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V4.5 Skill Points Guide

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What are skill points?

Skill Points are the points shown in the third screen of the tamagotchi's information (the first choice, represented by a little scale). They directly influence what character your tamagotchi will grow up to be. The three skill points are Social (the first symbol, represented by a little smiley face), Intelligence (the second type of skill, represented by a star/sparkle type thing), and Strength (the last skill, represented by a fist). These points are often called different things depending on where you look, but I will continue to call them the names stated above.



The games you play give you more skill points in certain areas. The skill points are as followed:

Climb, the game available for a tamagotchi at its baby stage, will give you a random amount of any skill point. Tug-of-War, available to children, will also distribute random points. At the teen stage, three more games are unlocked, named Apples, Shapes, and Man-Hole. Apples will give a set amount of Social skill points, Shapes will give a set amount of Intelligence skill points, and Man-Hole will give a set amount of Strength skill points. There are no more games available past the teen stage.



Once a tamagotchi reaches the teen stage, three selections of teachers are available. Each teacher gives different skill points when a game is completed. Mr. Turtlepedia, a turtle with a moustache, gives Intelligence points. Mrs. Flower, a potted flower, gives Social points. Mr. Canvas, a canvas with a face on it and a cape, gives Strenght points.




Hope this helps!

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      Does anyone know if the Entama has a sort of soft skill point cap for the certain stages of growth? My child character has gotten around 30~ points in a certain category but now it seems like the amount of points shes getting from the games has dropped to like 1-3 no matter how well I do in the games.
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      First of all, I am a new user here. I look forward to my time here, and hope I can get answers to some of my questions (I have quite a lot of them )
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      Hello Tama lovers! 
      I would like to talk about & teach you all on how to unlock locations with Tamagotchi Meets by sending invites.
      They added this great feature for the Meets, you’re now able to unlock them with only ONE device by simply sending an invites! Which made it a lot easier, unlike the mix where some locations required connecting your device with multiple unites to be able to unlock some of them, which was frustrating for many of us! 
      The only requirement is you must have another tamagotchi meets that has already unlocked the locations. 
      All Meets versions share some of the locations, so before sending an invite make sure that the other tamagotchi has the the locations you are trying to unlock. 
      Here’s how you do it:
      On the device that has already the locations unlocked, go to:
       Connect - ツーしん Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ Go out - おでかけ  Come on! (invite) - きてもらう  *then choose the location you want to unlock* On the device that doesn’t have the location:
      Connect - ツーしん Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ Go out - おでかけ Go play! - あそびにいく We are done! after the visit, the location will be unlocked!
      You can repeat the same steps for other locations.
      Check the list below, which shows all locations in the Meets, and on what version you will find them:
      Tama Hotel (all meets versions) Gourmet Street (all meets versions) Tama Farm (Magical, Fairytale, Sanrio and Fantasy versions)  Toy Park (all meets versions) Sports Plaza (Magical, Fairytale & Fantasy only) Starry Lab (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only) Beauty Salon (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only) Flower Garden (Pastel version only) Easter Land (Pastel only) Puro Land (Sanrio Meets only)  Mary Land (Sanrio Meets only) Star World (Sanrio Meets only) Strawberry Kingdom (Sanrio Meets only) Princess Palace (Fantasy only) Arabian Night (Fantasy only) Wonderland (Fantasy only)  
      *The list might change if there’s any more releases in the future.
    • By OneSummerDream
      The QPet Quolor is a bootleg version of the original Tamagotchi + Color. For what it is, it is a fun system that is a nice substitute for those who are not picky and want a similar experience to that particular official version. There are two versions: a normal one that is technically similar to the real one, and a recent new enhancement with improved tech, a power switch, a rechargeable battery, and faceplates.

