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Tamagotchi Modding

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I have recently got a tamagotchithat umm lets just say it doesn't look the way I want it to. So I have been scouring google and Yahoo and even E-how hoping theres a guide for tamagotchi modding. I know its look down on but I'm just gonna paint mine. Anyways I have a couple questions about it( When I'm done I plan to make a guide so everyone can modify there tamagotchi if need be. Anyways What is the best paint to use to paint a tamagotchi V3. like which ones will flake which ones will sit and make it look awesome and shiny(Brand New) What I'm going for). A long time ago I had modified a tamagotchi ( I was 11) SO it cam out pretty badly I spray painted it, and then to fix the feel I put on a umm primer, worked perfectly. However some got on the screen. Now here is what I plan to do.

1 unscrew the tamagotchi

2remove the front

3poke out the sound wires(Have you opened a tama up and noticed thos holes where the sound comes out from I wonder if you poke something small in there if the speaker will just come out, pop out, and then all I have to do is Remove the back too.

4 Paint

5Primer if the paint isn't good enough

Ok thanks for all your help, and your time in reading this. All information might be used in the tama modding Guide I plan to make when I'm done, this way all of tamatalk can have this tamagotchi knolledge shared here.

Links to other tama modded forums:(Look some of the moddified tamagotchis are really cool)

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There's an existing topic in the Seriously Tamagotchi forum - Blinged Out Tamas : http://www.tamatalk....ed-out-tamas-3/


It might give you some ideas on what others have used.


Also the link to the Tama-Zone thread not only includes pics of customised tamas but also a wide variety of tips, tricks and recommended materials to use when customising. If you have the patience, you could just work through it with a note pad and create a page of recommendations that you could use for yourself ;)

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Thank you Tamamum I will be sure to check that out.

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I change my mind about the modding I decided I'd keep my tamagotchi they way it is Can I remove this topic or get it locked. Thanks

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*Closed - topic starter's request*


If you have more input on modifying or decorating tamagotchis, please feel free to post in the other, existing thread on the Seriously forum: http://www.tamatalk....ed-out-tamas-3/



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