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In what languages can we play the Tama-Go?

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Hello! :)

I finally decided on which version of Tamagotchi I should get, a Tama-Go! :)

I was hesitating between the V4 and Go, but yeah the Go sounds awesome.


So anyways, I was browsing on Ebay lately and I found THE perfect Go!!!! It's green and shiny and pretty and comes with lovely Mametchi *o*

THE THING... Is that it's from Japan. The instructions are in English and in Japanese. But the English translation doesn't always mean the toy is going to be in English, I learned from experience with fakes...


Will it be in Japanese?




Theres also this pink one with a frog, I like it too but I really prefer this green one :)



Thanks you very much for your help!!


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Ah, please see here. (


"There is no Japanese version of Tama-Go

However there is a Singapore Tama-Go with a different box (but the actual toy is the same and in English)."


"There is also a Tama-Go in Portuguese, with Portuguese packaging and the language of the Tama-Go is in Portuguese as well."


I have a feeling the Tama-Go in the link is a Portuguese Tama-Go, so the language will be Portuguese.


It's great to go around and look at some topics to find your suitable answer before posting your question. ^_^

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Oh thank you very much!! Yes it's true I haven't looked too much around... :mellow: Anyways thank you very much for the answer, tamatown123! :)

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