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Tama P1/P2 Battery Backs

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Hey everyone...


From what I've found out so far, all the P1/P2 backs have different placements for the screw holes. So they're not interchangeable unless you're willing to drill some holes.


Thought someone else out there might want this information if you took apart your tamas a few years ago and lost the backs like I did. :S

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My P2's blacks are swappable. I find it strange why Bandai would have made it different for each Tamagotchi they released, they were made by a machine and that machine would haw drilled holes into it but in the same place for each of them. I'm sure it would have costed them more money to produce if they were 'unique' for each one they made.

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Yeah P2s and P1s are interchangeable between their own versions.


I also noticed P1s screens are slightly different in how it's drawn (not the backgrounds obviously). I can't really explain it but the contrast isn't consistent between all pixels and all P1s I own seem to have this effect.


It's quite possible there was a few bug changes and stuff done to the custom IC, but since they haven't been decapsulated and logged yet it's hard to say for sure.

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