      Upon starting the game, you will be prompted to select between Chinese and English. After that, you must choose from one of 10 characters from the original Tamagotchi Color. There are 5 girls and 5 boys, each with only 3 growth stages including the baby stage. Care is similar to a Tamagotchi, but harder. The first icon is the Scale icon. Food bowls are split into 3 levels, red (almost empty), yellow (medium), and blue (full). With 6 total, it can be hard to maintain especially because the only food that fills an entire bowl is 300 points. Happiness is also made of one massive bar, like the complete one on the TMGC + Color. The best way to fill it is by spamming the Park feature, which is under the Door menu. The next is the Food icon. Rice is the default meal, and bananas the snack. Both can only fill up their respective meters by a little bit, with rice filling 2 bowls. The toilet icon is for when it either has to go poo (it will show smell waves above the QPet) or if it goes on the floor. The next is the Door icon for going places.

      To let you in on a secret, the Games are pretty much pointless unless you're really bored. It has balloon popping, apple catching, and memory just like the real one. The games are as simple as they sound, with the only added challenge being the evil card in matching that ends the game if it is selected. Get through 15 rounds of balloon popping or collect 50 apples in order to get 200 points. I'll explain why this is all pointless when we get to the plant store.
      School is for *surprise* getting a education. 20 correct answers bring up your Qpet's education level by one. Levels 1 to 3 are construction. Get to at least 4, and it will get a higher paying office job. It can pay up to 100 points per work session, and as low as 20.
      Work is, well, I just explained it. This option isn't available until day 3, where your QPet will have one last day before it can only work. On day 11 it will retire.
      Market is for food. The first options shown are meals, while the rest are snacks. Some foods only fill 1 part of a single bowl while the most expensive at 300 points fills an entire one. After feeding, it will last for quite a while, so that's nice. 
      Store is for buying seeds and is the most important money-making feature on this entire game!!! 
      ***To make a lot of money, you will at least need to start with 1,250 points. Get a rose seed and Rapid growth, then plant the rose and use the Rapid Growth to make it instantly grow. Then, go to the Pawn Shop and sell it. You will profit 750 points every time. Rinse and repeat until your QPet is stacked.***
      Pawn Shop is for selling plants.
      Decoration is for changing the look of your QPet's house, with 2 different types to choose from excluding the default options. 
      Park is for playing with other QPet characters. This is the best way to increase happiness as it requires zero effort or money whatsoever.
      The Amusement Park is what you'd expect. The QPet goes on one of three different types of rides. It is just for fun, as it does not effect stats. 
      Cinema is a Godzilla movie starring your QPet, who fights and defeats the monster every time. This one also is just for fun. 
      Travel will allow your QPet to travel to several locations in the human world. Patrick Star will greet your pet, and then it will randomly go on a trip to either the Sydney Opera House, the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Eiffel Tour, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China. Each have their own animations, and it is implied that your QPet actually lives in China, not Tamatown. 
      Society enables the QPet to be a good Samaritan by donating money to charity. 
      Car Shop is pointless. The car will replace your QPet's sprite when it  goes somewhere. This only lasts 30 times before it disappearing. This is the last option under normal circumstances except...
      Hospital, which I have never seen so I assume it's for saving the QPet's life at the last second. It can at least receive a shot, but tea may possibly be an option.
      Marriage, which becomes available on day 4. The matchmaker will choose a mate, either being Makiko or Kikitchi depending on the QPet's gender.
      Next is the Connection icon to either play games or visit another QPet device. Medicine is for when it gets sick, which will never happen unless you take really bad care of it. Chest is to view the plants you've grown and what supplies you have left. Bath is for having your QPet stay clean by, you know, bathing once a day. Record is for viewing Friends (other devices) and Ancestors. The last is the call icon for when it needs something. 
      Whew, that was a lot to cover. We aren't done yet, though. One last thing:

