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Very CEREAL Tamalog

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(Title is a little word play, since my name Muro means cereal in Finnish! Don't worry, it won't be too serious tho!)


I decided to start up my own log, because I know they are so much fun to read! I currently own only three V2's and one V3 (soon to have another V3 in the mail).

I just currently got back into Tamagotchi's, I usually start up one or two every year and keep them up until they die (usually because I was too busy and didn't have a chance to check them).

Hope my pictures aren't too big!


Anyways, here's a picture of my Tama's and accessories (and my Pocket Pikachu, it has an empty battery tho)!




(Can you see I like Kuchipatchi...)

My clear purple and silver Tamas have some dead pixels (Silver's aren't that noticeable, but the other one has some lines and most of the top icons aren't showing). I opened both up, just to see that one of silver's screws broke. I tried to clean them from the inside but it didn't work. Oh well, it doesn't bother me much, I wish I could fix the purple one, since it has more noticeable dead pixels.



Btw all of my current running Tama's are girls! I hoped for one boy, so I could get two of my own marry. Maybe for the next generation I can pair two of my Tamas!





:D ^_^ :) ;) :rolleyes:




First one I started up was this yellow star patterned V2 Tamagotchi. She just evolved into Ringotchi before I was able to take pictures, she was Marutchi as a toddler.

Oh and her name is Zippu! She's a healthy girl, she's very sporty too!



Second one that I started very shortly after is this pink ice cream patterned V3. Her name is Pizza (don't ask) and she's currently Obotchi, evolved from Mizutamatchi just before posting!

Pizza's a bit of a lazier type, but I think I can handle that! She doesn't seem to like either of her pals...



And here's my silver V2, Muro the Hitodetchi. She weighted about 90lb earlier today (I fed her too many snacks) but I got her weight to 10lb after a long session of Jump game!

Zippu seems to like her a lot, but Muro keeps sending her poop and snakes when I connect them! You meanie. She doesn't like Pizza much either, but the hate is both sided, haha.



Here's a picture of Pizza trying to balance on a ball. She's not very good at it.



And a picture of Pizza and her brand new coo coo clock!


Also, I really hope at least one of these turns into either Kiwitchi or Kuchipatchi, since I really like those two Tamagotchi's! I have two chances to get Kiwitchi and three to get Kuchipatchi.



:lol: :wub: :unsure: <_< :ph34r:



I try to update this as much as possible! Thanks for reading!

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August 7th 2013


:D ^_^




Today I woke up to the evolution sound and Muro changed into a YoungMametchi! I'm giving her the best care.



I also connected Muro and Pizza, everything went fine and for a second I thought they liked each other.



Then this happened... Bad Pizza!



I connected them the other way around too. Seems like Pizza got what she deserved! (I'm sorry Pizza!)



Pizza got mad after that, so I praised her so she would feel better. That's what you get for playing pranks on others!



Muro being pottytrained! :P



Zippu threw a tantrum too, she has been so quiet so I haven't checked her much today. Sorry!



She's really good at Bump game! You go girl~



Also, Muro bought a shovel today since it was on sale! Let's see what she finds...



... Not impressed. At all.



:lol: :wub:


Thanks for reading!

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August 8th 2013


:D :lol:




Morning started with a fish, Muro seemed to like it (she are the bones too!)



She also got mad at me for no reason, so I praised her to feel better! Look at that happy smile!



Pizza had a lot of money and wanted to spend some, so she bought a plant from the shop. It turned out to be just a flower in the end. She wished for food!



Muro was beeping just to be annoying so I had to scold her.



Muro also bought a plant and was very excited to see what it grows up to be...



... It turned out to be a money tree! 100 points, not bad!



At the end of the day, all three had a warm bath together (for an hour!).


Nothing much happened today, but tomorrow evening Pizza and Zippu should evolve into adults!



:wub: :unsure:


Thanks for reading!

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August 9th 2013


:) :D




Today, Zippu evolved into Mametchi! I have to say, this older sprite is really cute. I don't think I've ever gotten this character before.



I had bought some boots before, just to see what she looks like with them. How cute...! She so happy!



She's really hard worker, look at that lifting those weights!



Zippu can also play maracas! She looks so angry it's funny!



Zippu likes to blow bubbles!



