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Tamagotchi Friends Tips & Tricks

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This topic is for sharing tips & tricks for the tamagotchi friends.


Wallpaper changes:

1st January - 3rd January = New year Wallpaper


21st March - 21st April = Easter Wallpaper


30th October - 31st October = Halloween Wallpaper


3rd December - 25th December = Christmas Wallpaper


(Your Birthday) = Birthday Wallpaper


Life Cycle:

0: Baby

1 hour: Child

1 Day: Teenager

2 days - 3 Days: Adult

5 days - 6 days: Marriage




Exchange: Give or receive food & jewellery

BFF bump: Receive Free Jewellery or Money

Visit Bump: visit the other tamagotchi

Special: Marriage

Maximum Bumps a day: 5

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