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Uwasatchi! HELP! :)

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Can someone please tell me specifically how to get Uwasatchi on tamago? :) I know that you have to give poor care, but how much training, friendship, hearts?

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I believe that the growth of the Tama-Go is based on health, happiness and training. However, there are claims that there is no definite "growth pattern" for the Tama-Go and characters tend to be "random" at times.

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Try to keep things steadily at 2 hungry hearts full, 2 happy hearts full, relatively high weight, 4-6 training bars, and relatively low friendship. Then you have a chance at Uwasatchi. But, I find it difficult to get characters that fall between perfect and horrible care. This one is bad care, a step up from horrible.

Source: a growth chart I found on TamaTalk (I think), along with a list of the different care variables on Tama-Go.

Hope this helps!


Edit: but yes, sometimes the growth seems pretty random to me; sometimes it coincides with the care you give your Tamagotchi. I'm not totally sure. :P

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