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Tamagotchi Ps : Useful Topics Index

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TamaTalk's Tamagotchi Ps Information: Index of Tama Ps topics

This topic contains a list (index) of useful or helpful topics about Tamagotchi Ps that have been posted on TamaTalk.

Just look down the list to find the info you need and click on the link to the topic :)

Hopefully it will be useful as a quick reference list if you are looking for specific information.

If you find a topic about Tama Ps posted on TamaTalk that you think is a useful reference piece for our members,please send a PM to me or any of the staff and we can add it to the list.

Tamagotchi Ps menu translation:

Tama Ps Growth Chart:

Tama Ps Puzzle Piece Guide:

Tama Ps : Passing the "surprise Test":

Things to Know before buying a Tamagotchi Ps:

Connection between Ps and IDL e:

Thanks to all our members who continue to post useful topics to share what they've learned with fellow TamaTalkers.
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