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Tamagotchi P1/P2/Gen1/Gen2 Backgrounds

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Hey guys,


I'm looking for any old tamagotchi backgrounds from the geocities/tripod/etc days. Does anyone have any cool backgrounds of vintage stuff? The new stuff I found online is cool, but is a little too super kawaii for my taste.

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    • By BrightBirb
      Hello! I thought it would be fun to do a group hatching! I will be using my P2! I hope ppl join! 
      16th september 12:25pm (AUS)
      Edit: you can suggest a different time if this one doesn't work for u 
    • By Robert110
      I have a few questions about my zuccitchi. 1. when does it go to sleep? and, 2. Is it supposed to go to the bathroom so much? (Uses it every hour or so.)
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      Hi! New here (I might make an introduction post later).
      I've been trying to ID an old Virtual pet and thought someone here might be able to shed some light.
      When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. I remember the shell being red. I seem to remember it being chunky like a dinky dino, only when I looked into info in the Dinkie Dino it seems like it wasn't the same. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod (whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head) and I don't think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I wonder if maybe I had something different? It would be interesting to know if other people had this vpet.
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      So I found this Morinaga P1 and I can't really find any information about it.
      I've only found some stuff about the white Morinaga P1, mostly from some posts made here in like 2006.
      I even tried doing reverse image searches with pictures of it and I haven't been able to find anything.
      So has anyone seen one of these before?

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      I recently bought a P2 and have been looking for more information about them. I've found tons of growth charts and websites with tips, but I can't find any information at what hours do the characters go to bed and then wake up. I like to know these so I know when to pause them, I sleep in a lot.
      Thanks in advance!