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V6 : Getting to pro debut!

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Hi tama talkers! if you have a problem with getting pro debut, here are some tips! :D

  • you know how most of the time, the third judge refuses? Well, when your tamagotchi practices it's instruments, it's makes a little sound. That means it's learning music and then you praise it. But then it will probably play it's instrument for no reason. That's one tip that will help you pass. ;)
  • another tip that will help is that the middle judge always excepts. If the middle judge hasn't excepted at your try, reply to this topic! ^_^
  • the last reason is did you know how sometimes it ends up like this? -> X O O that's because you don't have the right instruments in your band. Change some of the instruments in your band and hopefully the first judge will except. :D

that's all for now. Please reply for this topic if this helped or not! :)


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i like your tip, and i never actually thought of changing the instruments around. It explains why sometimes i couldn't get anywhere with them no matter what :P

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Thank you so much! My band kept getting XOO so I changed the instrument and it worked!

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I'm so glad I helped! It happened with me one day and I thought: "Maybe I don't have the right instruments?" and when I switched them around a bit, it worked!

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*Blushes* Thanks! ^_^

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Worked for me as well but happened before I read this.

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