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I bought a Japanese wave 2 P2 and noticed it had badly corroded contacts from improper storage. I scrubbed it with baking soda and it still didn't work. I tried CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover) on a cotton swab and scrubbed the contacts with that. Now the tama works again, amazing!

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    • By Pogostix
      I've been slowly converting my large Tamagotchi Connection series collection onto rechargeable batteries to save on my pocketbook and help the environment, and I mistakenly purchased some Zackees brand rechargeable 2032 batteries on Amazon. I was on a budget and they were cheap.
      Don't repeat my mistake! Stay far away from these things XwX
      - I bought 8 batteries, only 3 worked. That's less than 50%. Not Good.
      - One of the ones that did not work tried to BURST INTO FLAMES. (My Tama was unharmed, thank goodness, but I did burn my finger)
      Sadly they didn't qualify for a refund >:T I will be leaving an unhappy Amazon review.
      If anyone knows what brands/where to buy GOOD rechargeable batteries, please let me know.
    • By TamaZo
      So I apparently left some old batteries in my Tamagotchi Friends and they leaked. I cleaned out the corrosion as best I could with vinegar but it still won't turn on with new batteries. Is this a hopeless cause? or are there any tricks to getting my Tama to work again?
    • By merpirate
      Hello, I bought a tamagotchi off eBay a month ago and when I replaced the batteries the new ones seemed to be a bit loose. I played fine for two days but then the screen just went blank and when I pressed on the back it restarted. Now it won't last through a day. I placed some eyeglass pads behind the batteries to make the case for tighter but that only helped for a day before it reset. Any advice?
    • By ashi.thyst
      I am pretty sure it is completely unopened. Will the batteries have corroded and rendered it unplayable?
      And a side question. Can I use a #0 Phillips screwdriver or do I need to prioritize searching for a JIS one?
    • By jstaches13

      I recently bought a used, gold P2 off ebay. I always clean used tamagotchis with isopropyl alcohol. Does the alcohol damage the gold paint on the tamagotchi? I'm just concerned, especially because I've heard the gold paint gets dirty and tarnishes very easily.