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Pocket Neopet Deluxe- Photographs and Review (soon)

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Pocket Neopets Deluxe


Here is a thread all about the Pocket Neopet Deluxe, which arrived in the mail today (Tuesday 19th of Febuary 2013)

I am already completely in love with it, this may be partially due to my love for Neopets though

Packaging Photographs



Unit Photographs



Size Comparisons






Collective Photograph


Instructions Scanlations + Text




General Review




Pro's + Cons


. 6 Games, which are of a higher quality than most v-pet games

. Very true to real Neopets virtual world

. Unit very well made and sturdy with good quality plastic


. Very large, less portable than an average Handheld console

. Rapid entry with included figurines glitches commonly

. Hard to look after, currency is very weak, set times for feeding are difficult to keep on top of.



Happiness = Hunger

Health = Happiness

Intelligence= ? (not explained in instructions, appears to increasen after playing with toys)

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