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Question about the Dinkie Dino

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I noticed that the Dinkie Dino is a famous virtual pet amoungst collectors. Since I've never owned one I was wondering; what makes it so popular? Is it because of nostalgic reasons or is there more to it?

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I think it's because of several reasons.


  1. Super cute evolution lines that are influence by foods you feed it
  2. More actions to do than the old vintage Tamagotchis had, such as petting and changing the temperature via A/C
  3. Large and eye-pleasing pixel characters (Icons are a little small, though.)
  4. Different characters to choose from (Dino, Puppy [only on the 4-in-1], Alien, and Penguin.)
  5. Moderate care needed, so it keeps it interesting and not boring over time

There are other reasons and they will vary depending on who you ask, but I do like them and find them to be adorable. Hitorikkos are another fave of mine, and they are basically Dinkie knock-offs.

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Other than what Mido has said, the Dinkie Dino was the only non-Tamagotchi virtual pet I've been into because of its solid growth chart and cute characters. The petting function is too adorable :)


(The only thing I find weird is that the creatures don't poo... lol :P )

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Ichiro.malfoy, funny how they don't poo, isn't it? lol. Well, instead they get dirty and need showers, which is pretty cute. :-)


Another reason Dinkies are so famous and well-liked is because after the tamagotchis, they were the most popular virtual pet available and only second to tamagotchis in sales. In fact, my very first virtual pet in the 90s was Dinkie Dino. :-)



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