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Umino Tamagotchi Sound VERY LOW!

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I just received my used Umino Tamagotchi today in the mail. It's in EXCELLENT condition and the batteries were already in it when I received it. However, I noticed that the sound is VERY low. I can barely hear it at all. Does anyone have any solutions or advice? :/


*UPDATE!* The sound randomly started working normally after maybe twenty minutes or so of play. I didn't do anything at all, but now it is at the normal volume. Does anyone have any idea what the reason for the malfunction is? I would really like to prevent it from happening in the future.

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I have the same problem with my angelgotchi at times but have no clue whats doing it or how to fix it either so if anyone else knows i'd like to know as well

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This could happen because the wires could be exposed to water, possibly ripped, or halfly damaged. At times, it will go low or high depending on how you hold it. What I suggest you do, is open up the Umino and see if the wires are connected. If is, take it immediately before further damage to someone you know who knows about/does soldiering.


- TamaTamatchi

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Great that you got the sound to work correctly! There may have been some dust inside the Tamagotchi (after all, it's a vintage that probably hasn't been used for years) that got dismantled after some play. This allows the sound to not be so muffled.

Good luck!


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