And Pizza evolved into Violetchi! Another character I've never gotten before.



She bought a hat, it looks really good on her! ... Watch out for the wind!



Pizza drew a picture of... Herself I think?


Muro didn't do much today (exept making MANY prank calls to me), but she should evolve into an adult tomorrow morning! Can't wait to see what she turns out (I wish for Kuchipatchi!).



:unsure: :wacko:


Thanks for reading!

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August 10th 2013


:o :wub:




Muro evolved into Pyonchitchi! Another perfect care pet!



First thing in the morning, she did some math problems. Doesn't seem to hard to hehe.



I was able to snap a picture of her close-ups. She's so cute!



I used some hair gel on Zippu... She grew an afro!



All three enjoyed some singing too. They look so happy!




And here's Pizza and Zippu's close-ups!



:wub: :ph34r:


Thanks for reading!

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August 11th 2013


B) :wacko:




I bought some throwing stars for Zippu! She became super adorable ninja for a second!



Pizza got herself treasure chest and it contained sneakers! She looked really happy to find them.



Here she is using her brand new sneakers!



Muro had some hair gel and it gave her an afro!



Pizza also got a lamp, but it turned out to be empty. What a scam!



Muro also got scammed with a plant, which turned out to be a monster plant.



Pizza playing with some building blocks.



Muro found 300 points while digging up on the yard. That's a good find!



:wub: :P


Thanks for reading!

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August 13th 2013


:lol: :rolleyes:




Today morning, the Matchmaker finally came to Zippu and offerend Toratchi for her. She accepted and after the short cut scene, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!



Same for Pizza, she was partnered with Mimitchi (isn't Mimitchi supposed to be girl? :P )! Pizza gave birth a healthy baby boy (finally a boy!).



And around 3pm, the Matchmaker came to Muro and offered Mametchi for her. She was really happy to meet him and in result she now has a baby girl!



:mellow: :wub:


Thanks for reading!

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January 13th 2014


:lol: :mellow:


First of all, I'm SO sorry for the sudden disappearing. Two of my tama's ran out of batteries shortly after my last post and then I decided to put the rest on Pause. Now I finally have some batteries, but I can't find my small screwdriver to open two of my Tama's because the screw is all... Screwed. xD But I managed to get my silver one open with teeny scissors. Hopefully I'll find the screwdriver tomorrow.



I'm going to jump cut to Muro's child being adult because I have no pictures of her other stages (I had some but I kind of deleted them by accident hehe...)



Here's Muro's daughter, Sasha the Butterflytchi! She's 4 yrs right now, so I'm not going to get to see her for a long time anymore!



Sasha rockin' those sunglasses~


And I got this hibiscus patterned Tamagotchi V3 from AngelgotchAncie like months ago (also my first American Tama!). And I was able to get it open so I wanted to start it out.



I love this pattern! I remember a friend in my childhood had this same one.



And started it out! Please give warm welcomes for Aki ! :3 Another girl hehe... She's now Tamatchi but went to sleep right after changing.


Hopefully I have more stuff to post tomorrow!



:wub: :blink:


Thanks for reading!

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January 13th 2014 (cont.)


:unsure: :blink:


So I was able to change batteries to my two other Tamagotchi's! So jump cut from Pizza and Zippu's kids being adults~



Here's Zippu's daughter Dusty! She's Kabutchi.



Here she is trying out some nice looking boots! Looks so silly with such long legs haha.



And here she's playing some racquets.



Fitness is also important! Gotta lift those weights, gurl!



And here's Pizza's son Pasta! (I was super bored when I tried to come up with a name for him) He's Wooltchi.




Haha you fell!



Trying to balance on a ball! Doesn't look too easy tho.



Here he is with a beret! Looks cute~



Playing some trumpet!



And here he's pretending to be Mary Poppins! :D


And as I said in the last post, there will hopefully be more stuff to post tomorrow!



:wacko: ;)


Thanks for reading!

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January 14th 2014


:D :lol:



So Aki turned into Tamatchi last night. Here she is in her new form~ She should turn into a teen tomorrow morning!





Got some close-ups of my adults! They all look so cute~



Dusty drew me a... turnip?



Pasta went fishing and got lucky! 700 Gotchi points!



