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Tama-Go figurine jamming

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A few days ago, I ordered a set of wave 2 Tama-Go figurines; all of them work nicely, but the Makiko and the Shimashimatchi figurines don't slide on to the Tama-Go very easily, so it can take a few times to have them register correctly. The Makiko figurine also seemed to malfunction once, and when I tried to go to the store about two-thirds of the screen was blank. Since I don't want to break or damage them while putting them on, are there any suggestions for making them go on smoother? Thanks!

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This never happened to me before, but perhaps you can check the bottom of the figurines and clean them with a dry cloth (don't put water on it, otherwise it won't work at all). You can try cleaning the top of the Tama-Go (where you attach the figurines) with a dry cloth as well.

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