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What Tamagotchi is this?

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Hello everyone!!


I was looking on eBay's Tamagotchi sales and I found this:




Do you know what character is this? Is it really from tamagotchi? I thought it came from Devilgotchi but I can't find it anywhere... I don't think it's King Devilgotchi.

I'd like to know because he's totally like my black cat, expecially in his (eeeeevil) look! :P



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hm strange


Kind of looks like Obaketchi.

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Ahah, you're right! XD

I don't think it could be Obaketchi though, because the white triangular thing on his head is part of its character (it's a constant symbol for the Japanese to represent ghosts). Then if you look closely it has a pointy tail, like a devil one! :) That's why I thought it had to do with Devilgotchi. XD

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Its a dead tamagotchi/ghost, lel

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Its a dead tamagotchi/ghost, lel


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Hey guys I finally found it!!! :D I think you were right!! It's a sort of "evil Tama-spirit": it appeared few minutes ago on my ID-L, haunting my poor Painaputchi who had to go to the Tama-Hospital! :) Thanks everyone! ^_^


Now the topic can be closed because I've had an answer... I just have to figure out how to do so! XD


Edit: mmmh... there's that Marked Solved thing.... do I have to mark my reply as "best answer"?? .-.

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