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Eh,why won't the Music star stop being mad during band practic?!

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I don't know the Music Star very much but everytime my teen plays with her band they would stop during practice and make a mad beep I switch the intresments but it's still the same! What should I do is it a glitch?

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You're supposed to press some buttons, it's a game, but.. I haven't yet figured how to do it xD I think the Wiki explains how to!

Anyways it doesn't make a big difference if you train with them or not, you won't be able to marry a band mate but the matchmaker does the job :D

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For anybody else who needs it heres how you play:


music notes will appear near the three characters as music is playing.

Whenever one appears near a character press the button the character is near.


If the tama on the left has a note press button A or left.

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