      Questions? Corrections? Leave a reply and I'll answer.
    • By Kalk
      I'll try to keep this guide as short and detailed as possible.
      So, I am assuming you want a Pochitchi. ( ) This guide is for the original English 1996-1997 P2 Tamagotchi.
      After you hatch your egg and you are past the baby stage, which lasts one hour, you should have a green child named a Tonmarutchi. You'll have the Tonmarutchi for 72 hours, and you need to give it good care. If you take bad care of it you'll raise a Hashitamatchi. If you raise a Hashitamatchi, you won't be able to obtain a Pochitchi, and need to hatch a new egg if you still want that Pochitchi. If you take good care of your Tonmarutchi, you should get a Tongaritchi. This is a teen. To finally get your Pochitchi, you'll have to take almost perfect care, but not perfect care, of your Tongaritchi. I would try to take perfect care of it and purposely do some care mistakes. Eventually, if you've done the guide correctly, you should have your ! I know, easier said than done.
      To find more information about Pochitchi visit if you haven't done so.
    • By Tama4star
      The 4U is a Japan exclusive and when bought can only be viewed in Japanese, but this guide will help you understand what is being said in English.
      There are some guides online that can be print out, and there are some guides on YouTube as well.
      First, I'm going to give the icons and their options.
      The first icon on the top.
      - Profile
      - Settings.
      Status- has four different screens.
      -1st screen is Hunger/Happiness.
      -the meter of happiness will grow and eventually form a circle when your Tama is fully grown.
      - the hunger meter goes up to six rice balls. If you see an empty space you need to feed your Tama.
      -2nd screen is Information about your Tama.
      -name of Tama
      - Gender
      - age
      - weight
      - $$$
      -3rd screen shares the skill badges your Tama has/doesn't have.
      -There are two sections to these skills.
      1st skills- Basic Skills
      - These include Potty Training, Cleaning, and Bathing
      -these skills are achieved during the toddler stage of your Tama through proper prompting, praise, and scolding. Different icons will appear and you will need to be attentive if you want these badges. Poo icon when shown you need to have your Tama use the toilet, afterward, praise your Tama. Cleaning icon will show around 6pm. Your Tama will make a mess from blocks and it needs to vacuum. After Tama does action, make sure to praise it. Toothbrush icon happens before bedtime. After brushing teeth and taking bath make sure to praise Tama. These actions only need to be done a few times to earn the badge.
      2nd skills-Special Skills
      -These skills are learned when your Tama can attend school. After so many lessons your Tama will complete the class and receive a badge of said skill. There are five different classes your Tama can take, and up to five badges can be earned. Science, Fashion, Sports, Art, and Cooking.
      -4th screen shows a clover.
      -This clover represents friendship points.
      -You need to learn what is your Tama's favorite foods or items it loves. There are three. My current Tama has a favorite meal, snack, and piece of clothing, for example. The last point appears after having your Tama for 72 hours. When you have all four the clover will be colored.
      Profile- Has three different screens.
      Each one relates to you. Your mood of the day, and then two screens of information.
      Settings- has four different options
      -Time- Change Time/Day
      -Icons-Change Border Around Icons
      -Display-Change lighting in game
      -Sound- Turn sound on/off
      Second Icon On Top- Connection To Another 4U
      Exchange Moods With Another Tama (Yes or No)
      -TMGC 4U-Connect to another 4U Tama
      -Dress<3Up (Yes/No)
      Items (once item is selected, TOUCH screen immediately follows)
      Fridge-Select food item in Fridge
      Clothes-Select clothing item
      Accessories-Select accessory
      Toys - Select toy
      Shop (downloaded items)- This won't appear if you don't have downloaded items
      Must be an adult, and must have male and female Tamas.
      -TMGC 4U Application - Not enitrely sure, but I know you use this for the Tamagotchi app you can use on Android phones.
      Third Icon On Top- Connection (these must be downloaded)
      Fourth Icon On Top- Food
      -Fridge (select foods you've bought or rice/snack) Toddlers can only eat from fridge
      -Tamacafe (you can visit here when your Tama is an adult. Lots of choices for food and snack. Must buy and eat in Tamacafe)
      Fifth Icon On Top-Clover
      -Praise (after Tama does something you tell it to do, praise it.)
      -Scold (after Tama refuses to eat, and acts rude at table)
      -Talk (whenever you want to talk to your Tama)
      -Care- (when Tama gets sick)
      Second Screen
      -Sitter (since this game doesn't have a pause setting, this is the best option)
      Sixth Icon Starting On Left Side Of Bottom- Cleaning/Closet
      Select toilet when your Tamagotchi has to use the toilet. Poo icon will show up.
