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Tamagotchi Logs: a change to the logs section

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Two great things about this community have come together in a change in our Tamagotchi Logs section...


1) Community suggestions for changes to the site - a recent suggestion to allow commenting in the logs section has resulted in a change that the staff feels balances our history of not allowing comments with allowing comments for those who want it.

2) Donations to the site - the solution to this suggestion was made possible because of those TamaTalk Angelgotchi and TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi donations (thanks again to all of you!).


The change? All Tamagotchi Log topics now have either a 'COMMENTS OK' or 'NO COMMENTS' prefix on them. If somebody wants to preserve the logs with only their entries then they can do so by setting the topic to 'NO COMMENTS'. Want more of a dialog in your log? Set it to 'COMMENTS OK' and you can have it.


All current logs have been set to 'NO COMMENTS' to start. Want yours changed to allow comments? Use the report button on your first log entry and a Guide will make the change for you.


Read more about the details of this here.

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Oh, please be patient with us with the change. We expect the rules to still be followed. Where they have to do with the new log rules or previous ones that haven't changed.


If you want a cookie, I will be happy to change your logs to allow comments. Just PM me and a link to your log/logs and I will change them as soon as I am possible. Maybe mark the topic as "log change" to be helpful? (no real cookie, sorry, but I will still love you anyway!)


Otherwise, you can report your topic to get it changed too. Just be sure to label it so we know for sure what you want. :)

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yay! this is wonderful thank you guys for making these changes ^.^ ill be updating my log right now <3

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Please everyone, make sure you read through the new guidelines for posting comments in logs that have COMMENTS OK.


Some spam and chatty / discussion style posts are already appearing in logs.


All posts in COMMENTS OK logs are still moderated and should still follow the new posting guidelines ;)

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Heres a question... whats the point in the change if were not allowed to socialize about that persons vpets.... what was the whole reason we were asking for the change.


nothing should be considered spam in those places. "I love your pictures" is a legit comment on logs, not spam.

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