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Very CEREAL Tamalog

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November 6th 2014


:lol: :P




For some reason, Kiki turned into an adult at nearly 4 yrs ?? She's Androtchi now, I didn't think I took too bad care of her but apparently I did. :b Oh well.



She bought a magic lamp but it seems that Kiki made the genie mad :P



She didn't have good luck with the chest either...



Here she's wearing a shirt and looking funny !



Giving Kiki some wings made her into an angry flying robot... o_o



With a ribbon on her antenna~



And here's her close-ups ! That face with heart-eyes is... Really creepy for some reason.


Pinku should leave today (she was supposed to leave last night but didn't ?? My tama's have been really weird this week), so I'll have a tiny baby to look after tomorrow morning.



:wub: :wacko:


Thanks for reading !

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November 8th 2014


:huh: :mellow:



I was supposed to update yestserday but forgot ;-; Oh well, here's a little update !



So Pinku left and I'm now looking after her baby, who I named Piri (after a classmate of mine, which was really funny because the toddler looks just like her haha). She turned into Mohitamatchi and now she's YoungMimitchi. I'm really hoping for either Mimitchi or Decotchi as I'm giving her amazing care right now.



Kiki was doing this yesterday and I have no idea what this means, I have a feeling that this is her way of singing ?



Kiki won the Bump-game and gained nice amount of money because her weight was like 20lb haha.



:unsure: :wacko:


Thanks for reading !

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November 11th 2014


:wub: :angry:




Matchmaker visited Kiki yesterday and she got a baby boy with a... Rather handsome Megatchi. She's gonna leave tonight.



And here's Piri as Debatchi ! If I didn't oversleep this morning, I'm pretty sure she would have turned into a perfect care pet ;-; Oh well, Debatchi is pretty cute too.



:unsure: B)


Thanks for reading !

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November 18th 2014


:wub: B)



Sorry for no updates in a while ! Camera was out of batteries and I was too lazy to recharge it haha. Anyway, onto the updates~



Here's Kiki's son Niko (named him after a classmate as well haha). His growth chart was: Mizutamatchi -> Pirorirotchi -> Hashizoutchi. I didn't really take good care of him, I feel kind of bad ><



And here's Piri's son Elisa (I asked my classmate what name her "Tama son" should have and she said Elisa which is a name of her good friend hehe). He was Mizutamatchi as well... And now Pirorirotchi. I see a pattern here haha.



As an extra, here's all the Tamas I have with me now ! Missing my two V2's (transparent purple and silver) and I'm waiting for two in the mail (Pink snow pattern Akai and Blue Keitai). Might invest in a 4U soon, because I really want one of the newer Tamagotchi's ! I want to start up V4 or V5 but I want to run them alone, so I'll just continue with my current ones when I either just need change or when I reach 10th generation in both.



:wacko: :blink:


Thanks for reading !

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Im wondering if I can get an inside pic of your pocket pikachu? Only because mine had a missing pedometer(? I think) and I just want to make sure in case I need to get the correct replacement piece(s)

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I'd be very grateful if you were able to. Thanks

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