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Peanut's Bowl of Tamas

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Hi everyone and welcome to my log!!! I'm actually super excited at the moment, I love logs. :D Before I get this show on the road, I'm writing this on my iPad, and I don't seem to be able to make it colorful or add emoticons unless I type them in, so I apologise for the lack of COLORFULNESS. Plus, I suck at spelling, so get ready for really obviously wrongly spelt words! :D


Anyway, let's get started! Everyone, meet Raven my Music Star!


Raven: ...

Me: ... *whispers* Raven, that was your cue!

Raven: I had a cue?

Me: Ugh. Yes, we discussed this beforehand. ANYWAY, this is Raven everyone!

Raven: Hi! I'm Raven and I'm a first gen Music Star! I'm a Hitodetchi! I'M A WIDDLE STAR. MUAHAHA!

Me: ... Right.

Raven: Look out world, here we come!!!

Peanut: Raven is under the impression that the moment she transforms, she is immediately going to pas her auditions and become number one.

Raven: I don't think that, I know that.

Peanut: Right. Oh, and by the way, the title of the blog is a bit of a pun which kinda went wrong. I was having trouble coming up with a name.

Raven: Peanut's sense of humour is really weird.

Me: It is not!

Raven: "Peanut's Bowl of Tama's"? How is that even remotely amusing?

Me: Hmph. I thought it was funny.

Raven: Anyway, I think we had better wrap this up before Peanut tries to get any more bad humour in here.

Me: My humour is-

Raven: Thanks for reading everyone!

Me: Log thief. -_-

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Hello again and welcome back! Before we begin I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to tamatown123, tamaninjacat, tamagotchialice and SMiles4Fuka for liking my first post, you guys rock! Plus, I'd like to say another huge thanks to all the 37 people that have read my log this far, I mustn't be as bad as I thought I was! xD

Also, if anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM me! I don't bite!

So this update, is pretty big. I'm super excited at the moment. I was looking around at some other AMAZING logs, and felt kinda disappointed that my log is really bland. So I Googled how to add colour, and BAM. I learnt how to do it!!! No more boring black and white log, say hello to color!!!

Also, I decided that just me and Raven was kinda boring, so I started up my two Tama-Go's! I have a green one and a pink one. On the green one is a boy called Lewis. On the pink one is also a boy called Matt. They're still babies at this point, and I'll keep you guys posted when they transform. Baby hour is a pretty hard time.

When they're talking, Lewis will be green. And Matt shall be blue.

And, let's note forget our original star, Raven transformed into an Itchigotchi this evening!!! She hasn't had a visit from the teacher yet, but I'm sure she/he shall be around soon.

I'm super sorry guys, but I have to cut this log short. Lewis and Matt need a lot of attention. Raven's already asleep, poor darling, she's exhausted after turning into a giant strawberry. :D

Thanks for reading!


P.S, sorry for the very little colour, I have to keep pasting in a stupid code every time I want to use colour, so I tend to get a bit lazy.

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Welcome back to another post of Tama antics! I'd like to say a huge thanks to WinterMaiden for liking my post, and to the 53 people who have read my log thus far, you guys are amazing!

Just a quick heads up, I'm typing this with my Bluetooth keyboard, and it doesn't register every button I press, so please ignore the words that seem to be missing a letter or two!

So after I managed to survive baby hour, Lewis transformed into Ahirukutchi and Matt into Mattaritchi! They are so cute! Raven hasn't had a visit from the teacher, I'll explain later.

So today I took the gang to school because they looked so sad when I was leaving, so I stuffed them in my bag. Tama Go's are really hard to carry around, they just don't seem to fit anywhere!

I am very sorry Peanut, I do not mean to be a burden, Matt just did not want to be on his own.

Oh it's alright Lewis, I know you don't mean to be awkwardly shaped.

Anyway, I thought the three of them would last through the first two classes without getting too hungry, but no, they can't even last two hours. By the time I finally had time to check on them, Lewis and Matt were LITERALLY almost dead, they had no hunger or happy hearts, and Raven's stress was, like, a gazillion. Plus the lot of them were having a poo party. It took forever to clean up.

Don't you complain! I thought we were going to starve to death! What a way to go.

Oh be quiet Matt. If you hadn't spent the morning pigging out, you wouldn't have gotten sick and you wouldn't have almost starved.

C'mon Raven, don't lecture the poor boy, you were the one playing with your harp and winding him up. You KNOW he hates it.

But Peanut!!! I have to practice! How am I supposed to become the best in the world and win everything ever if I can't even practice??? *starts playing with harp*



Uh oh... And over to Lewis!


Uh... hello everyone. I do wish they would get along. I think Matt quite likes Raven, he just doesn't want to admit it. Anyway, Peanut took us along to school with her today! I was most excited, I had never been outside the house before! Do not look badly upon Peanut for letting us get hungry, I am sure she just did not realise we would grow hungry. For the remainder of the day we were to remain paused because Peanut felt ashamed for neglecting us a little. Oh, welcome back Peanut.

I'm really sorry about that, those two have been at each other all day.

It is alright, I am sure they will learn to get over this.

Anyway, so for the rest of the day the Tamas stayed paused because I didn't want them to starve again. Thats why Raven still hasn't started school, because she's been paused all day.

I have to wrap this up now guys, I'll see you all later!!!

Thanks for reading!


P.S: If anyone has any great band name ideas, please PM me because I am stuck for ideas.

P.P.S: I'm not sure what's up with Lewis and his super formal speech. He's always been different, that Tama.

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