He also found some cake with a shovel. I wouldn't eat that if I was him... It must be really dirty piece of cake.



And I've been trying to get Pasta and Dusty to mate, but no luck yet. They have all four hearts on their relationship tho!



:wub: :blink:


Thanks for reading!

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January 16th 2014


:wub: :wacko:



So Pasta and Dusty finally got married and had two baby girls yesterdat! They are leaving tonight tho. I'm going to miss them! :(



And Aki evolved into Piroiroitchi yesterday! She should evolve tomorrow morning, since she's gonna be 3 yrs old.



Dusty bought some wings and here she's flying with her new wings!



Here's Sasha with her new cap.



And Pasta drew a picture of a sheep jumping over a fence.


Nothing that exciting has happened these last two days, sorry for such lame update!



:lol: ;)


Thanks for reading!

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October 30th 2014



:lol: :P


Sorry for such a long pause with my log, I was kind of busy and stuff for a long time. I brought some of my Tama's to my dorm so I can play with them again so I figured I should do a new log post !

So here's what I'm running ATM.



Aki on the left (she's an adult now, but you can see her in some of the older posts) and Pasta's kid Pinku on the right. Aki is currently 6 y/o and should get matchmaker to visit her tomorrow. Pinku is just barely 2 y/o.



To not leave this post so empty, here's Aki wearing her cap which looks like a sun hat on her.



:wub: :blink:


Thanks for reading !

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October 31st 2014


:D ;)



Aki got visited by the pumpkin head today, and I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen this event before o_o That's... Really weird haha.



Here she's building a horse (I think) out of building blocks !



Playing some drums~



And here Aki is wearing a bow and is just looking adorable.



Some balancing on a ball ! She fell right after I took that picture...



Got her a music player today morning, she seems to like it alot !



And you can see that Aki is... Very talented artist.


Nothing of Pinku today as she's just... Being a teen. She should evolve today or tomorrow morning. And Matchmaker should visit Aki today evening or tomorrow morning, can't wait !



:mellow: :wub:


Thanks for reading !

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November 1st 2014


:wub: :blink:



Matchmaker finally visited Aki yesterday evening ! And she brought nice Hidatchi for her ´w `



The classic fireworks, oh how I missed seeing them !



And here's Aki with her newborn baby girl ! Tho she's most likely going to leave tonight, so I'll get to update more about the baby tomorrow.



And Pinku is Memetchi now ! I really love this character. I actually didn't take good care of Pinku when she was a teen but I still got a good care pet !



Here she's wearing her new hat ! And looking startled for some reason.



With an umbrella~ It might rain today, you never know.



Pinku lifting some weights, fitness is still very important.



Here she's wearing her new shirt and looking extremely happy about it !



Last but not least... Cool Pinku.



;) :)


Thanks for reading !

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November 2nd 2014


:D ^_^



Aki left last night, as expected. I'm gonna miss her !



Here's the little girl she left me with, I named her Kiki !



She bought a plant which turned out to be a very happy sunflower



And she's now a Mizutamatchi as her mother wasn't really... A good care pet haha. I wish to raise this girl into something good tho.


Now something about Pinku ! She's 3 years old now but she should be over 4 by now... Very strange.



Pinku drew a picture of a creepy heart



Here's her close-up sprites !



Enjoying a bath~



And here's one last picture of Aki and Pinku together, doing some stargazing last night. I bet Pinku is going to miss Aki aswell, since they were very close friends. But I hope that Pinku's future child is going to get along with Kiki ^^



:lol: :P


Thanks for reading !

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November 3rd 2014


:P -_-




Kiki evolved into Hashitamatchi and I really hope she would be a good care adult ! Right now stuff's not looking too good haha.



She tried to balance on a ball...



... But she's obviously not good at it !



And here's Pinky doing some studying !



:lol: :wub:


Thanks for reading !

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November 4th 2014


:o :huh:



I wasn't going to post today but something strange happened with Pinku...




The Matchmaker visited her ?! And she was only 5 years when this happened. She's 6 now but still what the heckie.

Oh well, that's fine tho ! She decided to marry Paparatchi (?? why tho) and now she has a baby girl (I want a boy already Dx).



:lol: :wub:


Thanks for reading !

Edited by Murotchi

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