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V6: Ultimate Guide to Music Star!

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Ultimate Guide to Music Star

Music Star is one of the most exciting Tamagotchi versions of all time! So I thought I’d put together a little essay that teaches you all about the Music Star features and guides you as you love and care for your pet! Have fun with it. I may add more information later.


  • Stress - New to Music Star, stress basically increases when you leave your Tamagotchi alone for a long time. When a Tamagotchi practices its instrument, the stress will increase quicker. When a Tamagotchi's stress is really high (the highest is 99) it may refuse to do anything and you'll have to find a way to decrease it. Keep the stress low by playing with toys, winning games, or by praising your Tamagotchi on the sixth icon. :newmametchi:
  • Music Skills - Music Skills are an important part of the Music Star! There are three, similar to how there are three skills on the Version 4. You must increase the Music Skills in order to get good care characters as well as ensure your Tamagotchi becomes a successful musician. Music skills are increased by playing games, attending school, or practicing the instrument. The highest a Music Skill can be is 999. :blink:
  • Toys - Toys are used to decrease stress. Go to the sixth icon to make your Tamagotchi play. However, playing for a very long time might decrease your Music Skills so be careful! Remember that boys and girls like different toys; don't give a dollhouse to a boy! Toy can be changed on the fourth icon. You can get a new toy on each generation when Ms Frill visits your toddler. :lol:
  • Instrument - Instruments are used to increase Music Skills. When your Tamagotchi goes "beep!" while playing its instrument you must praise it. Instruments may also increase stress, so be careful! You get a new instrument on each generation when your teen receives a visit from Classicaltchi. Change the instrument of your character on the fourth icon. You can also change the instrument of the other band players on the first icon by choosing "band". :furawatchi:
  • Shop - Shop can be accessed on the fifth icon. There are four items available each time, a mix of meals, snacks, and items. (Items can be accessed on the seventh icon). You might want to be careful with your money since playing games doesn't give you any Gotchi Points. A note about food - The default foods in your inventory don't increase hunger / happiness for more than two hearts! You need to buy food at the shop to properly feed stages past toddlers. :gozarutchi:
  • Mail - When the fifth icon lights up, go to it and it may be mail. You can receive various things such as presents or money from the Gotchi King. (If you are past first generation, you will also receive money and gifts from your parents). Sometimes it may be a letter with a heart inside, which is good, or a poop inside, which makes your Tamagotchi unhappy! When your Tamagotchi is a Music Star (it passed the Pro Debut) each morning it will get a LOT of Gotchi from the band manager. Other times the door icon lights up it could be a chance for a Pro Debut, or a Band Manager with a potential partner so you may get married. :nazotchi:
  • Games - There are three main games on this version. Go to the fourth icon and select "music games" to play. Games decrease your Tamagotchi's weight and stress, as well as make their happiness and music skills increase. You get a different number of music points depending on how well you played the game; the most you get at once is 30. Here's a list of games.
  1. Sing a song - Remember the tune and press the corresponding buttons to play it correctly. Increases the "Tone" Music Skills.
  2. Music Notes - Make the notes disappear before they hit the bottom of the screen by choosing the matching note and pressing B. Increases the "Rhythm" Music Skills.
  3. Sound Block - Try to keep from falling off the screen by bouncing around on blocks until the Winning Block appears! The number on a block shows how many seconds it will stay on the screen before disappearing. Increases the "Original" Music Skills.
  • Preschool - Note that preschool increases stress! Tamagotchis can go to Preschool soon after they evolve into toddlers (they will receive a visit from Ms Frill and, as a welcoming gift, she will give you a new toy). To attend school, go to "Away" on the door icon and you can play a game of Jumping Rope with another toddler. Keep jumping the rope until the other toddler loses. If you win, a random Music Skill will increase by 10. :hitodetchi:
  • School - Teens can go to school after they receive a visit from Classicaltchi (who will also give you a new instrument). Then you can go to "Away" and you will meet two other teen Tamagotchis. You will be asked to name your band. Give the band name 8 letters or less and then you have to participate in Music Class; it will show the three members of your band. A music note will appear and you have to press the corresponding button before it goes away. Keep getting the notes right until the song is finished. If you are successful, a random Music Skill will increase by 20. :ichigotchi:
  • Pro Debut - When your Tamagotchi is an adult, go to "Away" so it can meet up with its band. The band will then perform by itself (you don't have to play a game). If they pass the pro debut, they will now be given 10,000 Gotchi and will be Official Music Stars! If they do not succeed, your Tamagotchi will not be able to make much money or get music awards. From time to time the door icon will light up and you may have a chance to try again. :mimitchi:
  • Work - Your adult Tamagotchi can perform jobs when you select "Away" after they have performed for the first time as adults. (I don't know much else about this since I haven't taken my Tamagotchi V6 to work in ages) :tarakotchi:
  • Concerts - At 5, 6, and 7 PM the fourth icon will light up and your adult can go to a concert (only if it has tried for a Pro Debut). Performing in a concert will make your Tamagotchis rank go up (unless it hasn't passed Pro Debut yet). If you perform a concert when the rank is #1, you will get a Music Award! ^w^
  • Music Awards - There are 8 Music Awards for each genre of music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Asian, Latin, Classical, and ((I forgot)). I already told you how to get them; and remember that you CANNOT get Music Awards if you haven't passed the Pro Debut. The Music award you get is determined by your Tamagotchi's favorite genre (go to the first icon to check what it is). Nothing special happens when you collect all 8 awards but its still fun to try!~
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Yes I have one read the whole thing its helpful

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This is a great guide! I think I'll bookmark it actually. :D

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Thankyou for this guide EMF! Its really helpful. I've saved it in my bookmarks because I haven't ever run my V6 and when I decide to do so ill know how. :)

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I'm about to get my V6. Now I'm so excited! This was very helpful, thank you!

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Thanks so much much for this guide EMF!! I didn't know that when your tamagotchi beeps while practicing on its own you had to praise it! Thanks so much! :D

(Sorry for the 2 "thanks so much" :P )

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