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    • By fuzzyeye
      Sadly my last tamagotchi has gotten the low battery screen. My gudetama tamagotchi is stuck with a battery with a giant X in the middle. RIP Tamagotchi I believe I got him in March I got him at the mall March 2019 - July 2019 RIP my little baby. :.( 

    • By Pogostix
      I've been slowly converting my large Tamagotchi Connection series collection onto rechargeable batteries to save on my pocketbook and help the environment, and I mistakenly purchased some Zackees brand rechargeable 2032 batteries on Amazon. I was on a budget and they were cheap.
      Don't repeat my mistake! Stay far away from these things XwX
      - I bought 8 batteries, only 3 worked. That's less than 50%. Not Good.
      - One of the ones that did not work tried to BURST INTO FLAMES. (My Tama was unharmed, thank goodness, but I did burn my finger)
      Sadly they didn't qualify for a refund >:T I will be leaving an unhappy Amazon review.
      If anyone knows what brands/where to buy GOOD rechargeable batteries, please let me know.