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Outdoors food cart Tips for the Tamagotchi P

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Some of you may have troubles with finding the Food Cart that comes outside yours Tamagotchis house on the Tamagotchi P.


Well heres some tips:




What times does it come on?


1:00 Pm through 5:59 Pm.



Where can i find it at?:


Its located outside your house,it visits some times.



The cart isn't coming!


Is the time between the time limit for when it comes?


Or is it snowing/raining,If it is,please change the month into a spring/summer month and go outside your house a couple of times,when you get what you need/want from the Cart,change back to original date/time.


Do i get anything special from buying from the food Truck?


Yes,you do!

You get a 50% off coupon for the Restaurant

and you get a added food to your food supply for your Tamagotchi to eat!


-note: it doesn't last forever,once eaten the food(s) you bought,they will be gone,so keep yours eye open for the food truck to get more added foods to your Tamagotchis food supply!


This is also a good thing to do when your Tamagotchi is a Adult to prevent it getting upset eating homemade food! ^-^




Thank you for reading,if there is any additional things you would like added for this subject,please let me know! ^-^


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