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AwesomeGotchi's Awesome Log!

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Hiya! Welcome to AwesomeGotchi's Awesome Log. I have around 10 tamagotchi total and thought I might start a Tamatalk log and see how long it will last. Where I am from, school holidays have just started so hopefully I can update daily! Thanks for taking the time to read. :wacko:


8th July, 2014



Today I was faced with a tricky decision. With only one battery, I could run my Soda Bubbles Version 2, or my White Version 3. Not sure why I had the urge to run an older tamagotchi, maybe because I run modern ones too often.



In the end, I popped a battery into my Version 2. I was pleasantly surprised about what I saw. Anna the Masktchi! 3 years of age. Haven't seen you in a while. :ph34r:


Hopefully next entry will be longer. :P

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9th July, 2014



Anna's batteries ran out today, I had to go down to the shop for a fresh one. Unfortunately, they only had CR2025's. I bought one anyway even though it was too small, I put a piece of cardboard into the back to hold it in place.



Today we played 'Bump'. I game I never understood/was any good at. Does anyone know how to win? After earning our 20th 5point Gotchi reward, we decided this game just wasn't for us.


That's all for now! :wacko:

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I always like finding old characters on my tamas *3*


Cute shell design by the way!

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@mudkipclove: Me too! It's great seeing a character you haven't seen in some time. :)


10th July, 2014



Anna turned 4 today, I wonder when she'll get married? On multiple occasions today she ran out of happy hearts, I need to check on her more!



We found this in the shop today (along with a shovel which I forgot to photograph >_<). Anna and I raced home, eager to see what it would grow into.



As soon as we walked in the door, the plant sprouted into a...well...Piranha? Anna was very distressed.


See you in the next entry! :wacko:

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11th July, 2014


Anna was sick twice today, I'm such a good parent... :P



Guess who turned 5 today? Maybe she will marry tomorrow.



Anna catching up with some homewor-...hey....wait a minute. :)



Today, we played with the special shop item, Hair gel!



We had a barrel of laughs! :)


Till' tomorrow! :wacko:

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12th July, 2014


Massive fail today. At 3:00, the matchmaker showed up. I instantly grabbed my camera and got ready. I didn't want the matchmaker to leave so I pressed B, and was presented with a tama (can't remember who). At this point, I was still mucking around with my camera, trying to get it to focus. However, the excitement must have got to my head because I accidentally pressed 'No' on my tamagotchi. I hope the matchmaker shows up at 7:00.



We found another plant in the shop today. This time, we were more lucky!



After that, Anna and I hit the slots. She likes to bet big! :)



We started out pretty average...



But we came away with some cash. ^_^



I even let Anna play some Mario Kart 7 on my 3ds! Don't hit the chain-chomp Anna!


Sorry about the photo quality today, hopefully tomorrow's pictures will be a little clearer. :wacko:

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13th July, 2014



Anna turned 6 today. And we know what that means...



A boy! So cute.



Anna gives her son a bit of her apple! Love this! :)



Anna and I played on the slots today and earned quite a bit of cash! We haven't spent it yet.


When Anna leaves, it will conclude my V2 run. I'm open to suggestions, my collection photo can be located in my profile. Thanks! :wacko:

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll try my best to catch up!


14th July, 2014

Today's Photos were taken with my Tablet, so the quality is terrible. Sorry.



Anna enjoys the last day with her baby boy!



Blurry Stats! Yay!


15th July, 2014

These photos were taken with an iPad, so they are slightly better.



Only one Z...That means...






Little Toby


That concludes my V2 run. I apoligse again for the horrible quality photos, hopefully they will improve. I'll be back in the next entry with a new tama!:wacko:

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I haven't logged in...nearly a year?? *shudder*


A few weeks back, I felt the urge to start up a Tamagotchi once again, but didn't fulfill the fantasy as I have little spare time with school and other commitments. However a day or two ago, I decided to give it a go and attempt a log also. My system consists of writing the days key events in a book journal and typing it up when I can find time, this will often mean I will be logging a day or two behind.



Anyway, the Tamagotchi I started up was a V3, which also happens to be my favorite version. This particular V3 used to be pink and flower-y which I found a little too girly so I sanded down the shell and replaced the pink buttons. The result is dull white with random spots of orange and pink. I rummaged through my old Tamagotchi box and found an old CR2032 and popped it into the back. What I found on the screen was a 1st generation teenager, Young Mametchi (sorry no photos of this stage) who goes by the name of Alby. Soon after I started it up, he evolved into a Mimiyoritchi an OK care character. As soon as he evolved, we went to the store to see what was on offer. We found some cherries and a trumpet which we both bought. We raced home and Alby devoured the cherries before playing the trumpet.




Then, we played multiple games of both bump and sprint being victorious in most attempts. Particularly bump, supposedly due to Alby's weight, which currently sits at 99LB. Sprint however needs improvment as Ably found it difficult to keep up with the speedy Tamagotchis.


IMAG0230-1.jpgIMAG0232-1.jpgIMAG0233-1.jpg IMAG0235-1.jpgIMAG0237-1.jpg


Not sure how I feel about Mimiyorirtchi's sprite, maybe I will grow to like it.

