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Eternal Mametchi Fan

Tamagotchi Shell Design contest

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Tamagotchi Shell Design Contest!

(And I'm not talking about the shells you find on the beach!)


Here is a contest in which you can create your own Tamagotchi Connection shell design! (^ ω ^) I have even supplied this nifty little template for you.


Basically you just have to color in the blank Tamagotchi and add your own design with pictures, patterns, etc. You don't need to color in the screen...I just put a TamaTalk contest watermark on it for some unknown reason. Here's a sample design I made, yay.



There are two ways to make your entry:

~ You can either save the file to your computer and edit it with a drawing program like Paint, Gimp, etc.

~ You can print the file out and draw on it / color it with pencils, crayons, and anything. Then you can either scan it or take a photo. :)


Here is a basic list of rules and such...

  • There will be three winners, 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. The prize for the three winners is a special trophy banner made by me to display in their signature or profile. ;)
  • Please do not copy other people's entries.
  • You can submit a maximum of two entries (but only one of them may be chosen as a winning entry).
  • The contest closes on October 30, 2013. Please do NOT submit any entries after the deadline! Winners will be announced two days later, November 1, and will be given their prizes. B)
  • Post your entries only in THIS THREAD.
  • The contest is open to all members of TamaTalk. :)
  • This is a member-made, fan-made contest and is not by any staff of TamaTalk, nor is it affiliated with Bandai.
  • I will judge the entries based on creativity and originality; remember, entries will not necessarily be judged by how well they're drawn. For example, if you put super fancy shading in your entry, it doesn't make it better than the other entries!


Have fun entering OwO


This contest was checked by TamaGuides - as per the site rules - and given the OK to post on the forums

Edited by TamaMum
Just confirming approval of competition
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Because nobody is entering I guess I have to extend the deadline by one week.

Contest will close on November 6 and winners will be announced on November 8!

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The contest is over.


...awkward silence...


Mmkay, I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Why do people beg for Admin to make a new contest and then when there IS a contest (albeit by a member), almost nobody enters? OnO





Okay I'll finally announce the winners!


  1. Emillium
  2. Stefan Bauwens
  3. Mr. Nobody

Congratulations to you all for being chosen as the winners!

I'll make you some little banners to display in your signature or profile. B

Edited by Eternal Mametchi Fan
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