the years. There were times now and then where I thought about my childhood and it often poped up on my mind, reminding me of all the good memories Ive made with my Tama. I didnt really know what version it was until I recently did a long search and came to the conclusion that it was a European v4 because I kinda had a visualization of the packaging since it was and is still an intense memory of mine (and also cause I remember playing jumping rope with it and always pressing the button at the right timing ). Anyway after I heard about the new retro tamagotchis for the 20th anniversary, my nostalgia kicked in and it kicked hard. So I decided to buy a new one. After I saw the prices on different websites for the v4 European connection (wich there were almost no European ones), I came to the realization that they are wayyy to expensive for me cause Im on a budget, but then I said to myself hey you had good times with your Tama but now you have to buy something that you can afford. And not short after that I realized that they have never been discontinued in Japan so I did my research on all those new models and decided to buy an ID L because of its colourful Display and cause I read that it has lots of stuff to do !!! Currently Im waiting for it to ship and I want to ask everyone who had an ID L for all the new features (for me they are new) that arent explained that detailed on most of the post here. Also feel free to give me any tips you have about the ID L since I really just bought it without looking for to much details. Thank youuu