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Identify This Pet?

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It's an oddly-shaped purple pet with sandy yellow buttons and frame. It has an IR window on the side.


When started up it shows a little person running, then some people with hearts... and then lets you choose between what I guess is a girl or a boy. When you choose, it shows a house, and prompts you to input a name.

Pet (boy) (girl)

There are several icons: Knife and fork (with many food selections), a round icon that looks kinda like a flower or wheel, an open book, medical kit, a dustpan/rake?, half moon, weighing scale, umbrella, heart with waves coming off it, an icon that looks like Memetchi and Mametchi holding hands, two hearts with an arrow through it, and a different scale. The "attention" icon is a cellphone.

Here are some of the different screens.


I can feed it, some foods make it pop up with a happy/heart animation, but only on the first feeding. Every other action (except the ones for IR communication, those just tell me that the connection failed because I don't have another of these pets. XD) result in the pet shaking its head at me.



Does anyone know what this is?

I left it alone for a while and... nothing happened. It didn't beep at me or change in any way.

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Hmm, I've never seen anything like this pet before. I don't think it's a tamagotchi, they don't usually work like this pet seems to. It could be an immitation tamagotchi as you mentioned that it shows a mametchi and memetchi icon, or it could just be a different make of virtual pet. Where did you get it from?

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It is definitely an oddpet of some kind, not made by Bandai. On the back it has a logo that says "Wasaki" and near the battery info it says "Electronic Pal" it is also "Manufactured in China"


My Grandma gathers various virtual pets from thrift stores and yard sales for me, so I have no idea where exactly this is from.



3 of the icons are for connecting in some way (the heart with waves seems to be for sending gifts, the Mametchi/Memetchi icon and the heart with arrow icon both initiate connection). Whatever it is, it seems to focus on connecting to another pet.

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    • By athena!
      Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, but i often read topics here.
      So, my mom said, what her childhood tamagtchi was like hitorikko rakuraku dogwong, but pink with yellow buttons. I've searched all over the Internet and there was nothing linked with this color variation... Have you any ideas? I dont have photo because i didnt find the tama yet..
      p.s/ sorry my english is not really good because it isnt my native language..
    • By Eggiweg
      I got this odd pet in a lot, and it initially didn't work, but after disassembling it, I found that one of the capacitors on the board had come loose and the metal part that connects the two LR44 batteries together was missing.
      It comes in a dinkie dino shaped shell, and from the sprites, I think that this pet is a gyaoppi variant called the 'cute pet' listed on tamenargerie's odd pet page (links under the spoiler).
      There are 4 buttons, the first scrolls through icons, the 2nd and 3rd seem to have the same function, which is to select options and bring up the clock screen. The 4th button is the cancel button. The sound is quite loud, I've tried pressing combinations of these 4 buttons, but haven't found a way to turn off sound or reset the clock.
      The hatching animation showed a volcano erupting, and then a screen with a pulsating egg. Strangely enough, my pet hatched sick, with a skull icon above it's head.
      There are 10 icons, in order they are:
      Food (two options, a rice bowl? and seeds?) Lights Game Exercise (I've also seen this exercise animation on the cyberpet) Medical cross (brings up an animation of an ambulance, increases health bar but decreases happiness, can be used even when pet it not sick) Toilet Status Book (decreases happiness) Attention icon (non-selectable) Door The stats screen displays your pet's age, weight, hunger, EQ, happiness, health and IQ.

      Selecting the Education and Door icons doesn't seem to do anything, maybe they only work when the pet calls for them. In the game, a heart flashes between two boxes and you have time your press to 'capture' the heart in a box. You can easily win by spamming the 1st button, as the heart will always spawn in the left box first. Winning increases both happiness and IQ.
      Edit: I tried the door icon today, and a box/door appeared onscreen, which the character went into. Maybe it acts as a sort of daycare function, as I now cannot do anything to the pet with the exception of checking the status. Clicking on the door icon again does nothing.
      Has anyone heard of this pet before? (Images under the spolier)
    • By Eggiweg
      I haven't found much info on this virtual pet made by M&D, so I started a topic hoping to catalog some of the characters I get.
      There a guide for this pet by Melissatchi on Instagram: MOON FAIRY-PET GUIDE.pdf?dl=0
      Alongside raising your pet, you're tasked with gathering the '7 magical treasures'. Treasures 1-5 can be obtained by purchasing and using items from the in-game shop. Treaasure 6 is a telescope item which had been theorised to be unlocked by connecting to another maxi 10 times, and Treasure 7 may have something to do with inputting a passcode when you've obtained 6/7 treasures.
      Here's what I got from my first run:

      I'll update as I unlock characters, but I'm mainly creating this topic to gather info from others who've run this pet.
    • By Eggiweg
    • By foundinstorage
      Recently I was helping my fiance clean out his storage to retrieve all of his game stuff from his childhood.
      We came across a bag of Tamas. We were able to identify all but one, and the sticker that might have helped identify it is missing.
      We tried taking a picture and running it through Google's image search, and got nothing.

      That looks like a Koopa Troopa from Super Mario Brothers. We can't turn it on as the batteries are dead and we don't have a driver small enough to open it up.
      Out of a bag of 15-ish Tamas, this was the only one we couldn't figure out. Does anybody have any ideas? I've got good Google-Fu but despite a couple dozen search term sets, I'm still coming up empty-handed!
    • By Eternal Mametchi Fan
      Hello! When I was about 10 years old, maybe younger, I saw a digital virtual pet/device in Target for pretty cheap... I think it was $10 or less. But anyway, I only saw it ONCE and the next time I went to Target, it wasn't there. I've never seen or heard about it since then, and I even looked through some of those oddpet websites but I don't think I found it... I'm not sure if it was even a pet, maybe just some other random animal-related device.
      But anyway, I remember the toy or packaging being mostly red. It was rectangle-shaped, with only two buttons, and it was at a 45-degree angle in the packaging. I thought it was called "My Pet Shop" or something similar, but I googled that and couldn't find anything accurate. I think there was a building on the packaging, presumably a pet shop, and there were some pixelated animals including a bat.
      Does this pet ring any bells? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot asking.