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Eternal Mametchi Fan

Sayonara, Kuchipatchi! (Nano)

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So, my first Nano Tamagotchi character, a gorgeous little Kuchipatchi, left today. I think it's the good ending... It's a piece of paper with three Japanese symbols and an exclamation point. He was an awesome pal. Goodbye, little buddy! :wub:

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    • By Penguin-keeper
      A report by today suggests that an officially-licensed Pokemon Eevee Tamagotchi Nano might be on the way!

      To quote;


      This is the image that the report mentions;

      I like Eevee, so if this turns out to be true, then I absolutely want this Tamagotchi.
    • By Kerstanley
      I purchased a non-working Tamagotchi Nano with the intention of making it work again, but when I got it, I quickly realized it's not set up the same way as the newer minis, or even any other regular Tamagotchi. I looked up how to take it apart and there is absolutely no information anywhere, but I have figured it out! Sorta.
      When you take the battery cover off, there are two screws that hold the casing on the bottom half, but there's two more screws hidden under the plastic shapes on either side of the speaker holes. I had to rough up my (broken) nano a bit to work those out, and I did damage the plastic some. I'm not sure how to safely take those plastic parts out just yet, I'm sure there's a tool for them, but I'm not sure what the plastic parts are even called, I guess they're just tiny protective covers.
      Anyway, I just thought I'd make this post to potentially help anyone who is needing to take their Nano apart, feel free to discuss ideas about safely removing the plastic parts.
      Pics here:
      The clock and capacitor definitely need to be replaced
    • By TamaBoy9000
      At one point, I decided to watch an episode of the Tamagotchi anime on YouTube. After a while having done so, I forgot the name and episode number of it.
      The only thing I remember from it was this little scene where Kuchipatchi looked like he was trying to eat A HUGE CHUNK of a sundae before it showed Sunopotchi watching him and looking confused over why he would attempt to eat it like that. I think it also had...maybe a long title? Not sure about that part, though.
    • By QueenRita
      my best friend and i are not the most fond of these 3D tamagotchi wii models so we decided to open EO Cake and absolutely demolish them . She's a really big fan of Mimitchi (as am i) so she gets to spectate and all in all? very good fun.
      by the way- mametchi is swimming in kuchipatchi who got turned into mochi. its so good. i love eo cake.
    • By Codi
      We all know about Aaron that lived roughly 122 days back in 2007. (Hop on over to Tamenagerie to check him out if you haven't:
      One thing I've always wondered is how long to MOST people keep their tamas (or other digital friends) alive?
      My personal bests are:
      Old School
      Tamagotchi (Clear Yellow P2) - 17 years
      Tamagotchi Angel (Pink) - ~12 years (I got twins!!)
      Nano Puppy (Original Version Green Shell) - 51 years
      New Gens
      Tamagotchi 4U (White Shell) - 5 generations (kept getting the same characters over and over so I quit)
      Tamagotchi Ps (Yellow Shell) - 3 generations (was playing at the same time as 4U and couldn't keep them straight)
      I feel like the original tamas are pretty hard to keep alive after the first 10 days or so, so I'm proud of my measly 17 years! What are your personal bests?
    • By Miini93
      I've been running my Tamagotchi 4U for a while now and I've been looking forward to get Kuchipatchi (he's my favorite character). Yesterday I finally got him but unfortunately I overfed him a little bit and he turned into his personality stage, Kuchipatchin. Even thou he's really cute I want to get him back to his original form.
      So how do I make Kuchipatchin turn back to Kuchipatchi?