      Select when Tamagotchi has toothbrush icon. Tama will take a bath and brush teeth.
      Select when Tama has made a mess of blocks.
      Select when you have bought clothes and accessories.
      -Clothes (select to view clothes, and try on your Tama)
      -Accessories (select to view accessories, and try on your Tama)
      Seventh Icon (second on bottom) Door
      -Bowling (select to play bowling, press B when in the red area to get strike)
      -Spaceship (select to play, press A or B depending on where the asteroid is. You want the ship to avoid it.)
      Reform - Select to buy various wallpapers for your Tama, and change the interior design of the home. Each 500g.
      Itemshop- Select to buy toys
      Fashion - Select to choose between Clothes or Accessories. Select which one you want to buy from, and then scroll through items and select what you want to buy.
      Select visiting the Plaza or Dance.
      Plaza- Your Tama might meet another Tama in the plaza.
      Dance- Play a game of dance. A or B will be shown and you must press them repeatedly.
      When an adult, make sure you buy a notebook in the itemshop first, you can have your Tama go to school.
      This is the order of classes you can choose from.Repeatedly go back to class till your Tama completes its skill, and your Tama will receive a badge. These badges will come in handy. Sometimes Tamas will visit you, when your Tama is an adult, and you accomplish their requests. If you do well, your Tama could receive up to 2,000g.
      Science- You will need to buy the plant
      Fashion- You will need to buy the makeup case (pink box)
      Sports- You will need to buy the soccer ball
      Art- You will need to buy the clay (green wrapped package, looks like candy bar kind of in item shop)
      Cooking- You will need to buy frying pan.
      You can visit the matchmaker as a toddler and you will spend time with other tamas making wedding cakes. But come to the matchmaker as an adult to have your Tama be paired up with another Tama. You will have a selection of three different Tamas, to pick the one you want your Tama to marry. If you don't like any of the Tamas, you can exit and try again to get a different selection of Tamas to choose from.
      Eighth Icon (third on bottom) Treasure Chest
      -Toys (select to view toys you've bought) Your Tama can play with toys.
      -Special (if you have one)
      -Bingo (if you have one)
      -Coupon (if you have one)
      Ninth Icon (fourth on bottom) Open Book
      -Tamatomo- Select to view tamas who have reached full clovers
      - Friends- Select to view various friends your Tama has made
      - Diary- Select to view photos taken of your Tama and your Tama's friends
      - Characters- Select to view pictures and information of characters you've downloaded (if you downloaded)
      Tenth Icon (fifth on bottom) Tama Alert (what I call it)
      This icon will light up if your Tama needs your attention.
      Those are all of the icons and their options in order.
      Here is some other information you might want to know.
      Stages Of A Tamagotchi
      (teenager is skipped)
      - Another look? Your tamagotchi can evolve into another stage as an adult. I think it is referred to as a personality stage. I think this relates to the happiness meter and the likes of your tamagotchi.
      Filling Happiness Meter
      Make sure to find out your tama's favorite food and snack. Some food your tama will not like.
      Make sure to play games with your tama.
      Have your tama go to class when it is an adult.
      Have your tama go to the park.
      Have your tama play with toys, clothes, and accessories. Some toys your tama will not like.
      You can interact with your tama not only through talking, but also by pressing © button (right button).
      Backyard of Tama House
      To visit the backyard of your Tama all you have to do is press the middle button ( when no icons are selected.
      While in the backyard you will be able to see the weather conditions. Sometimes your tama may write a letter, chase a butterfly, or more.
      During certain times a vendor will stop by and you can buy food.
      During certain times, when your tama is an adult, other tamas will stop by and request something. Depending on what skill badges your tama has earned will determine how well your tama performs at the task given. Your tama could earn up to 2,000g. For example, if your tama has the science badge, and the visitor needs help with a rocket ship, you will be completely successful and earn 2,000g. Other tasks you can earn 1,000g.
      Mr. Blinky has made an app for android phones. If you happen to have one, you will be able to download a restore patch (do this first,) and then an english patch. The english patch will change icon wording to english. This won't change when your tama or other tamas talk however, that will still be in Japanese.
      The app also has toys, food, clothing, accessories, games (you can download only two), and other characters.
      Hopefully this helps a little bit!!!! If you have anything else to add, please leave in the comments