Edited by AwesomeGotchi

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Today I took Alby to school with me, checking on him between classes. Towards the end of the day I completely forgot about that he was in my bag and got home to find an unhappy and very hungry tama. Later however, I cheered him up by playing with a shovel we found in the shop. This happiness was short-lived as we dug up a snake that Alby was most unimpressed with (photo of snake turned out blurry - sorry).





At around 7:30, I caught him taking a bath, an animation I completely forgot about.






Alby joined me at school again today and followed the regular pattern of getting hungry and unhappy. I managed a quick game of get musical notes in the morning but those were the only games I managed to play and his weight still sits at 90- 99LB. We checked out the shop at around 9:00 to find a sale (stock clearance perhaps?) and we purchased a lamp for 350 gotchi points. This reminded me of back in primary school when somebody used a lamp during class and everybody would crowd around to see what the Genie would grant them. Unfortunately, the Genie didn't even make an appearance for Alby and the item disappeared off the item list.


IMAG0244_edit_1432099050949.jpg copy%202.jpg


In an act to cheer up Alby, we decided to bring out the Royal Costume (obtained through entering a set user name that had passwords for all items and souvenirs). I like this item over other character unique items because the Tamagotchi actually takes up a decent portion of the screen, and it looks cool.






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Cool log! Can't wait to see more of it!~

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Thank you Rukitchi! :) Keeping up with a log is harder than I remembered, yet still very rewarding.




First of all, apologies for lack of photos today and in the future, extremely busy with sport and school. Anyway, Alby got sick twice today, which served as a sharp reminder that I need to take a closer eye on him. His is now at the age of 4 which means marriage is just around the corner (I think?). We got our points back all the way to 3000 today, mainly through bump, which seems to be Alby's forte. After bumping his way to another victory, he enjoyed a steamy bath at around 8:00. On another note, I found the perfect carry-case for my Tamagotchi - an old headphones case.


IMAG0250.jpg IMAG0249.jpg






I can't even remember the last time I had a Tamagotchi die on me, I literally am kicking myself. I don't think he was on very low hearts or sick, because I only left him for about an hour. Oh well, it happens. After pushing AC together, and watching the small bobbing egg for a minute, I saw a small tama pop out of the egg! Another boy, I named him Blake.


IMAG0253.jpg IMAG0254.jpg


Hopefully I will have better news in the next entry. ^_^

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Blake evolved into one of my favourite characters late last night, Tamatchi!




He came with me to school and I proceeded to check on him every few minutes. He is currently 1 year old weighing 62LB. I checked the shop at around 8:00 to find some make-up on sale. I bought it in anticipation of a girl next generation.



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Oh no! I hate hearing about tama deaths, fortunately it's never happened to me *touch wood*.

Blake is adorable though.


Great log btw, can't wait to read more

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Thank you LauraKCald for the nice compliments and taking the time to read my log! :D




Today Blake evolved into an Obotchi . According to my growth chart he is a perfect/good care character. I also managed to get his training bar filled up to halfway before evolution.


IMAG0258.jpg IMAG0263.jpg


Later in the day, we went to the game center for a match of bump.


IMAG0266.jpg IMAG0267.jpg IMAG0268.jpg


Blake kept his cool and bumped to victory, but he was not done there. He was sure he could reach the final round... only to be beaten in the third by a lowly Hashitamatchi... Better luck next time, right?


IMAG0270.jpg IMAG0273.jpg IMAG0275.jpg




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Part 2 - I would have posted this and the previous entry together but it exceeded the maximum photo amount.




Today, Blake turned 3, meaning adulthood is just around the corner! We decided to check out what they had on offer at the shop. We bought a TV and some fries. Unfortunately, we cannot use the TV until Blake evolves into an adult. The fries were our dinner, as I'm pretty sure Blake is sick of scones and cones by now. :P


IMAG0259.jpg IMAG0264.jpg


We checked back at the shop when they restocked at 3 'o' clock, purchasing an action figure. From memory, the Tamagotchi should sleep beside it after playing with it?


IMAG0260.jpg IMAG0261.jpg

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I stayed home sick today, therefore spending more time than usual with my Tamagotchi. I managed to fill Blake's training bar 8/9 today, mainly from unnecessary attention beeps resulting in a time-out.


IMAG0276.jpg IMAG0284.jpg


When I checked out the shop today and saw a boom box. I haven't purchased one in years so I just had to buy it. The memorable songs alone were worth the points, let alone the funny animations!


IMAG0280.jpg cheese.jpg


I also caught him singing today, didn't manage to catch a photo though. I will be on the lookout. ^_^

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      BUT I decided I couldn't go through another tamagotchi funeral after the last one (it was too painful tbh)
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      So I decided to keep my Gozarutchi II in loving memory of the previous Gozarutchi the I clan.
      Almost as an apology I fed him some curry from Tama Farm which he seemed to enjoy. Then I aimed to marry him off. 
      Mister Goza also caught me off guard doing some paintings action. This was new. It was funny he was frustrated to get the ducks to stand up so he could paint them lol. 

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