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Scans of P's pierces sheets?

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Is there any scans of the sheets of paper with all the information somewhere? I'm just curious to see which pierces have more items and food, Thanks




Edit: Oh, and where can you find the list of all the downloads for the P's on TamaZone? I can't find the topic ^^;;

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The Tamagotchi P's downloads topic is here: The easiest way to get all available downloads is to scan through the posts from the last one, backwards until you find a collection zip. Download the collection zip, then work forwards, downloading the weekly updates.

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Here are the ones I have I seem to have misplaced my Royal Change pages though :(





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    • By JaniceJ
      Hi! I owned the old tamagotchis(since I was small) and after about 15 years I'm back to the Tamagotchi community!
      I've decided to get a P's (Aikatsu ver.) recently and is excited to collect more pierces.
      Just curious if anyone know where can I get used pierces for the higher priced pierces (eg. sanrio, disney, fairy change, royal change)?
      They're just too expensive for me to buy them new!
      I've tried tamagotchi trader group but no one seems to be selling those.
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      Hey! I recently made a couple decisions. At first it was Plus Color > 4U.
      Then the Plus Color got too expensive so it was P's > iD L.
      I decided P's and got a blue. Now I have a lot of questions. They probably seem really stupid to those who are experienced.
      Anyways, my first couple are easy. What pierce will give me the most features? What pierce is best for beginners?
      Now, I have questions about patches. First of all, where do I access the actual patch(es) that I download? Second of all, I have a Samsung Galaxy (Ver. 3 I think) with infra red on it. I heard I could get the patch on my computer, send it to my tablet (via bluetooth I think) and then send that to my P's?
      My last question is fun. What case/covers do you recommend and what pierce is your favorite?
      Thanks so much!
      Oh and please don't comment if you don't own a P's and have at least some experience with it. You also don't have to answer all my questions. (I know I asked a lot, but please don't get frustrated. I'm quite experienced with my Connections, but I know 2% about color versions)
      Edit: I think I found where to download the patch(es)... is this it?
    • By TimlaVmun
      Title says it all. I guess I can elaborate a bit though.
      Ebay and Amazon both offer pierces at around $20, which I think is kinda crazy considering I got my tamagotchi p for only a little bit more than that, AND it was the Dream Coffret edition, so it was a tama + pierce. Hard to believe that a pierce alone costs over half of that, y'know ; A;
      So I was wondering if there are maybe some stores I don't know about that can offer these pierces at a more reasonable price. I live in the US so buying them retail is clearly not an option...
      If anything, some discussion/answers as to why pierces are so expensive now would be nice. My memory is not too crystal-clear, but I don't recall these pierces costing anything near $20 when the Tama P's first came out. Weren't they somewhere closer to half of that?
      Thanks in advance
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      Hey guys. Haven't been on TamaTalk for a day and I feel like I missed out on a lot.... weird.
      Anyway. I was wondering. Do you guys like self-contained Tamas or not? Do you prefer Tamas with add-ons you buy separately, like pierces and figures, or not?
      I personally am fine with them, but I prefer self-contained Tamas.
      Please chip in!
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      Hey guys, today I will start a log for my P's
      My aim in this log is to get all the characters in my book
      I hope you rate my log, like my posts and maybe even follow, Thanks!
      Right now I have a Himespetchi on my P's!
      She should get married soon, maybe tommorow
      Today, we just hung out around the house

      Just chillin' in our house but then it turned dirty, so I cleaned it up

      The occupation guy came and offered us a job at the TamaMori!
      We accepted and Himespetchi worked hard and served Yumemamatchi and Mitchi Sensei!
      With the money she earned, she bought some glasses and she thought she looked so pretty!

      We then played with our TamaPet, the Furilabutchi
      We then realised that she hadn't taken a bath so I put her in the bathtub

      Near the end of the day, we went to the park and met the Music Teacher
      We then went outside and we randomly saw a rainbow at night
      Before she slept, we went to the Music Cafe and ate some Deluxe Pudding for Supper.
      She should be getting married soon and I'm hoping for another girl