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Eternal Mametchi Fan

Silky, Gogo, Meh, and Snow

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Ok, on October 31st I was seriously ill. I had to look after my Tamas, but I couldn't even MOVE. So, while I slept the whole day, four of my Tamagotchis bit the dust.


Silky was a Mimitchi on my V4 with a baby girl. She had a job as a bus driver.


Gogo was an 8-year-old boy Kiwitchi on my V2.


Meh was a girl Masktchi on my V3


The Snow family on my V5 consisted of Papamametchi, Majorite, Violetchi, Furikotchi, and Yonepatchi.


Goodbye everyone...I'll miss you all.

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    • By QueenRita
      my best friend and i are not the most fond of these 3D tamagotchi wii models so we decided to open EO Cake and absolutely demolish them . She's a really big fan of Mimitchi (as am i) so she gets to spectate and all in all? very good fun.
      by the way- mametchi is swimming in kuchipatchi who got turned into mochi. its so good. i love eo cake.
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      Hello! I'm starting to collect Tamagotchi after so many years without caring about it. My last Tamagotchi was a V4 one, so it's been a while since then!
      I'm planning on starting with a M!X one, as I love the character mix concept! However, I don't know which version to pick...
      The most important thing & the one that will make me go with x version is that it includes Mimitchi on it. Mimitchi is my favorite Tamacharacter, so I'd love to start with her.
      I've checked a chart with the available M!X versions and which characters do they include, and Mimitchi only seems to appear in the 20th Anniversary one. However, I don't know if this means that she's raisable ONLY in the 20th Anniversary, if she's only available for mixing my Tamagotchi with her (aka she's non-raisable) OR that she doesn't appear at all on the rest of versions. This is the chart I've checked:
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      I also want to know where can I find Tamagotchis available for my future purchases. Thanks!
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      I thought I'd doodle some art of my favorite Tamagotchi while waiting for mine to arrive. So to start off, here's one of dear Mimitchi!

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      Usagi-chan... You were a good girl in the beginning but you turned into Pirorirotchi (the character I dislike the most in v3) and I neglected you... Gomenasai, sayonara-ranai...
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